Capricorn Goat: The Detached Adventurer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Capricorn born in Goat year

Capricorn Goat
  • If you are born between December 22 and January 19 then you are a Capricorn.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • These people are assertive and love to debate.
  • The Capricorn woman can be a real tyrant with the ones she loves most.
  • The Capricorn Goat man will endure anything for the right reward.

Capricorns born in the year of the Goat are aware of the fact that for gaining power and a reputation, they need to struggle and be determined. These people have a lust for fame and they will always do things meant to help them succeed.

Strong and resilient, Capricorn Goats are ambitious and reserved. They have ideals and they are looking for perfection in everything.

The Realistic Capricorn Goat Personality

The Goat is always in the search of adventure and the Capricorn is always lucid and down-to-earth. This makes the people born in both these signs focused and active. Capricorn Goats always see things logically.

They can detach themselves from emotions, approaching situations rationally and calm. It’s the same thing when they meet new people.

Honest and sometimes harsh with words, these Capricorns will never try to be who they are not. They are flexible and understanding because the opportunistic attitude of the Goat combines with the perseverance of the Capricorn.

More than this, the mix of these two signs makes people born under their influence more noble and self-confident.

Top Characteristics: Ambitious, Eloquent, Noble, Generous.

The fact that they are so realistic and anchored in reality is a great advantage for the Capricorn Goats.

They will be interesting for their friends, and they will fascinate with the advice they are able to give. These people don’t mind expressing their points of view, but they never impose what they believe on others.

For them, debating on ideas and events is useful and also entertaining. Usually, Capricorns are not that good communicators, but the influence of Goats changes all that. However, they will still not talk before they have thoroughly thought of what they have to say.

Goal oriented, Capricorn Goats will do a job that allows them to progress and become more resourceful. They could be very good business people as they are rational and they know how to keep their cool.

Lots of these Capricorns decide to give up their corporate jobs and start their own business. Because they are detached and they make decisions fast, these guys would be perfect in negotiations. The world of business is not for everyone.

While they like being alone and spend their days doing something on their own, Capricorn Goats are still friendly and sociable.

People appreciate them a lot for their determination and sense of humor. And they need to be appreciated and loved by others in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

They just don’t admit it and they keep a balance between their need for company and the one for solitude. Their home will always look nice and it will be furnished with luxurious pieces.

They like antiques and things that have historical stories behind them. It’s true that they can be a little bit messy and lazy, but they like to be comfortable and do nothing when they’re enjoying the coziness of their own home.

When they have some free time on their hands, these people like to travel and escape the routine that has installed in their life. When they come back from their travels, Capricorn Goats are always relaxed rejuvenated.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Goat: Education, Science, Film, Politics.

At work, they are hardworking and effective. These are the people who could do repetitive tasks for hours. They don’t mind compromising if the situation benefits them, and they like to be in open spaces. Office work may make them irritable.

If they aren’t able to travel, they will use their imagination and go places. One of their weaknesses is that they can be hypocritical sometimes. The more they age, the more tolerant and lucky they become.

In order for them to happy and fulfilled, Capricorn Goats need to be educated. If they have a solid background, these Goats can become successful and envied by others. But if they haven’t received a proper education, they can become the dreamers who will never get to achieve their goals and will continue to imagine another life for themselves.

Some other weaknesses that aren’t necessarily noticeable in the Capricorn Goats are their self-doubt, shyness, and anxiety.

All these come from the Goat and they can appear especially when the person in these signs is in a tough situation and he or she can no longer handle what they have engaged into.

Love – Exposed

Idealists in love just like they are in everything else in their life, Capricorn Goats believe in romance and stories.

They are romantic and their lovers will notice this. But they are also changeable, so it is not excluded that they will cheat on their partner. It’s simply not in their nature to be faithful. They are addicted to drama and they make all kind of rushed decisions.

Depending on how serious the relationship they are involved in is, they will be devoted and possessive.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Virgo Pig, Leo Rabbit, Virgo Rabbit, Scorpio Rabbit, Leo Horse, Pisces Horse, Aries Dog, Libra Dog.

The jealous type, Capricorn Goats can ask the partner questions like who they have been with, and why. They don’t fall in love too easily as they need time to trust and appreciate a person.

They are defensive when they fall for someone, and they don’t engage until they are completely sure the person they have chosen is the one for them.

If an argument arises or the Capricorn Goats feel they are not being respected enough, they can be grumpy for long periods of time. They need a partner who is open and a little bit submissive for they are authoritarian from time to time.

Capricorn Goat Woman Characteristics

Unstable with what she wants from life, the Capricorn Goat woman is a thinker who will always look to find out new things.

She wants to know the truth about everything, and she is so passionate about people and events that she forgets about herself sometimes. This lady knows how to be a diplomat and how to solve problems with less efforts. It is impossible to criticize her.

She won’t tolerate it. This woman can be a real tyrant with the ones she loves most, and in the same time she’s a sensitive romantic.

She can be dominant in a relationship, thing that will bother her partner. The Capricorn Goat woman needs to be with someone whom she respects.

It’s advised that she learns how to compromise and how to be more responsive. She needs to have good relationships with others if she wants to succeed in life.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Goat: Janis Joplin, Rowan Atkinson, Kevin Costner, R. Kelly, Tia Carrere, Aaliyah, Louis Tomlinson, Pixie Lott.

Capricorn Goat Man Characteristics

The Capricorn Goat man is lucky enough to have gathered the good character traits of both these signs.

They are dedicated, diligent, and balanced. For this reason, he will not often change partners and be committed to one relationship for a long time. Stubborn, he will fulfill his dreams and use the right methods to achieve his goals.

Besides, he is ambitious and patient and he is able to endure many difficulties if he knows the rewards are satisfactory.

Energetic, he needs to learn how to channel his force for he has to distinguish what makes him good and what causes him to be hurt or weak.

He values career a lot, and he will work hard to be financially stable. It’s advised that he learns from his mistakes and to appreciate life more.

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