Capricorn Monkey: The Inquisitive Charmer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Capricorn born in Monkey year

Capricorn Monkey
  • If you are born between December 22 and January 19 then you are a Capricorn.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • They are capable of solving even the most complicated of tasks.
  • Self-confident and valiant, the Capricorn Monkey woman is a force of nature.
  • The Capricorn Monkey man has a flexible and malleable way of thinking.

What defines the Capricorn Monkey is the heightened sense of social ingenuity and great empathetic skills. People are naturally attracted to their honest and determinate personality, and how could they not be?

After all, everyone likes knowing who they’re speaking with, and not fearing to be stabbed in the back by deceit and lies.

Being frank and saying exactly what they think is only a natural thing to do, something that comes from deep down, just like for most Monkey Chinese animal representatives. Humorous and calm, this native embodies the traits of both signs, resulting in an individual who can apparently make friends even with their arch-nemesis. 

The Diligent Capricorn Monkey Personality

The Capricorn Monkey does not do things out of the blue, and certainly does not act out of spite, impulsivity or uncontrollable desire.

Having a plan for any unforeseen circumstances comes as natural as breathing to this native, and thus it seems like nothing can escape their supreme control. The Universe appears to conspire to their success and evolution.

The reason why they are so skilled and able is because of their natural curiosity and interest in the most unusual and diverse subjects. Knowledge is power, after all.

These natives were always capable of solving even the most complicated of tasks, even those that required one to be incredibly agile and observant.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Analytical, Flexible, Dreamy.

Nothing escapes their superior insight and analytical skills, the most intricate details and layers being just obstacles waiting to be unravelled and turned into opportunities for self-development.

However, they need to constantly work and keep their minds occupied in order to maintain the same efficiency and productivity.

Otherwise, having nothing to do for a time will change their rhythm and that’s ultimately a bad thing.

For that reason, working in a team seems to be the most optimal solution to this problem. Coordinated and resolute in approach, they confidently dispatch orders and missions to people under them to quickly complete a set goal, and it has become something normal that they never fail and deliver on time.

In this sense, logic and reason are emphasized and are significantly more important than emotions and feelings.

Even if the Capricorn Monkey tends to place great importance on their career and self-development, putting in loads of effort and passion, they still don’t lose focus of something even more important.

Family, friends, intimate relationships and close bounds are something which they always keep in the deepest recesses of their soul.

Nothing can shake this attachment, and all that they do is linked with keeping those relationships strong and enduring.

For this reason, for the Capricorn Monkey, home represents a safe and secure place, a shelter from all the evils of the world, where one can find peace and relaxation.

Professionally, they fully know what they want and the exact way in which to achieve it. With a careful plan and a systematic overview of the whole process, there can’t be many things that could threaten this native’s ascension to power.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Monkey: Acting, Music, Visual Arts, Psychology.

Realizing their limitations and potential, they do their best to overcome the former and realize the latter.

Resolute, determinate and ambitious (sometimes overly-ambitious), there is no upper limit to their evolution, and that means only willpower is needed to fuel their success.

However, they are just a step away from failure if they envision too grand a goal. Idealistic desires are not common to this native, but they do appear from time to time.

Their weakness, if it can even be called a weakness, is that their expectations are too great and they don’t tolerate failure, when talking about their social relationships.

Something simple and not problematic should be just as easily solved and completed. How could you fail at doing something so simple? They just can’t accept mistakes from others, and this takes away from their charm.

Love – Exposed

In relationships, the Capricorn Monkey will more often than not entertain multiple ties with many people, just because they want to have as many options as possible before coming to a final decision.

And even then, they take a long time in analysing and settling in with the partner’s personality and behaviour.

However, once they finish the observation process, they become the same determinate and confident individual that we’re used to.

Nothing takes precedence over what they focus on, and now that the arrow of love has struck their heart, it’s clear what exactly they are most concentrated on.

At first, they find it incredibly hard to accept someone as compatible and fitting, because they tend to over-exaggerate and over-complicate certain defects that they see in the other.

Most compatible with: Leo Rat, Virgo Rat, Taurus Ram, Scorpio Tiger, Taurus Dragon.

It’s obviously a very annoying and irritating attitude, so there’s really no surprise if the partner finally gets sick of it and decides to break the relationship.

Nevertheless, for those finding the power to ignore this, the rewards also measure up to their expectations, because the Capricorn Monkey has a very sentimental and loving nature, albeit very well hidden.

Finally, when everything cools down and both are thankful of the other’s presence, the relationship brings about the best in this native.

All the enclosed feelings and emotions resurface and brighten everything up. There is really nothing more grand and exciting than witnessing their true self expressed in all its splendour and vibrancy.

Capricorn Monkey Woman Characteristics

There is quite a mystery to these women, one which is deep enough so that most people can’t seem to unravel it with ease.

Unless one gets close enough to them and gradually discovers the layers of enigmatic traits and attitudes, there is no real chance of even coming to a conclusion with this native.

Thus, she has a very peculiar personality, one split apart between her desire to find a soul mate, and also the inability to find one. This brings about deep scars and powerful states of depression and sadness.

Just like a real and strong Capricorn Monkey that she is, no problem is too big and no gap too large for her resoluteness and gritty personality.

Self-confident and valiant, she takes on any opponent and eventually emerges victorious, albeit full of wounds and battle scars.

However, if confronted with too many problems at once, she’ll likely not be able to act as courageously as before. She just needs more experience and trust more in her abilities, and the future will be easily forged.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Monkey: Umberto Eco, Jimmy Page, Mel Gibson, Joe Lacob, Cuba Gooding Jr., Helena Christensen, Zooey Deschanel.

Capricorn Monkey Man Characteristics

What these individuals can do is perfectly adept to any working environment and requirements.

Is it a graphics designer who needs both the creativity to imagine innovative and colorful pictures and design elements, or an office worker who has to do the same thing every day? He can accomplish both with ease and efficiency.

This flexibility and malleable thinking are his best tools on the road to success, and he will make use of them intensely.

Capricorn Monkey natives will often put their mind and body to the test, go on long trips, explore countless places, and witness what the world has in store for them.

It’s not seldom that they encounter some pretty special opportunities that could act as an impetus for self-development, but also the occasional odd situation here and there. In spite of their ability to do what must be done and fulfil any role with the same efficiency and displaying the same potential, it’s still a fact that routine and a tedious lifestyle destroys them from the inside.

Thus, going out from time to time is a must; otherwise the mood will gradually lower itself constantly.

As for how he deals with love matters, it’s nothing too profound or admirable. Energetic and impulsive in approach, he will try to experiment as much as possible before settling in with someone.

And even that takes some time before it’s definitely completed. But, for all this indecisiveness and desire to experience the diversity of life, he acts with kindness and generosity towards each and every potential partner.

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