Capricorn Rabbit: The Loving Enthusiast Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Capricorn born in Rabbit year

Capricorn Rabbit
  • Anyone born between December 22 and January 19 is a Capricorn.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • Two of the most evident traits of these people in love is innovative and spontaneous enthusiasm.
  • The intelligent Capricorn Rabbit woman can sometimes lack self-confidence.
  • The meticulous Capricorn Rabbit man sets a high standard for himself and those around.

The calm and softness of the Rabbit Chinese animal is enhanced by the wits and caution of the Capricorn.

Because of this, you would expect these natives to be rather hesitant but in fact, they will surprise everyone with the chances they take and their hidden adventurous spirit.

The Pleasurable Capricorn Rabbit Personality

The Capricorn Rabbit is an individual who truly has a bright outlook on life, living it to the full and enjoying every moment of it. There are quite a few things that make this native a very temperate and balanced one, regarding his approach in dealing with things.

Not too impulsive and brash, but also not overly-analytic and indecisive, he does things in his own personal manner.

Knowing that nothing comes without a reason, and that the little things are ultimately what matters the most, they are very appreciative and understanding most of the time.

With an optimistic and cheering attitude plastered on their face most of the time, Capricorn Rabbits rarely get upset or out of shape, but that can happen as well.

Top Characteristics: Analytical, Tempered, Cautious, Tough.

When problems appear that are more difficult to handle, they tend to become gloomy and irritated until the issue is resolved.

Either through personal effort or by asking for someone’s help if there is no other choice, this native will definitely come out on top, of that there is no doubt.

Generally patient and enduring, he has no problem fending off for himself in this cruel world, and everyone notices this aspect right away.

But deep down, he is also plagued by many insecurities and defects of which he is aware of and tries to hide most of the time.

For that reason, a Capricorn Rabbit won’t be a very extroverted or outgoing person, favouring long and honest discussions with a few particular friends, over public debates and conversations.

As previously said, these natives prefer being in small groups of close friends, rather than in large ones, probably because they can’t show proper interest in things they aren’t directly concerned with.

Family is another thing altogether, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting between multiple family members, nothing can get in the way of that.

Being of a rather practical and pragmatic mindset, household affairs like decoration or furnishing are best kept as simple as possible. Comfort is, above all, the most important element one should pay attention to.

As time passes by and he acquires more experience and knowledge, this native will be able to find new methods to put himself back into the game and in the spotlight.

Professional advance and social ranking are just one of the few aspects of his life that would get a big boost-up, thanks to the confidence and ambition that he had gained before.

While being really focused and determinate to make big steps towards the end goal, there is one small detail that could change everything for the worse.

Basically, these natives are extremely rigid and can’t seem to adapt too quickly to sudden changes, this leading to panic and anxiety.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Rabbit: Economics, Writing, Politics, Education.

Sadness and even depression are nothing out of the ordinary if something’s amiss with their life, be it the intimate relationship, money problems or health issues.

It is a tendency of this native to exaggerate things needlessly and worry about the most insignificant of things, often without any tangible reason. And this leads to unnecessary complications, evidently.

And like this wasn’t enough, they are liable to also strongly empathize with others to a problematic degree, taking on their problems as well. Is it then a surprise that Capricorn Rabbits are very stressed and irritated most of the times? Obviously not.

However, it’s not something as critical as it seems, and certainly not permanent in the least. They just have to acknowledge this issue and talk about it with someone close. This will lift a stone off their chest and help greatly.

Love – Revealed

What best describes a Capricorn Rabbit is selectivity and hidden potential. He is selective because he doesn’t just settle for anyone who manages to raise his “spirits” and seduce him.

What is really important for these guys is character, personality, similar tastes and ideas, complex conversations and understanding.

In turn, he can be the best partner ever, loving, affectionate and never letting anything get out of hand.

Most compatible with: Taurus Pig, Virgo Ram, Virgo Pig, Scorpio Dog, Gemini Ram.

More often than not, the slightest misstep can lead to him casting a suspicious glance at you, followed by an observation, if your luck is good, or a complete break-up if the stars are not aligned correctly.

For a Capricorn Rabbit, being in love is a natural process, and even more than that, it’s necessary to survive. Quite literally, they need to feel loved if there is any chance for a happy and comfortable life.

One of the things that make this native one so special and quirky is this exact characteristic, his voracious thirst for romance and sentimentalism.

Being so attached and madly obsessed with the presence of the other leads him to bring up a lot of opportunities for deeper bonding, like traveling to romantic places.

Time is never wasted when used to further enhance the romantic experiences and have a good time with the loved one.

Capricorn Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Women of heightened intellect and in possession of great observation skills, they have everything arranged for them, if only there is enough will and ambition to materialize all that potential.

Lacking in self-confidence sometimes, their social interactions are sometimes blurred because of this. Trying to overcome this problem will definitely make things better from this point of view.

With great intelligence also comes great anguish, because once has the capacity to distinguish and see reality for what it is, feelings of disappointment or fear may appear. This is one of the main problems with these natives.

Because they understand their motivations and those of others, how one acts and why, they still can’t stop but realize the sadness and brutality of it all.

One of the great problems of a Capricorn Rabbit woman is the lack in willpower and strength of character.

This leads to hesitation when there shouldn’t be any, and indecisiveness at the most important of times, which often gets on the nerves of everyone around them. Personal relationships are deeply affected by this issue.

Not surprisingly, given their keen and acute intellect, these natives go beyond mere materialistic desires and aim for something more profound in scope.

Self-development and spiritual advancement are the way to go, but that doesn’t mean that they have no knowledge at all when it comes to career and financial issues. It’s just not something they see as essential.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Rabbit: Naya Rivera, Tiger Woods, Bradley Cooper, Kirstie Alley, Charo.

Capricorn Rabbit Man Characteristics

Capricorn Rabbit men have a dual character. For one, they are quite calm and practical individuals who have a reasonable outlook on things, while also being pretty emotional and sensitive at the same time.

Although it’s not a simultaneous process we’re talking about, they are challenged with living in two different dimensions, beset by a dual contradiction, acting pragmatically or emotionally. You could say it all depends on a given situation and it is circumstances that give them a right idea of what path to choose.

For them, beauty is one of the most important things in life, from multiple points of view. On one hand, it’s something which pleases the senses and offers a certain satisfaction and joy, being able to witness and interact with something or someone beautiful.

Therefore, they are very romantic and loving individuals, the process of falling for someone being a very short and intense one. Usually, if the other person conforms to their standards of beauty, that’s basically all there is to it.

Furthermore, Capricorn Rabbit men are incredibly determinate individuals who plan their future meticulously and have high standards for themselves.

It could be this reason that explains why no one seems to be their match, because no one is good enough.

Of course, most things are not easily achieved, and they will have to exert themselves and work hard in order to succeed.

When talking about relationships, this native tends to ignore reason and logic when picking someone as a partner.

Relying himself on feelings and instincts alone might be a sensible approach in some cases, but this is not one of them. Later on, this superficiality of theirs tends to lead to disaster, as they become aware of the differences in thinking between the two of them.

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