Capricorn Dog: The Pleasant Companion Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Capricorn born in Dog year

Capricorn Dog
  • The dates of the Capricorn zodiac sign are between December 22 and January 19.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people will not hesitate to correct you when you are wrong.
  • The Capricorn Dog woman counts a little too much on her intuition.
  • Ambitious and flexible, the Capricorn Dog man is open to all possibilities.

In all cultures, dogs are known for being loyal companions. In the Chinese astrology, the Dog is someone who’s balanced, sensitive and calm. More than this, it is a symbol of serenity, people who are born in this sign being considered tempered and moderate.

When a person is in both Capricorn and the Dog, he or she will be down-to-earth and friendly. Capricorn Dogs are not that reserved like most of the Capricorns.

More than this, these people are also more empathic and caring, being able to guess what those around them feel and think about.

Cautious and flexible, they are sweet and cerebral. They don’t like to talk that much, but this doesn’t mean they can’t make friends easily.

The Self-Controlled Capricorn Dog Personality

The Capricorn is known for being very stubborn. But this trait is greatly diminished by the Dog’s modesty, who brings in more openness and understanding.

Still, Capricorn Dogs will continue to seem sober and serious. They like to meet new people and interact, but they always give the impression that they are too reserved to open up.

They aren’t too introverted, they in fact like making new friends and talking to people. It’s just that they need to trust somebody before they establish a friendship.

Conservative, these guys will keep the traditions they have alive. They can convince you of anything, being eloquent and composed in their statements.

People are attracted to them because they are mysterious and interesting. More than this, their originality and practicality makes others seek their advice in difficult situations. Intelligent and always active, Capricorn Dogs will never do something without thinking twice. They think fast and they are decisive. You can count on them to guide you correctly through life.

They are enthusiastic about new things and they always keep a positive attitude. But you need to be careful with your words around them.

They can easily get hurt when people are sarcastic or ironic with them. They don’t like it when they are being criticized, and they tend to take things personally, even if you didn’t even think of saying something about them.

Top Characteristics: Talkative, Original, Helpful, Calculated, Conservative.

Most of the time they are confident, yet they are not as ambitious as other Capricorns. They will have dreams and set high goals, but they won’t insist that much in attaining them.

Hard workers, they will be happy to stay overtime at work, helping their colleagues and the company where they are working.

Capricorn Dogs hate conflict and they are not at all hungry for power. They don’t dismiss others’ opinions, but will only take their own into consideration when having to decide about something.

They are calm and balanced when they need to make judgments, and like all Dogs, they have a sense of justice and duty. They are not that crazy about money, and they won’t make friends out of interest.

Helpful, they will volunteer to give a hand when they are needed. But you won’t see them in their true form, as they tend to hide some of their characteristics from the public.

These Capricorns are never greedy. They will make enough money to enjoy a good and comfortable life. It’s not in their nature to struggle for fortune.

They will have something put aside for emergencies and darker days, but they will never try to make more than they need. Besides, they will give a lot of what they are making away, being philanthropists and caring. They can sometimes give their money away without even thinking.

These guys organize their life according to their priorities. This is what most of the Capricorns do. It’s not that they are selfish, they just need to have a certain order in their life.

They will do anything to protect their peace and harmony. Because they are devoted and they want to do things right, they will be appreciated by friends and colleagues.

Perfect careers for Capricorn Dog: Writing, Education, Engineering, Travel.

They will develop good relationships at work, and bosses will admire their hard work and dedication. These guys have a sense of duty like no other signs in both zodiacs.

They insist on respecting the rules and this makes them great parents. At work, they will demonstrate how serious and capable they are by being on time and doing things as asked. They are discreet, but they can sometimes surprise with their frankness.

When someone seeks their opinion, these Capricorns prefer to not embellish the truth. Their sense of humor is not the most developed. This can be seen as a weakness in their character.

It’s not that they can’t laugh at a good joke, they just simply can’t see the humor in a situation, especially if they are upset.

Only with the right partner, who will make them laugh, they will discover life has also a funny side to it. It’s not all the Capricorns that are like this, but in the Dog ones, this negative trait is the most present.

Love – Uncovered

Being conservative, Capricorn Dogs will not look for a too complicated relationship. They just want something stable and traditional.

Respecting the rules of love and keeping their promises, these guys will want someone who lives his or her life after the same principles.

They will show great devotion when they will find someone who suits them. This is more of a characteristic from the Dog’s side, not from the Capricorn’s detached attitude.

They only want something stable and simple with the person they love the most. Because they think they’re special and unique, many of the Capricorns in the Dog year will want to not be restricted by anything and anyone and thus, will look for someone who will give them enough space.

Most compatible with: Cancer Rooster, Aries Tiger, Taurus Tiger, Virgo Rabbit, Pisces Horse.

Sentimentally, they want something that can bring them peace and equilibrium. They are not the ones to show their emotions, and they will not talk about their feelings with their partner.

If they are pushed, they can become very snappy and defensive. Don’t annoy them or you will get to see their ugly side. These Capricorns don’t criticize. They are appreciative and affectionate with their other half.

Add all this to the fact that they are devoted, and you get a person who is perfect for a long lasting relationship. It is better that you don’t force them into revealing their true personality. Let them become sincere and open on their own.

Capricorn Dog Woman Characteristics

The Capricorn Dog woman aims everything at her success. She carefully selects the social circles that she frequents and she wants to achieve many things.

This can cause her to be lonely as she doesn’t care too much about people. Ambitious, intuitive and focused, this lady rarely makes mistakes, so she will get what she wants pretty fast.

She will often be among the elite. It is advised that she spends more time with the ones she loves.

She needs to make a list of her needs and desires, and use it. This girl will always be financially stable. The only thing at which she needs to work is personal relationships.

Celebrities under the sign of Capricorn Dog: Dolly Parton, Diane Keaton, David Lynch, Diane von Fürstenberg, Lara Fabian, Eddie Redmayne.

Capricorn Dog Man Characteristics

The Capricorn Dog man wants his order. He will always be responsible and kind, and he will try to help others whenever he has the possibility.

He is tough and capable of attaining his goals very easily. This is a person who will struggle to make other people’s lives more enjoyable.

But he can also be moralizing and bother many with his “teachings”. Everything that this man does is fun.

He is ambitious and he knows how to achieve his goals without too much effort. It is recommended that he is more caring. He needs to seize opportunities when he gets them and he will be much more successful at what he is doing.

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