Capricorn Ox: The Happiness Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Capricorn born in Ox year

Capricorn Ox
  • If you are born between December 22 and January 19 then you are a Capricorn.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • They will always leave you the impression that they know what they are doing.
  • Courted by many and rather idealistic, the Capricorn Ox woman is a real wonder.
  • Intelligent, strong and seldom tolerant, the Capricorn Ox man will never obey other’s rules.

The Capricorn Ox is just as hardworking and resilient as any Capricorn but when this couples with the persistence of the Ox, you can be sure there is no other choice but to follow their lead.

These people are self-sufficient and much disciplined, they work hard but they also play hard. They are wilful but not in a forced manner.

Top Characteristics: Considerate, Simple, Involved, Hard-working.

The Admirable Capricorn Ox Personality

The Capricorn is a conservative sign. People born in this sign are stubborn and ambitious. They don’t hesitate to include their own will when they’re making decisions and they rarely take other people’s opinions into consideration.

The Capricorn people born in the Ox year are determined and mannered. They don’t like to rely on other people and they are self-sufficient. Organized and fast with decision making, the Capricorn Oxen are a little bit reserved.

They hate it when they are in the center of attention, so they avoid being loud. These are the types of Capricorns who always plan what they are going to do next. They’re never caught off-guard and they like to think of things alone.

They consider others’ advice and opinions, but they end up doing what they want. They don’t believe in luck. The Capricorn people born in the Ox year will work hard and persevere in order to obtain what they want in life.

They are very intelligent but this is not shown in the way they are speaking. They leave the impression that they know what they are doing and that they are sophisticated when in fact they are vulnerable and simple. This happens especially when they are involved in a relationship.

Life goals are easily attained by Capricorn Oxen because they are practical people who know how to address any kind of problem. You will never see them complaining or being pessimistic.

For them, challenges need to be taken seriously and only then success is guaranteed. They invest a lot of efforts and time in their work responsibilities, but they don’t allow the stress to install.

Knowing how to channel energies and prioritizing responsibilities are these people’s most appreciative qualities.

Those born under Capricorn Ox are patient and they know what they are going to do professionally from a very young age. Also, being children they understand hard work and determination are required for success to be achieved.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Ox: Publishing, Fitness, Fashion and Journalism.

They can dream big and they sometimes get lost in pursuing their dreams. That’s why they need to come down to Earth when they’re exaggerating.

They love making and having money and they are wise spenders when they don’t lose their head with gambling and frivolous acquisitions. Interested in good food, they will be pretentious at the table.

They will also expect others to have manners when eating. The Capricorn Oxen love their home. For them, home is where they can have stability and where they can plan for the future.

They are not the type to go out that much, and they feel the most relaxed when they’re inside. The stubbornness of the Capricorn Oxen can lead them to sometimes lose. And they prefer losing rather than giving in.

This is a weakness they have and that can make them feel stressed. It is recommended that they think more before dismissing anything. If they manage to do so, they will be less stressed.

Love – Uncovered

Capricorns believe in true love and they are always searching for it. They even have fantasies about an ideal partner.

Not being bothered by the fact that they are single, Capricorn Oxen find it difficult to get involved. They will search for someone to help them with their life goals and plans.

Most compatible with: Taurus Snake, Leo Snake, Virgo Rooster, Scorpio Rooster, Leo Pig and Scorpio Pig.

As said before, they know what they want at a very young age, so they need someone supportive next to them.

If they are lucky enough to get the right partner early in life they will have great achievements and high chances to be amongst the successful ones.

They love being in a family, so the Capricorn Oxen will most likely get married at some point in their life.

As soon as they’ve decided on someone, it becomes absolutely impossible to change their mind. If they find a person to support them and he or she is not too emotional, they become the happiest persons on the planet and they start being loving and protective.

The Capricorn people born in the Ox year need their freedom in order to be happy and to last in a relationship. So if you happen to date a Capricorn Ox, make sure you are leaving him or her to be independent.

It is possible for the Capricorn Oxen to develop extra-marital affairs. But if they do, they feel guilty about it and they become terrified of a divorce. Those who are with a Capricorn Ox are enjoying this person’s protection and sensual ways.

Capricorn Ox Woman Characteristics

The most important time period in a Capricorn Ox woman’s life is her childhood. This is when self-confidence and self-control are being developed. She cultivates these traits very well when she’s an adult and that’s very helpful.

She adapts easily and she knows how to escape a bad situation. Because she is stubborn and rigid with people, the Capricorn Ox woman can be destructive with her relationships. It is advised that she opens more.

Courted by many men, she can be involved in more than one relationship at a time. But she won’t be happy. She’s naturally gifted and she’s very smart. She looks to self-improve and she always gets what she wants.

Even though she’s adaptable, she doesn’t compromise in life. The Capricorn Ox woman has morals and traditions she herself has invented. If she wants to be happier and succeed more often, she needs to stop with the self-criticism and to start idealizing people.

Not too interested in money, she only makes as much as she needs to live comfortably. She will have a more enjoyable life if she’ll try and be more like other women around her.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Ox: Shirley Bassey, Lewis Hamilton, Seth Meyers, Anthony Hopkins.

Capricorn Ox Man Characteristics

Wanting to be appreciated and recognized for his talents and efforts, the Capricorn Ox man is practical and realistic.

He doesn’t get lost in melancholies or philosophies and he prefers to take action rather than talk. If he doesn’t trust someone, he can be very cynical and cold with that person. He should be more open to other people’s feelings; life would be easier for him this way.

He is successful in business, but he can be a little bit restless. This leads to an inability to focus and also inability to do things fast. When they love, they are the same. Not too passionate, the Capricorn Ox is more of a receiver and not a giver.

He doesn’t like being complimented. He should pay more attention to the non-material aspects of life. He tends to be too pragmatic.

If he would open to others, he would be much happier. This man combines what’s best in the two signs he is being ruled by. He knows what motivates people and he will make decisions that are based only on logic.

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