Capricorn Rooster: The Unshakeable Worker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Capricorn born in Rooster year

Capricorn Rooster
  • Capricorn people celebrate their birthdays between December 22 and January 19.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • These people are not afraid to own up to their errors and correct them.
  • The assertive Capricorn Rooster woman is not afraid of dealing with complicated situations.
  • The Capricorn Rooster man should allow himself to go with the flow more often.

The ancient Chinese astrology describes the Rooster as this loud, flamboyant character who can also be very stubborn and critical. Those who are born in Capricorn the year of the Rooster are determined and ambitious.

They are driven by their own goals and objectives, and they are persistent in achieving what they set their mind to. These people know what they want from life, and they won’t stop until they get it.

They are not willing to compromise and they are famous for their decisiveness. When they have reached the conclusion that something is good, there is nothing anyone can do to change their mind.

The Unyielding Capricorn Rooster Personality

There are many extraordinary traits that are present in Capricorn Roosters. They believe in themselves and they are motivated by this in everything that they are doing.

While sometimes stubborn, these guys won’t shy away from admitting where they have been mistaken. They will try to correct their faults the best they can.

The fact that they are honest and independent makes the people around them trust them more. They make ideations about the world surrounding them and they stick to these ideas for the rest of their lives.

Top Characteristics: Pragmatic, Affectionate, Direct, Empathic.

These are very independent people. They like to think for themselves and they never impose their opinions on others.

Because they cannot be moved from their opinions, they may seem cold and emotionally detached. But this is not true as they are warm and honest about their feelings. They have that soft core and affectionate side.

The secret is to find it under their rigidity. Paying a lot of attention to the way they look, Capricorn Roosters will always dress nicely and in style. Curious and intelligent, they like to travel and explore new places.

Making friends with people from all sort of places and cultures makes them happy. If they stick to a routine, people born in Capricorn the year of the Rooster get bored very fast. They are the happiest when they are doing something purposeful.

They need to keep occupied as they are active people. As said before, they are also ambitious, so working or studying to achieve something in life is absolutely normal for them.

Don’t try and be lazy around these guys. They will hate it. Devoted to the people they love, they would never cheat on their partner or deceive their friends. They like to help and they can be called the good Samaritans of the zodiacs.

It doesn’t matter what life throws at them, they will resist. Less flamboyant the other Roosters, these Birds are also the strongest. They are intelligent and they have a keen eye for detail.

When they are being asked for their opinion, they prefer not to lie. Their objective criticism is oftentimes constructive.

Rational and pragmatic, Capricorn Roosters will rarely be stuck in their own dream land. Illusions are something that they are simply not interested in. Alert and friendly, they are easygoing and people will make friends with them easily.

They like company, but not in large groups. These are people to sit down with only a few friends and enjoy a drink.

The Rooster’s loudness is barely present in the Capricorn. Perhaps when they are trying to boast about the way they look this trait emerges. Mannered and refined, these people will know everything about the best wines and the tastiest foods.

They are traditionalists and they can sometimes seem pompous. But they aren’t like that at all. They are rather modest with good taste.

They will never think big of themselves. These guys are as rational and lucid with themselves as they are with others. Their weaknesses are only a few. For example, they can be moody, have a little bit of a bad temper and be restlessness.

These negative traits surface only when these Roosters are bored or somehow upset. They can sometimes be grumpy and easily annoyed too, but if they are genuinely interested in something or entertained, they immediately snap out of the bad mood.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Rooster: Science, Music, Television, Visual Arts.

Having an analytical mind, Capricorn Roosters are always up for discussions. They are never aggressive when they’re expressing their point of view, and they hate hypocrisy.

Honest people, they would never lie or cheat. Just like the Cancer Roosters, they also don’t like people who don’t abide by the law and their civic duties.

As a matter of fact, such people can cause them to become verbally aggressive and rude.

At work, these Capricorns are hardworking and they pay very much attention to details. They are strong-willed and they renew their objectives from time to time. And they manage to obtain some incredible results with this attitude.

Their consistency seems to be paying off as they are appreciated by bosses and colleagues. Many will admire, while others will envy them. However, they need someone to take care of their finances.

Because they like the high-life so much, they will tend to overspend to the point that they will remain without a penny. They want comfort, they want clothes, and they forget to save for the future.

This is why many of them are in debt. They treat everything seriously. You will always know where they stand.

Predictable, you can guess what their actions will be according to the precedents in their life. It may not be easy to deal with their rigidity, but as soon as you will get to know them better, they will start revealing their soft side and everything will change.

Love – Revealed

Not the best at sharing things with their partners, Capricorn Roosters prefer a simple, long-lasting relationship to a passionate, fiery one.

They don’t like to express their emotions because they are afraid of getting hurt. It’s normal for them to keep a self-protecting bit for themselves. They want a partner who can accept them as they are, with their flaws and positive traits.

More than this, their partner should be able to reach to their inner side, and also help them unwind. They are known for being unstable in matters of love. It’s because they don’t really know their own emotions and they are trying to understand themselves too.

Most compatible with: Leo Snake, Scorpio Snake, Pisces Ox, Scorpio Ox, Taurus Horse.

While they may be excited by something, they will not reveal anything. Their partners will have no idea if they are happy or upset about any of the surprises they have prepared for them.

The way they are loving is quite unique and interesting to begin with. They don’t like it when their lovers express their feelings either, as they believe emotions should be felt and not transmitted verbally.

They will completely stop flirting as soon as they have something serious with someone. When they’re in love they become wiser and more self-confident.

Capricorn Rooster Woman Characteristics

If the Capricorn Rooster woman doesn’t revise her family relations, she will definitely end up alone.

More than this, she should learn how to be more patient as well. Being less demanding with others and herself will give her a chance at being happy. Otherwise, she is a great lady who manages to be successful at everything.

Lucky, she is also active and honest. This girl keeps her word and her rationality and punctuality will help her a lot at her job.

She has a self-confidence no one else has and her intuition can be of help when she needs to deal with more complicated situations or people. She will calculate all the possible scenarios and will handle situations easily.

But it’s advised that she pays more attention to her personal life. She needs relationships or her life will be completely spoiled.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Rooster: Susan Sontag, Rod Stewart, Marilyn Manson, Jason Bateman, Dave Grohl, Tiësto, Zayn Malik.

Capricorn Rooster Man Characteristics

The Capricorn Rooster man is self-confident and he only relies on his opinions. He likes the attention of others, but he doesn’t want to be appreciated for his looks. He wants appreciation for his mind and talents.

He is serious and responsible, and he will achieve many things in life. Optimistic and happy, this guy is sociable too.

People will look for his opinions and ideas. He should be more philosophical when he addresses problems in his life as his practicality is sometimes too much. A good strategist, he will have all under control.

He should go with the flow more often, and accept that life is sometimes all about the small efforts. It’s important as well that he realizes himself on more than one sphere of life. It is also advised that he believes in himself more.

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