Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon: An Extreme Personality

Straightforward, the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon personality will not waste much time with dreaming and will have specific, very high, expectations from those close.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

When you add the intense and determined influence of the Moon in Scorpio to the sensitive Sun in Cancer, you get people who are strong and have an incredible force.

These natives react quickly and have instincts that can never go wrong. Because they show some of their emotions pretty openly, they may be seen as dramatic.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Leisurely, hearty and gallant;
  • Negatives: Manipulative, controlling and suspicious;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who is ready to protect them, no matter what;
  • Advice: They need to learn to take less things personally.

They’ll be wanted at parties and gatherings because they’re fun and can interact well with others. Excellent listeners, these natives will always be interested in people.

Personality traits

It’s hard to earn the trust of Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon people, not to mention that once deceived, these natives won’t ever want to deal again with the person who betrayed them.

They are the type who always goes through extreme changes. When it comes to their emotions, they’re private, mysterious and intense. As far as love goes, it is either present or there’s nothing.

They recharge their batteries with time. And during these moments, they get in touch to what their heart wants. The most important thing for them is their family.

They won’t waste their time dreaming. Following the path towards success is what they are doing day by day. They want a partner who’s equally emotional and has a lot of passion.

Having a tendency to overreact, it’s essential they sometimes let their problems dissolve. When getting close to people, Cancer Sun Scorpio Moons are taking a risk by trusting.

But they are usually right about whom to believe in. Serious characters, they can’t be made fun of. However, their attitude towards weaknesses and faults of others is straightforward and sarcastic.

It would be better if they would deal with their sense of humor when they’re alone. It’s possible they will suffer from depression and anxiety.

It’s because their emotions are very intense. So every time someone hurts them, they tend to suffer about it for long periods of time. Not to mention they can hold grudges for a lifetime.

They’re aware life is a struggle, but they are always ready to protect themselves. As Sun Cancers, they will act based on their feelings rather than on logic. This is great for their romantic relationships.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon people will get to experience love at a deeper level than other Sun signs. These natives’ entire existence could be all about feelings. When they will fall in love, expect their world to be entirely about the person they like.

They will have no other interest and their emotions will be sure to last. And man, they can have so many sentiments. There are no limits to where their mind and heart will travel when they’ll be thinking about their loved one.

It could be interesting to watch them in love, but many won’t be able to reason with these natives. Because they don’t use logic that much, they may have problems.

They will love people who don’t deserve their attention. And they will think they have chosen the right person because they’re seeing only what they want. This can cause them to follow the wrong direction, where they won’t see the many negative traits a person has.

And if they’ll eventually realized they are with someone who has a nasty behavior, they will suffer a lot. Especially when their Moon has connections with Saturn. This means more depression caused by highly emotional situations.

At least the Moon can help with changes of moods through its passage in the sky. Cancer Sun Scorpio Moons prioritize the relationships they have with others.

It doesn’t matter how decisive they seem regarding who to let into their life, their close ones will always be cherished.

When it comes to what they want from people, that is sincerity and awareness of emotions. Their energy comes from a sense of security. They trust their own self-protective methods for which they are usually using their intuition.

It’s their habit to put themselves “under the light” and study what vulnerabilities they may have. They don’t want to be exploited, so they’ll try to eliminate anything they think makes them weak.

What these natives want the most is to be in control by knowing. That’s why they use their instincts to get to know people around them very well. They realize life can be both fun and sad.

Controlling lovers

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon lovers are often needy because they desire a domestic life and have an accentuated sensitivity. They protect their vulnerabilities with a hard shell under which they hide when times are tough.

These natives will become dependent on their partner and become very caring. They need to know their lover will always be next to them.

While very protective, these natives need someone who understands that they also have to be protected.

Moon Scorpios are possessive and controlling creatures. They need to know the person they’re dealing with in order to feel safe. It takes them almost forever to open up and trust new people.

And they want to know every little secret about the person they care about. When their lover will keep secrets from them, they’ll start to feel threatened.

No one will stop them from making great efforts to find out what their other half is holding back. Their negative side emerges when they become manipulative and want to control everything.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon man

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon man will most likely be successful because he’s confident and magnetic. He simply seems to have it the easy way. He is influential and commands respect because he’s serious and always a winner. People notice this kind of attitudes.

Because he has an air of mystery about him, he will seem interesting. But all the intriguing part will be nothing else that the Cancer’s protective shell.

Either way, you’ll never see this guy expressing all of his emotions and thoughts. He’s not at all who others think he is.

For example, many will see him as shy, reserved and hesitant. It’s true that he has manners and a healthy modesty, but inside, he’s assertive and aware of his surroundings.

Only after a long time spent with him, you’ll get to notice how tenacious and clever he is. Not to mention how ambitious, passionate and strong he can be.

But no matter what, he will always be emotional. It would be enough for a person to study the way he reacts, and they would already understand him better.

Relying on intuition, this Cancer pays little attention to reason. He’s intelligent and perceptive enough to be right, though. As he’s suspicious and doesn’t trust, he will plan his every next move and act accordingly.

With a good memory, he’ll remember every wrongdoing that was ever done to him. It’s not the best idea to cross him because he’s very vengeful. Not to mention how mean and mischievous he can become.

His competitive side will reveal itself when he will chase pleasure or a good position at work. Sensual, he likes to spoil himself. When it comes to his professional life, he’ll want to be successful and to make a lot of money.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is strong, passionate and sometimes ill tempered. She has strong emotions, but it can be very difficult to understand and reach her. It’s because she’s very self-protecting.

The intensity at which she lives her life can’t be equaled. And she tends to be dramatic when big events are happening. Not really the life at every party, she’s attractive and magnetic.

She will make many influential friends, that’s for sure. When it comes to her career, she would be a good social worker, teacher and even politician.

She’s not necessarily popular, but she commands respect. As long as she keeps her emotions in check, nothing and no one can stay in her way towards success. But she can be self-destructive when she allows her feelings to take over.

There’s no one more extreme than her when it comes to focusing on a purpose or dedicating oneself to a person or a project.

She will want to protect her family and all of her close friends because that’s how she is. It can’t be said this lady has high ideals, but she surely has ambitions and wants to make the good money.

As far as romance goes, she has a dreamy side and wants to show her love through affectionate gestures. But she can be very jealous.

It’s possible she’ll very often think her relationship is being threatened and when she’ll feel like this, she’ll become defensive and introverted.

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