Capricorn And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Capricorn and Pisces will benefit both of them as this is a nurturing and ambitious combination.

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What makes the Capricorn and the Pisces so different from one another is also what makes them attracted to each other. They both have many things to offer, and when they are in each other’s life, they take things to a whole new dimension.

CriteriaCapricorn Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤❤

The cautious Capricorn will be more open around the gentle and charming Fish. The former is more than happy to take charge in the life of the light-headed Pisces. And the latter won’t mind letting someone else lead.

Spiritual and deep, the Pisces will help the Capricorn be more like him or her. It is possible the Pisces will make the Goat fall in love with yoga, mysticism and other spiritual things. The only thing the Fish will need is sincerity. If they have fallen for one another, these two will be intimate pretty soon. They are both into pleasure and being cared for.

The Capricorn will help the aimless Pisces be more centered and focused on what’s real. And the Pisces will like to have an anchor in the Capricorn.

When looking at his or her partner, the Capricorn lover will see someone gentle and imaginative, but at the same time someone who could use some training, especially in the career sector.

The other way around, the Pisces will see in his or her partner a person who is balanced and can provide a secure terrain for him or her to develop spiritually and creatively. They will fall for each other from the beginning, without realizing it.

When Capricorn and Pisces fall in love …

Everything about the Capricorn-Pisces relationship is positive and warm. They are both mature and eager to have someone in their life. The Capricorn is conformist and reliable, and the Pisces will respect him or her for this.

The Pisces will be submissive when the Capricorn is being stubborn and wants to take the lead. This will make the Capricorn more confident in their relationship. Their union will develop fast, and they’ll not be able to live without each other soon enough.

One area of concern regards the fact that both of them are pessimistic and they don’t easily allow happiness to take over their lives. It will be funny to watch the changes in the Capricorn once the Fish has entered their life.

They may even start to quote poetry or change the clothes they wear to work, which is unusual for the Goat. The Pisces can say goodbye to all the financial worries. The Capricorn will take care of everything relating to money, and the Fish will love it.

Before they both decide they are going to be together for the long-term, it’s possible for a few small breaks to occur.

If they will trust and give each other some space, their relationship will happen smoothly and they will know they’re in for something long-lasting.

When the Fish will be in trouble because he or she has gotten distracted, the Capricorn will always be there to rescue them. They will put them back on track, no matter what.

It’s important for the Pisces to have someone to help them focus. These two won’t fight too much. They are both too sensitive to what the other is feeling so their relationship is more one of harmony and love rather than one of friction and anger.

It doesn’t matter if they’re just friends, relatives or colleagues. They will always get along. The Pisces are supportive and playful, while the Capricorns are responsible and good providers. As business partners, the Capricorn will teach the Pisces how to be stable and to appreciate things in a more realistic way.

The Capricorn and Pisces relationship

What’s interesting about these two is that what differentiate them also brings them together. The Pisces and the Capricorn will admire each other as the practical Capricorn will make the imaginative Pisces’ life more balanced.

In return, the romantic Pisces will offer the Capricorn comfort. Their relationship will be serene, comfortable and warm. When two people think the same about devotion and security, it is very likely they will be very happy together.

The Pisces is dreamy and relaxed, so the Capricorn will have enough space to be free and take care of his or her career. And the Capricorn will make the Pisces’ life more comfortable and secure. The Fish needs all this to evolve.

The Pisces is known to be slow in making decisions and to wander around. But the Capricorn will change all this, making him or her focus more. The imaginative Pisces will inspire the Capricorn and the Goat will love this.

They will both be amazed at each other. And this is a good thing in a love relationship. Such a natural connection like these two are having is rare. They simply let all their differences become an advantage for their relationship.

No one and nothing will be able to destroy the bond between them. If they’ll have to make a compromise, they will not hesitate to do it and this way, they will meet in the middle.

One problem this couple may have is with the Capricorn’s domineering attitude. It’s sometimes their favorite thing to have a submissive partner and to be in the center of attention.

While the Capricorn likes big crowds and to be listened to by many people, the Pisces is more reserved and likes to spend time with only a few people.

The Pisces needs to get used with the Capricorn’s love for luxury and a stable financial situation. However, the Goat needs to learn how to be more sensitive and intimate. Good listeners, Pisces will never share a secret they have found out about.

