Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon: A Resilient Personality

Intuitive, the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon personality will always prove most reliable, but these people also need to learn to live in peace with themselves and accept their weaknesses.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon

Those born with their Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn are introverted on one side but eager to reach out to people on the other. At least they always know where they are standing in relations with others.

Because they tend to be melancholic, they relax the most when they’re alone and no one bothers them. You will never have them not doing their job or not keeping their word. These natives are responsible and oriented towards achieving their goals.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Profound, decisive and rational;
  • Negatives: Melancholiac, neurotic and opinionated;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who they can trust for a lifetime;
  • Advice: They need to practice what they preach more.

Personality traits

While the Cancer and the Capricorn oppose each other on the astrological wheel, people with their Sun and their Moon in these signs have many characteristics that are common in their chart. For example, are determined and have great ambitions.

The Cancer is exaggeratedly warm, so the Capricorn’s coldness can help him or her a great deal.

They are good with business because they allow emotions to rule them but at the same time are very stable. No matter how difficult the negotiation process or the situation, they will always keep a smile on their face.

When it comes to love they want someone independent and loving. That’s why they need to explore their talents and to learn to value themselves more.

Being sensitive is OK from time and time. And they shouldn’t forget they are strong too. As soon as they have learned to live in peace with themselves, Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon natives will be able to achieve many things.

The Crab makes them intuitive and true visionaries, the Goat brings them discipline, ambition and pragmatism. Since the Moon is the one responsible with emotions, these natives will be even moodier than other Cancers.

With their Sun in the fourth position in the zodiac, they are ruled by the same celestial body. Not to mention how much influence it will have on their fourth house.

Cancers are Cardinal signs and this means they’re initiators who will always bring about abundance.

In the case of the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon individuals, their signs complement each other very nicely. Being also in opposition oftentimes, these natives need to take the qualities they have and make them work in conjunction.

For example, they have to combine emotionality with force, immaturity with seriousness, the motherly urges with the paternal ones.

They get their energy from feeling secure and from forming relationships that they felt intuitively good about.

Their Cardinal Sun means they always have to be in control and are dignified. These natives can know themselves very well if they gather all the emotional intelligence from their interaction with everything that surrounds them.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon people need to be accepted and trusted. Also, it’s essential for them to have faith in those they have formed intimate relationships with.

They are a Sun Water sign who allows feelings to flow and finds stability in the Goat. Only their Moon will keep them grounded and not extreme with their emotions.

On the other hand, the stability of the Capricorn would be too much without the Water’s influence. It would become rigid and dry, with no chance of smoothness.

Ambitious lovers

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon lovers need a comfortable home and to feel secure. They are traditional creatures who want to be with someone they trust for a lifetime.

These natives are very influenced by their mother. And when it comes to the way they love, they are nurturing caretakers who can feel their partner’s emotions.

Expect them to demand a lot of attention from their lover, also to be moody and a little bit needy. Their biggest fear is being abandoned.

When they feel like this, their downsides appear and they start to be clingy. The best way to deal with them is appreciating all their efforts they are putting in to take care of their other half.

Moon Capricorns have to be in control. They are reserved and domestic creatures who like order and to enjoy their privacy. These natives believe in tradition more than in anything else.

They want a family and to be loved. But their partner needs to leave them alone from time to time. While devoted and faithful, they don’t really like it when someone else helps them succeed.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon man

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon man is ambitious and determined, he works hard to make his dreams come true. With most people around, he’s flexible and friendly.

His Sun in Cancer makes him nice and compassionate, less cold than the Moon in Capricorn can influence him to be. You can trust this guy to have a sound judgment about people because he’s insightful.

This man would do a great job in the public service or having some official responsibilities. Sooner or later in his life, great recognition for his work will arrive. Not that he doesn’t fight hard for a good position and an immaculate reputation.

People will appreciate him for being so responsible and hard working. He knows the best things in life don’t come easy, and he’s ready to invest a lot of effort in getting them.

This male is not at all pretentious or careless. On contrary, he’s always ready to do what it takes for good outcomes.

Knowing how much money are worth, he still likes to spend on high-quality things and pleasure. Not to mention he’s disciplined and hardworking enough to make a very good living.

Intelligent and warm, he’s mannered in the way he approaches people and situations. But his main purpose in life remains achieving his goals.

What he manages to accomplish will be obtained through honesty, calculated risks and without hurting any feelings. And this will draw many people to him. He knows what others are feeling and understands easily what they may be all about.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman will gain a lot of insight and understanding through her life experiences. She doesn’t like conflict no matter how much that could inform her about a person’s true intentions or motives.

Unlike many other Cancers, this lady doesn’t have any anxiety about the future. She dreams big and wants recognition. The Capricorn in her is determined and cold, the Cancer brings insecurities, emotions and openness.

There is opposition in her signs. This means she’ll have inner conflicts that will contribute to her development.

As a child, she has probably been more mature than others. She has learned to overcome any obstacle and to be successful. And she ended up being a disciplined adult who knows how to look into herself and to appreciate her strengths.

The strong Capricorn in this lady will sometimes be opposed by the gentleness of the Cancer. But she will always have the Goat’s desire to be recognized and rewarded for her efforts.

Her approach to life is that she doesn’t give too much attention to what comes from outside. She will think thoroughly before making a change.

Wanting to be alone sometimes, the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman needs to be careful not to isolate herself. She often thinks that she isn’t good enough, but her determination will help her pull it together.

This lady may grow to be disillusioned because she believes she can’t make things work. It would be good if she would talk with her friends about what bothers her.

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