Capricorn Horse: The Tender Superstar Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Capricorn born in Horse year

Capricorn Horse
  • Capricorn people celebrate their birthdays between December 22 and January 19.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people are calm and attentive and will brighten anyone’s day.
  • The Capricorn Horse woman is so strong that she won’t let emotions rule her.
  • Sometimes, the Capricorn Horse man is just too dreamy and distracted for his own good.

People born in Capricorn the year of the Horse get their reliability from the Horse and their responsiveness from the Capricorn.

This means they are simple people, who will always be consistent in everything they’re saying, doing and thinking. It is incredible to have a person in these signs as a best friend. They are reliable and intelligent.

The Reliable Capricorn Horse Personality

Kind-hearted, Capricorn Horses will always help those who need them the most. They are so constant in what they are doing and how they are thinking that many people find them boring.

Capricorn Horses don’t even know what impulsiveness or irresponsibility are, yet they are fun and enjoyable. Not extroverted, they have an incredible sense of humour and they can make others laugh even when the circumstances are not so happy.

When they want to have fun, they just start to confuse people by becoming inconsistent and totally different from how they normally are. They are doing this just to see how their friends react and they are having fun with it.

They know how to make people happy. While they seem reserved and cold when you first lay your eyes on them, they have a warm heart and they are very easy-going inside. At work, they’re cautious and try to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

Top Characteristics: Courageous, Happy, Energetic and Organized.

Ambitious, they will want to get back what they are offering. If they’re investing time and efforts in a project, they’ll expect to have the benefits in the end. When the Capricorn Horses commit, they are doing it for a long time.

They will keep their word each time, and they won’t be put down when difficulties arise. Their predictability is not always in their advantage. People usually rely on them, and when the Capricorn Horses don’t manage to live up to others’ expectations, they end up disappointing.

Their energy helps them achieve their goals without too many efforts. If they have some specific objectives, they will surely succeed. They are good organizers and their lives will always be planned ahead.

When Capricorn Horses decide to move in one direction, they will work tirelessly to get to the goal they have established. This is how they often put too much pressure on themselves.

Thankfully, they are stable and they know which direction to take, for their own good. Because they plan everything so carefully, they will be able to see what future situations will bring them.

These people are reliable partners and responsible parents. They can build a future with someone who’s as organized and as smart as them. If they happen to be mistaken about something, they will analyse the situation many times, and they will find out why they have made an error.

People admire them for their optimism and persistence. They will be able to survive any harsh situation with these qualities, and they will never give up their innocence and calmness.

Calm, original and attentive, Capricorn Horses are always looking to make their environment a better place. They listen with care, and they are trying to make others feel as comfortable as they can.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Horse: Science, Catering, Crafts, Travel, Architecture.

All this while they are focused on themselves as well. They are known for being the best at seizing opportunities when they arise. Their main weakness is that they are too serious. It can be difficult for someone to change their fixed ideas.

Only when they have managed to relax they become the humorous people everyone loves. They need to be encouraged by friends and family to be more chill.

They will be able to enjoy life more if they no longer are so serious. If they don’t like their job, they will become rebellious and they’ll eventually quit. They hate it when things are unfair and they are rational and down-to-earth.

Love – Uncovered

As far as romantic relationships go, Capricorn Horses prefer to be single. They are not eager to get married, and if they make this step too early, it is possible that they’ll fail.

However, when they fall in love, all of their feelings are sweet and sincere. They are somehow the perfect partners, always struggling to make the relationship fun and perfect.

They will lighten up the mood, they will know when to be romantic, and they will certainly be there when their love needs them.

These guys don’t even need to struggle in order to keep everything harmonious and secure. Anyone could get along with them easily. They may not be spontaneous or wild, but they sure are affectionate and reliable.

Besides, they give love a special place in their life. Because they are charming and intelligent, they will attract many admirers. But Capricorn Horses are always faithful to their one and only true love.

Most compatible with: Pisces Tiger, Virgo Dog, Leo Ram, Taurus Ram, Scorpio Dog, Virgo Tiger.

They are always interested in something long-term. No one-night stands with these guys. What they want is someone interesting and sweet with whom they can spend the rest of their life with.

They will share everything they have with this special someone, and they will treat him or her equally. Only a few other signs give so much importance to romantic relationships as Capricorn Horses do.

However, if they would have to choose between career and their love life, they will always choose career. They’re not careless when involved, but they fight more for professional development.

Capricorn Horse Woman Characteristics

Strong willed and capable of identifying what would advantage her, the Capricorn Horse woman can achieve great successes in life.

She’s a diplomat and she’s always in search for the new. This lady needs to experience new things and new situations in order to be happy.

Confident and strong, she will never let her emotions rule her. She likes to dream, but this doesn’t mean she lives in a dream world as she’s always working towards fulfilling her goals.

This girl is persistent and she strives for perfection, so life for her will look good on all the planes.

Rational, she likes to be in control when she’s in a romantic relationship. She can be arrogant sometimes, so what she needs to learn is some sensitivity.

If she would value people more, and she would improve her communication skills, she would be more appreciated and loved.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Horse: Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Denzel Washington, Howard Stern, Patrick Dempsey, John Legend.

Capricorn Horse Man Characteristics

Responsible and analytical, the Capricorn Horse man will plan everything ahead in his life. He can be multi-tasking, and he is complex and sometimes misunderstood. He’s energetic and he always thinks about the future.

He should be more in the present if he wants to be more successful. He will never express his real feelings as he keeps a cool exterior and he never shows when he’s sad or upset.

If something goes wrong in his relationships with others, he will try and fix it. If it’s no longer possible to fix, he’ll walk away.

Diplomacy characterizes the Capricorn Horse man very well. He works tirelessly to get what he wants and he should learn how to relax from time to time. He should also trust his friends more, if he wants to gain some help from their side.

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