Capricorn Dragon: The Complacent Realist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Capricorn born in Dragon year

Capricorn Dragon
  • If you are born between December 22 and January 19 then you are a Capricorn.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • These people have a positive outlook on life but are no fools.
  • Controlling and bold, the Capricorn Dragon woman is fierce about her priorities.
  • The confidence of the Capricorn Dragon man must be fed by constant accomplishments.

The Dragon born in Capricorn is a lucky person because he or she is more patient than other Dragons. More than this, these specific Dragons are more ambitious simply because they were born in Capricorn.

They have a confidence that cannot be shaken and they stay on the right path when they have chosen a direction.

These people are optimistic and always happy. They love to please others and they are completely at peace with themselves even if they’ve made a bad decision.

The Smug Capricorn Dragon Personality

Leave your prejudgment aside when it comes to Capricorn Dragons, people have to take them as they are, or not take them at all. It’s easy to read a person born in this sign. They aren’t complicated and they make life fun if you decide to stick with them.

You’ll find out they’re incredible friends who will make you see things as they actually are. They have a positive way to approach matters and they are happy to share it with others.

Those born in Capricorn the year of the Dragon know how to set goals and stick to their plans.

Very rational, they don’t like dwelling in uncertainty and they never allow themselves to dream too much.

The main goal of their life is to be successful at their job. They will sacrifice a lot to reach this ambition of theirs: they will ignore people they love and they will no longer contact friends.

All this to be advanced in their career. The work they prefer to do and they are also good at needs to be varied and somehow fun. Because these people don’t have such a long attention span, they need to be kept stimulated.

Top Characteristics: Ambitious, Superficial, Thoughtful, Emotional.

Capricorn Dragons are sociable enough to have a few friends on whom they could count, but not open enough to stand noise and chatter. They like more private environments and they don’t enjoy making new friends that much.

Hating gossip, they will usually “run away” when someone starts to talk about other people. Their friends are quiet people who are introspective and attentive.

The main weakness of Capricorn Dragons is their stubbornness. Not always materialized, it can be strong in times when this Capricorn has to be anything but stubborn.

For example, they can insist on finishing a task when they’ve already worked too hard and they’ve been under a whole lot of pressure.

In such situations, these people become unhappy, a little bit pessimistic, and grumpy. If they would learn how to dose their work responsibilities, they would be more efficient, happier persons.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Dragon: Education, Journalism, Dentistry, Editing, Visual Arts.

Rest is essential for anyone and they surely need to understand that. When they have to, Capricorn Dragons can find the strength of a bear and deal with problems like nobody else could. They don’t like to be conformists and they’ll get along with people who are unconventional.

If you hire them to do a job that requires curiosity and passion, they will do greatly. People feel comfortable when around them because they have a way of guessing thoughts and identifying needs.

They don’t mind being in the center of attention, but they don’t know how to do it precisely as they are not that good at expressing themselves. Hating superficiality, mediocrity and hypocrisy, Capricorn Dragons will have only honest friends.

Love – Uncovered

Romantic relationships with Capricorn Dragons are intimate and intense. These people are loyal and they love completely.

The fact that they are devoted to their work changes when they fall in love, in the first few months of the relationship.

They love with simplicity and innocence and they would never even think of doing something mischievous to win the heart of the person they like.

They’re terrified of deceit in love, and they expect the partner to be as devoted and faithful as they are.

These guys are going to keep the partner’s secrets and they will never break a promise they have made to their other half.

Always there when you need them, Capricorn Dragons may be a little bit straightforward when giving advice, but they are sincere. The fact that they put professional life over sentimental life will make their partner feel neglected and unwanted.

Most compatible with: Leo Rat, Virgo Rat, Taurus Tiger, Leo Rooster, Pisces Rooster.

But if they find someone who’s as obsessed with work as they are, they can live a financially fulfilling life that will be satisfying in terms of career achievements. A person can trust he or she will have material security next to the Capricorn Dragon.

It’s just that career objectives and successes makes these people shine. When they need to express their feelings, Capricorn Dragons will be more open with their partners. They usually aren’t, but when they’re in love this changes.

They like someone who’s honest and intimate. They don’t forget about themselves when they love, but one thing’s for sure, they would never cheat on the love of their life or another partner for that matter.

Capricorn Dragon Woman Characteristics

Stubborn and ambitious, the Capricorn Dragon woman sets goals and she achieves them her way. She won’t invest too many efforts as she has the required intellect, strength, and self-confidence.

This lady calculates her every move and she finds the perfect ways to be successful at whatever she may be doing. This is why she will be fulfilled from a very young age.

It’s easy for a girl in Capricorn the year of the Dragon to make friends and be in the center of attention. She’s emotional but she doesn’t let people see some of her feelings.

Just like her male counterpart, she falls in love quickly. But this is someone who will as quickly fall out of love and start looking for someone new. Her partner needs to keep her entertained all the time if he wants something long-term.

The Capricorn Dragon lady likes being in control and she needs to set priorities for herself. A complex character, she doesn’t listen to listen to other people’s opinions regarding her life.

She would never admit she’s wrong even if she would know it in her heart. Fortunately, she is devoted, caring, and courageous.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Dragon: Jeff Bezos, Nicholas Cage, Michelle Obama, Paz Vega, Joe Manganiello, Hayley Williams.

Capricorn Dragon Man Characteristics

The combination of two strong astrological signs makes the Capricorn Dragon man someone successful. He can easily navigate through life and he can take his plans to an end. However, he sometimes has the tendency to overestimate what he’s capable of.

A little bit hesitant, it is difficult for this guy to get along with others. He falls in love quickly, and he’s caring with the partner he has. He may scare the lady with his protectiveness, though.

This is why he will have long-term relationships at maturity, after he has learned more. Energetic and optimistic, the Capricorn Dragon man will recover fast after a failure. He has many feelings but he keeps them hidden. Enthusiastic, he can overwhelm people with his energy.

His partner needs to let him lead for him to be completely happy. A little bit tempered, he can meet with trouble many times in life.

When he’s victorious, he becomes more courageous and confident. Kindness, generosity and involvement are also present in his personality.

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