Capricorn Anger: The Dark Side of The Goat Sign

Capricorns are totally angered by people who step over their opinions and don’t take them seriously.

Capricorn anger

People born under Capricorn are always struggling to do things the right way and can be angered if someone is opposing them. They’re giving a lot of importance to how qualitative their work is and how they’re judging matters, so they hate it when people are questioning their methods.

If angered, they have this feeling profoundly, even if they’re not showing it. More than this, they’re funneling their emotions into productive activities. Most likely, they have clear ideas and are thinking with their head rather than their heart. If someone is pushing them, that person should be ready for rounds of screaming.

Capricorn anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Being mocked about their serious choices;
  • Can’t stand: That feeling of tension multiplying;
  • Style of revenge: Methodical and calculated;
  • Make up by: Giving them all the time they need.

Bottling up tensions

Capricorns can have a lot of pride, not to mention they’re productive and love working hard. Most of the time, they’re calm and thinking about their reputation.

They’re interested in both the social and the work environment. These natives are paying attention to every little detail, not to mention they’re always ready to do things perfectly, wishing that nobody is noticing their mistakes.

They need to be recognized on the world stage. Most of them have the wits and the sense of humor of sarcastic people.

Others can see them as dull, even stupid because they claim to know everything, as well too motivated to succeed because they can’t be approached.

However, their perfect calmness is in fact insecurity and sensitiveness. Besides, they’re reserved and can shock others with their dark side.

Just like other Earth signs, they aren’t getting angry very much because they prefer to live in peace and to have calmness, not wanting to consume their energy or to ever be angry.

When they’re being angry, everyone should just run away from their path. No one ever knows when they’re being upset because they’re not expressing themselves too often.

It’s normal for them to keep up tensions inside for months. Therefore, when they’re finally taking a break, people should stay away because they can be dangerous.

No one would want to be the person that’s making them mad because they’re as well unforgiving. Capricorn natives are always yelling and making scenes when expressing their feelings, but they don’t want to be in the center of attention for too long.

Their demands are high, so if not met, they can become disappointed, not to mention they can get really upset as well.

Their morality needs to be respected and others need to be by their side if they want to continue being their friends.

Angering a Capricorn

Capricorns are so mean that they’re not even giving their friends a little break. It’s easy to anger them because they’re always grumpy and ready to be challenged.

Understanding how much money is worth and considered cheap, they can get upset if someone is taking some money from them and doesn’t pay back.

More than this, they can be upset when someone is attacking their pride. To begin with, Capricorns are telling people off when angered.

After, they’re letting go and pretend the ones who have done them wrong no longer exist. It’s easy for them to let go of the toxic people in their life and to just move on with what they need to do.

As a matter of fact, these natives prefer to be alone rather than to be surrounded by enemies.

They’re cold and can easily forget about others. When upset with people, they’re demanding of them to work very hard in order to be forgiven. They may not feel like all it’s being worth, but things between them and others can eventually work out.

Testing the Capricorn patience

Capricorns can’t stand when others are giving them nicknames that sound cute and funny, as well nicknames that are somehow personal.

They don’t like it when their friends or loved ones are calling them by these names in public.

More than this, they shouldn’t be interrupted while talking or while being busy. As well, when people are borrowing money from them and they aren’t returning them, things can get nasty.

They don’t like to pay for others, not even for a coffee or a bus ticket. When discussions are being delayed and they can’t talk about the things they’re interested in, Capricorn natives don’t want to hear any excuse.

Those who are just appearing at their doorstep without any invitation should stay away because they can become really angry at surprise parties.

Most of the time and just like any other sign in the zodiac, Goats are annoyed when their basic traits are being questioned. For instance, they mustn’t feel like no one wants them around, as well shouldn’t be insulted or told that their rare emotions aren’t making any sense.

Besides, they don’t like it when someone is undermining them, also when their schedule is not being respected.

They are truly merciless

People born under Capricorn are most of the time composed and logical. They can go through many challenges and not tell anyone about it.

However, when someone has tried to impose him or herself on them, that person should stay away. When Capricorns are angry, they’re losing their temper and can become dangerous personalities because they’re simply breaking loose.

If this is happening, they’re starting to act like they’re superior and to be insulting. The words of these people can be really hurtful. They can start swearing the first person who comes their way, so it can be said anger is one of their strongest vulnerabilities.

Usually, people born in Capricorn are hiding their feelings of anger by working a lot. If people are pushing them too far, they can start to voice their anger and to create a scene.

Their loved ones can be in shock when seeing these calm natives in such a state or yelling. At least they care about whom they’re judging and are analytical when having to make a decision.

In case someone has hurt them and they can’t forgive what has been done to them, they can act vengeful in a methodical manner.

As soon as they’ve decided to get their revenge, Capricorns can detach themselves from an emotional point of view, and they can transform into a force that’s impossible to overcome.

These natives are focused on doing their job and can plan to humiliate or make their enemies suffer. They’re rarely forgiving, and when they do, they’re doing it in a merciless manner.

As soon as Capricorns have decided to be vengeful, there’s nothing to have them turning back anymore. No one can console them, or their apologies can’t be enough because they’re emotionally detached.

After having their revenge completed, their opponents can get out of their life forever, and they can start to act like they’ve never met with those individuals.

More than this, Capricorns are focused on productivity and want a good reputation more than anything else. In case they’ve been hurt, there’s nothing anyone can do anymore.

The only chance to be friends again with these natives is to get them an expensive gift and to talk to them straightforwardly.

Those who have done them wrong can talk about the errors they’ve made and mention what they’re ready to do in order to fix them. Those who were born under Capricorn can be called “twins” instead of the Geminis because there are two sides of their personality, no matter the time.

For example, one side of them is the detached one that’s presented to the world, whereas the other is the emotional one.

Capricorns are also emotional, just like the signs belonging to the Water element. As far as revenge is going, this is depending on the level of hurt the Capricorn is feeling.

Most of the time, the disciplined and cold part of them is known to win. This is not to say Capricorns can never feel like getting revenge.

They can, but at the same time, they’re allowing karma to do its job. This doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking revenge from an active point of view, unless this is making them advance.

For instance, they can take revenge on a person who has destroyed their career or has caused them to no longer have success in the professional or business sector.

In case they’ve been very hurt, and they can get hurt very deeply, the karma can take its course for them because they’re allowing it to. However, they can think about revenge more than usually.

Making peace with them

Most of the time, people born under Capricorn are composed and down-to-earth. The only thing that has to be done when it comes to them and their anger is to let their feelings to become constructive because they need to channel their energy towards something positive.

For example, they could be taken to meditation sessions and joined in prayer. Capricorn natives are known to have solitude followed by negative moods.

They don’t like seeing others or speaking with them when they’re feeling unhappy. This means they should be left alone because this way, they’d get to feel no longer wanted or even worse.

In order to make these individuals feel good, their friends and loved ones should be composed and quiet themselves.

If this isn’t making them feel relieved, the others should be productive with their own presence and solve things in the most logical way possible.

These people should have their brain put to work as this is making them feel really good.

As said before, they have a lot of pride and are vengeful, meaning they can never easily forgive. They have a bad mouth and are capable of hate when trying to screw someone up.

There are people who are apologizing to Capricorns because they don’t want their reputation to be destroyed.

Most of the time, Goats aren’t forgiving, but they’re offering bribes in order to have things done in their favor. When a Goat is gossiping a person, that individual should do something in order to obtain redemption.

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