It’s difficult to understand this sign because they are dual in nature. Generous, the Fish will spend money recklessly, making the Capricorn have a small heart attack each time the Fish shops on an impulse.

Private people, Pisces like to respect other people’s need to be alone. They would never be nosy or rude, and they expect the same thing in return. They hate to be domineering, but they can offer good and sound advice when their friends are in trouble. Loving and caring, they rarely express their emotions because they don’t want to seem too needy.

Capricorn and Pisces marriage compatibility

As a married couple, Pisces and Capricorn will be happy and fulfilled. Their life will have both poetic and practical influences. What’s great here is that the Capricorn offers stability and strength, and this is exactly what the Pisces is looking for in a life partner. They will always be good friends, no matter if they are only lovers or married for 20 years.

The Pisces is prone to cheating, however but the Capricorn is likely to get over it if it will happen. The Goat likes to rule in bed, and the Pisces will follow.

The affectionate Pisces will bring joy to the rather strict Capricorn. Stability and order will be something the Pisces misses and also something the Capricorn is able to provide.

If the Capricorn will show his or her feelings more often, they will be a great couple. The prospect for a long-lasting marriage between them looks very good. They are both consistent with their system of values.

Pisces likes it when people are emotionally stable, and they can be happy with a person who is like this. The Capricorn wants a person who’s in touch with what he or she is feeling, and the Pisces is definitely up for that.

Sexual compatibility

Because they are dreamy and always with their head in the clouds, the Pisces like role playing and all sorts of erotic games when in bed.

Capricorns need candles and silk sheets in order to be turned on and to release their passion. For the Pisces, the most erogenous zone is the feet. The Capricorn’s are the legs so they are close with this too.

Because the Pisces express many things non-verbally, the Capricorn needs to be more receptive when they are both in the bedroom.

The downsides of this union

The fact that the Pisces doesn’t necessarily crave for a successful career may exhaust the Capricorn. You can’t rush a Pisces into being more ambitious. This is why the Goat has to be patient and let the Fish dream in peace.

When the Capricorn is too domineering, the Pisces can turn into his victim. And the Cap will find it difficult to respect the Pisces if this one doesn’t know how to define him or herself.

Capricorns are known to like people who’ve understood what their place is in the world. It may be a successful relationship, but this doesn’t mean these two will get along perfectly. Just like anyone, they will have reasons to disagree and fight.

For example, the Capricorn plans for the future and worries too much about what it is going to happen and this can disturb the Pisces in a great way. When the Goat will be too absorbed by work, the Pisces will feel neglected and abandoned.

Also, the Capricorn is too shy and stubborn oftentimes. Not that they don’t want to communicate, but it takes them a long time before they can open up. It’s easier for them to detach themselves rather than live in a constant emotional roller coaster.

What to remember about Capricorn and Pisces

While they are opposites, one being dreamy and the other practical, the Capricorn and the Pisces get along very well. The Goat is unemotional and detached, while the Fish swims in emotions. The Capricorn rarely gets people, the Pisces is like a mind reader.

The Capricorn will always leave love behind in order to make a career whilst the Pisces is the opposite and does everything for love. They won’t be impressed with one another when they’ll first meet, but with time, they will decide to give romance a shot.

The Pisces lives in a completely different world, a realm where he or she escapes and where things are much better than they are in reality.

The Capricorn will think the Pisces is too elusive and annoying and won’t understand where the Fish gets his or her wisdom from. On the other hand, the Pisces will think the Capricorn is too practical and too down-to-earth, and he or she will be worried the Goat doesn’t have enough imagination.

In general, these two signs don’t really suit each other, and it may be a problem for them to be together for a long time.

The Pisces has to create all the time, people in this sign are often directors, writers or painters. The romantic of the zodiac, the Pisces is tender and loving. It’s important for them to have a partner ready to stand by them all the time, as they can often get depressed and enter a world full of darkness and sadness.

All this happens because Pisces don’t really know how to take care of themselves. Because they care too much about others, they can end up forgetting about their talents.

People will be impressed by how well the Capricorn and the Pisces interact. The thing is, they can complement each other very well. While they might approach situations in different ways, their goals will be common.

When it’s working, the Pisces-Capricorn relationship is usually calm and relaxed. The Capricorn will get used with the Pisces’ emotions and they will take care of each other. It’s not the best match in the zodiac, as the Pisces tends to escape and the Goat to be too serious, but they can work.

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