Cancer Sun Taurus Moon: A Resilient Personality

Pleasing, the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon personality finds it easy to adapt to other’s demands but overall will not accept advice from anyone and will only pursue their own dreams.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

When the Moon in Taurus is combined with the Sun in Cancer, the charisma of the first is mixed with the beautiful and emotional nature of the second.

Determined to overcome anything in life, there will be no challenge to make them back down. Because they don’t think too seriously of themselves, they will have an enjoyable existence.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Adaptable, serious and charming;
  • Negatives: Fantasist, materialistic and superficial;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is romantic and nurturing like them;
  • Advice: They need to anchor themselves in reality better.

Naive, kind and true charmers, Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are headstrong, stable and knowledgeable, just like the Bull. They simply have charged the vulnerability and shyness of the Cancer with astuteness and self-confidence.

Personality traits

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon natives are sensual and always happy on their own but also family-oriented and caring. They have an Earthiness that can’t be seen in others.

The way they relax is by being at home, having a good dinner. Honest and attentive with others, they will be invited to many gatherings and parties.

While they want to express themselves openly, they will still be tactful and diplomatic. People will never know their true feelings.

They have many buddies, but only few are really close to them. Disciplined and organized, these Cancers really know how to deal with any job and handle problems.

They are good with investments because they have psychic abilities and can recognize what will make their money become a fortune.

Materialistic creatures from the Taurus’ influence, these natives will want the most expensive things. When it comes to love, they want someone devoted to the family life and who has honor.

Some deep thinking and a few breaks from people will help them learn who they should protect themselves from. They know themselves and people’s natures very well.

As they are Cancers by sign, they will be defensive and use many escape tactics. But they will have the stubbornness and wisdom of the Taurus, so they’ll face most of their problems and overcome them.

While they can easily adapt, don’t expect them to lose themselves trying to please others, not to mention they don’t accept advice from anyone.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individuals will only guide themselves based on their own intuition. Fast-thinkers and determined, they will most likely achieve what they want in life. But they’ll have a problem forgetting what and whom got them hurt.

Because they think they know what’s best for them, they’ll be confused when criticized, and they will never accept the fact that they may be wrong.

These are the experts at blaming others for their own mistakes. When someone threatens their emotional stability and financial security, they develop an ill temper and start to be irrational.

It goes the same way when they are being told they may be mistaken. It’s essential they learn to be less discriminating and suspicious. Some people can really offer good advice.

The combination of the Cancer and the Taurus suggests they are very creative. Their vivid imagination can have them coming up with original ideas and great works of art. But the same imagination can make them fearful, superstitious or paranoid.

The most important thing is that they use it in a constructive way. This is the only way for them to succeed being helped by their creativity. If they will live too much in a fantasy world, there is the danger for them to become disillusioned.

There’s no one better at understanding themselves and others than these natives. They probably have worked with all the self-protecting mechanisms Cancers usually use to get over difficulties. And they have learned how to feel more secure in life. While attentive to other people’s needs, they will never listen to advice.

They have a combination of great financial luck. If they will use their imagination and intuition for business or something artistic, they will get to be very successful and admired.

Their Taurus makes them determined and able to endure anything. It also gives them softness and a rare type of innocence. Under the vulnerable and insecure exterior, they’re hiding confidence, force and assertiveness.

These people will always be on guard because they have probably been deceived many times before. They can adapt without losing themselves. Their intuition is so strong, they would never go over their first impressions or the initial feelings they get about a situation or a person.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individuals tend to hold grudges and this can ruin them if they don’t leave the past where it belongs, which is in the past. Their approach to life will always be admired.

Being imaginative will help them in many stressful situations. But as said before, it can also get them thinking about things that don’t actually exist.

Creativity needs to be put to a good use if it’s to be helpful. Staying anchored in reality as much as possible is the best way to go for these natives.

A disciplined lover

While easily impressed by people who attract them, Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are still balanced when it comes to their love life. They can’t lose their head about someone. These natives are too disciplined and self-aware for such thing to happen.

Sun Cancers are shy creatures who leave their defensiveness on display. They are also caring and very sensible. But they have this tough shell they usually use to protect themselves.

Their partner will get to see their romantic and sensitive side. And they will still not be completely honest about their feelings.

These natives need to trust completely for them to open up. And as soon as this will happen, they will start to become dependent on the other person.

In these moments, they begin to turn into obsessive caregivers because the Sun’s position only amplifies this trait in them.

They are the most motherly people in the zodiac. Moon Taurus people need stability more than anything else. They are sensual creatures who like to care for those who deserve it.

Don’t expect them to move fast but be sure they will commit to their lover. There’s no one to need routine more than them. Not to mention they’re insisting to have things their way. Their downsides are procrastination and being lethargic.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man

This man knows himself and others very well but uses the protective shell that all the Cancers use in order to retreat and stay away from all the bad-intentioned people or complicated problems.

Wise and intelligent, this guy will get what he wants in life. But he will always protect himself because this is how he feels secure.

He will appreciate and love his close ones, but you will never see him taking their advice. It’s only his intuition and way of thinking that he relies upon.

His Moon gives him endurance and a stubbornness to help him succeed at everything he sets his mind to, but he’s also innocent and sweet.

Many women will like him because he’s strong and confident and he doesn’t show it. He will never let his guard down because he knows how tough life can be. And he wouldn’t want others to take advantage of him.

Adaptable, the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man will still be himself, no matter the situation. Only his first impressions would be the ones that will help him make a decision about someone or something.

Just like anyone in these signs, he won’t forget about when he has been crossed. His great imagination will help him come up with innovative and interesting ideas at work and in his personal life.

But it can also cause him to lose himself in a fantasy world and even paranoia. The more anchored in reality he remains, the better.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman

Elegant and diplomatic, the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman remains a sensitive soul who can accommodate anyone with her charm, whilst at the same time showing determination and purpose.

This lady doesn’t seem to take herself very seriously, so she will easily deal with problems, not to mention that she’s always sincere.

While straightforward and honest, she will still have tact and show humility even with those who don’t interest her at all.

She will share what she feels only with the persons she trusts. Not that she’s secretive, she simply picks her friends very carefully. One of the most loyal females in the zodiac, she expects the same from the ones she gathers around her.

Pragmatic and practical, this lady knows what she wants and how to get it. She knows herself very well and she likes to think. Many people can impress her, but she still can’t be fooled because she’s self-controlling.

Materialistic, the Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman will want to make a lot of money. And she really knows how to invest. Because she will spend a lot on luxuries, it’s possible she’ll end up broke a few times in her life.

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