Capricorn Snake: The Determined Achiever Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Capricorn born in Snake year

Capricorn Snake
  • The dates of the Capricorn zodiac sign are between December 22 and January 19.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • They are not very materialistic but they love their comfort.
  • The determined Capricorn Snake woman is one to go after success.
  • Rational and complex, the Capricorn Snake man cannot be disturbed when he’s working.

The Chinese animal of the Snake is a symbol of resourcefulness and internal power and when combined with the forward-thinking nature of the Capricorn, you can only expect a decisive and innovative native, a witty individual ready to take life head on.

The Resolute Capricorn Snake Personality

The Capricorn Snake marks the combination between the gritty and focused Capricorn, and the determinate and self-aware Snake.

What they bring is basically an individual who rarely talks about their achievements and successful endeavours, only concentrated on the deed, rather than on its story-telling.

And they proceed with the deed by devising an intelligent and cunning plan which will further increase their chances of success.

Their overview on life is based on their same attitude, in that they take everything as is, without any embellishments or flamboyancies, a pragmatic perspective in other words.

The way they’re built, only the type of workplaces that emphasize one’s intelligent approach and innovative personality could ever impress and interest these Capricorn Snakes.

Top Characteristics: Determined, Intelligent, Curious and Studious.

Furthermore, because of their cold realism and rational mindset, it’s not far-fetched to say that they just won’t do anything if it has no clear goal in sight.

Without something to motivate and incentivize them, there is no real reason in doing anything.

These natives have an inborn royal bloodline, blue blood and an emperor as an ancestor, or so it seems from the attitude they have when comparing themselves with everyone else.

It’s not that they’re egotistical or highly arrogant, it’s that they attempt to create the perception that they are superior and at a higher level than all others, whether it’s professional life, love matters, clothing style or any other aspect.

Given their quick wits and swift thinking skills, the Capricorn Snake is obviously one who doesn’t take long to assimilate information and learn new things.

As a matter of fact, they make for very curious and studious individuals who use every opportunity to further develop themselves and increase their knowledge pool.

They can also use their proclivity to “test” others and see if they are up to par with their expectations. Furthermore, they don’t seem to struggle a lot with difficult situations, thanks to all the know-how they have accumulated thus far. As a result, generosity and kindness come as natural as breathing to them.

If there is something that the Capricorn Snake loves more than money, then it has to be money. Yeah, you heard that right. But not because they are a materialist, in the sense that they like to live in luxury and sophistication.

Money is power, social standing, the world spins around their very concept, and a good financial situation can bring you almost anything.

That very feeling of being almighty and all-powerful is what drives this native in their pursuit of money.

As far as comfort and happiness go, this individual doesn’t need much. After all, he’s not a pure materialist.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Snake: Film, Management, Journalism and Hospitality.

All that they want is to have their private space where they can think freely and do whatever they wish without anyone interfering. They prefer their home to be quiet, comfortable and neat, and certainly not very sophisticated or in a busy part of town.

Normally a very resolute and determinate character, when the Capricorn Snake turns anxious and hesitate on taking even the simplest of decisions, this has to be a warning sign that something bad has happened.

A break-up, an argument with close ones, a professional failure, there could be many reasons for their mental downfall, and none of them are in any way easy to move over. What this means is that, during critical situations where one has to act quickly and with confidence, their native will most likely falter and freeze momentarily, not sure of what to do, and if it’s the correct thing to do.

In order to fix this, they must find a few moments alone to calm themselves and rethink everything, rationalize and come to peace with the past transgressions.

Love – Exposed

When in a relationship, the Capricorn Snake will often try to see if the partner is true to their word and really cares about them.

These tests, or traps to be more exact, are in reality selfish and express his insecurities, while also being a little uncomfortable for the partner, if she finds out.

Most compatible with: Taurus Ox, Virgo Rooster, Leo Monkey, Scorpio Rooster, Leo Ox.

They can’t waste another moment when in love with someone, and there are no reasons to wait for anything else, other than the right moment to confess.

Being alone is not desirable, not in the least. That’s why, even if the time comes when he stumbles upon a break-up, they won’t dally for too long and find another soul mate to share things with.

One other thing about these natives is that they need someone to talk to, and not small talk, but profound and intellectual matters that can help train their mind.

Preferably someone on the same level, but not superior or overwhelmingly smart, the partner has to be able to hold their ground when questioned by the Capricorn Snake.

Capricorn Snake Woman Characteristics

A very hard working and laborious individual, the Capricorn Snake woman must always find herself something to do, whether it’s actually working, or fidgeting around the house, doing chores.

It’s not a surprise after all, given their ambition and perseverance, combined with a fiery passion and enthusiasm, make for a very confident and resolute person, who can’t fathom wasting time on doing nothing.

Romantically, these women have a really hard time in finding someone who can truly love and accept them for who they are.

Because of their paradoxical character, often being sensitive and affectionate, while sometimes going full-on psycho with an aggressive attitude, there aren’t many who will tolerate and learn to understand these shifts in mood.

If it doesn’t work out and the partner can’t take it anymore, the separation is inevitable, and this effectively throws the Capricorn Snake into an abyss of sorrow and desperation.

However, she is incredibly reasonable and rational, and so these situations won’t likely get to her so badly, let alone affect her so much that depression sets in.

Observing the situation and counting all the advantages and disadvantages will most certainly be a good thing, and it will release some of the pressure.

Overall, these emotional problems are the only things that bar their path from total world domination. Success, fame and fortune are only a hair’s breadth away if everything goes well.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Snake: Orlando Bloom, Alex Ferguson, Nick Nolte, Faye Dunaway, Chet Baker, Martin Luther King Jr.

Capricorn Snake Man Characteristics

In general, he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight and have everyone’s attention locked on to him. That acts as a distraction and affects his ability to correctly assess the situation and find a proper method of approaching it.

When working, this native has to be left alone to observe, analyse, organize and systematically rationalize every single aspect of a problem before coming to a pertinent conclusion. This is his only way of taking on life’s challenges.

If anyone told you that prophets were real, would you believe them? Prophets in the sense that they can effectively sense future events and happenings before they take place.

You wouldn’t have a good enough reason, most probably. Well, this is exactly the case with the Capricorn Snake.

He has such an insight into the worldly aspects of existence, and an extremely acute intuition, that he almost appears to read the future and predict what’s going to happen.

In reality, his observations and analyses allow him to have a certain foresight, an ability to deduce, based on the available data, what will most likely happen.

In relationships, due to this very complexity and profoundness of character, he usually looks for a partner using the same methods of observation and analysis.

This is why it takes a long time before he manages to find someone fitting, keeping in mind that he is not so emotionally intense or romantic.

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