Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon: A Malleable Personality

Unconventional, the Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon personality is drawn to anything that is strange and interesting and will use emotions to understand and help others.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon people are emotional creatures who always think profoundly. Benefiting from this combination of signs, they are so perceptive to the point of them having psychic abilities.

Famous for being nice, kind and malleable, these natives will most of the time give in and let things happen the way others want them to.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Warm, assertive and lucky;
  • Negatives: Outrageous, passive and presumptuous;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who can understand them and who is comfortable with their enigmatic ways;
  • Advice: They shouldn’t allow others to control them.

They are not at all known as fighters and grabbers of opportunities. Not that they’re weak, they simply analyze situations and conclude when it’s the best time for them to action.

Personality traits

Visionaries, Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon individuals are good observants who see things clearly but are not that emotionally independent.

Their eyes are always transmitting the fact that they’re accepting life as it comes. You can find them to be absent as they have an inner world where they retreat to think.

These natives get inspired a lot by others. It’s possible they aren’t confident oftentimes, but a strong push can put them back on track.

Because they are cautious, they almost never take risks. But when it comes to business, they are clever and usually successful. And they are careful not to give their heart to anyone they don’t see fit.

They won’t want to get involved with someone until they completely trust them. While building this trust, there will be many tensions that will build in them.

For example, they will feel pressure, will refrain themselves from coming in contact with the person they like, they will worry about the way they look and if they’re popular. Not to mention how much they will wonder if they’re a match with the person they like.

People with their Sun in Cancer and their Moon in Aquarius are powered by the idea of having a family and by their emotions. In their heart, they know that all they want is a partner who thinks the same as them.

They will form strong connections with their relatives and others who have the same views. At some point in their life, something happened and they became more realistic. Or perhaps a certain set of events made them more cynical and sarcastic.

It’s possible they will join groups that promise them lifetime happiness. Being fanatics, political parties and religious congregations interest them. But they won’t necessarily do something about it.

They may as well look to build a career in the scientific field because they are able to put their ideas into practice. Politics, law and other humanistic sciences will make them curious as well.

When the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius, the people under this conjunction are able to reach their maximum potential very easily. But it can go both ways, as their Moon is very independent and rebellious.

And if life would be too hard for them, it would be only because they were too busy giving a hand to others. Not that things won’t get fixed with time. But if they won’t, these natives risk having emotional outbursts and having their status or lifestyle influenced in a bad way.

Sun Cancers are moody, not to mention they feel everything more intensely. If someone will ever hurt them with a misplaced word, they will cry their tears out.

If rested and happy with their family life, they will be very domestic and take good care of their home.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon natives usually are successful people with a great family because they’re disciplined and very attentive to their own desires or the ones of others.

They won’t be able to ever hide their feelings and seem different than how they are in their heart. If things don’t go the way they want them to, these natives tend to manipulate others into agreeing with them.

Hating confrontation, they will use other means to correct a situation or a behavior. They would never do anything wrong to someone, which makes them more appreciated and loved.

Their ways to emotionally blackmail others are famous. Not to mention they find it hard to let go of people. This is one of their most negative traits.

They think that if they have given a person a lot of their warmth, attention and love, they need to get back the same.

The Moon in Aquarius reflects the Cancer’s sunlight and gives its natives the energy to deal with the unconventional, with everything that’s strange and seems interesting. People in these signs need to acknowledge the way they feel emotions is unique.

Attentive lovers

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon lovers are the ones who usually initiate. Despite the fact that they are often shy, they can impose their affection on others. It wouldn’t matter if with relatives, lovers or friends, they will all the time be motherly.

They want to nurture more than anything else. So their partner may feel suffocated by all their care.

These native’s negative characteristics emerge when they’re feeling rejected and start to give their lover even more attention. They will say that they are worried, but in fact they’ll be terrified of losing the person they love.

They may also have some moments in which they will feel trapped. This is when they’ll act in a perverse way and become agitated. And they’ll want their freedom back pretty fast.

Moon Aquarians need space to express their individuality. Independent creatures, they can actually commit and love with all their heart if they’re being left alone.

As a fixed sign, they will only have things their way. And their ways are not only the traditional ones. These natives need to be respected for whom they are.

They need a partner that isn’t clingy. Not that they’re uninterested, they simply have a detachment that doesn’t allow them to open up.

The Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon man

The Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon man is very understanding and knows himself, as well as others, very well.

He gets along with those who are the same as him, also with sympathetic people. He’s an intellectual who thinks objectively and can see the big picture.

He may feel better in groups rather than alone with a person because he’s distant and can’t attach himself emotionally.

People are more drawn to him than he is to them. He seems a busy man who thinks of more than one thing at once. He will criticize, but he’ll always mean well.

Proud and flexible, he likes to spend his time around others. This guy doesn’t have the time to feel sorry for himself and doesn’t like to show pettiness.

People feel comfortable around this man, so he won’t have difficulties making new friends. And he will be liked for this reason.

An aristocrat in his heart, he will want people to rise to his level, not for him to stoop at theirs.

The Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon woman

The Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon woman is intuitive and perceptive. Many will think she gives herself too much importance because she always seems to have an answer to any problem.

This lady is ahead of others. When people don’t understand her ways or refuse to accept her truths, she becomes a little bit aggressive.

The Sun Cancer makes her sensitive and deep, always looking for new horizons. It can also make her a fanatic.

That’s why she would do a great job as a politician, social worker or scientist. She’s different than other Cancers as she has an unconventional imagination. Not too cautious, she’ll want to experience everything first-hand.

She’s agitated and independent, so nothing will stop her in her journeys. It’s possible she’ll be either a rebel or a great achiever. But she can be an arrogant intellectual too.

Because she can’t adapt to what others believe in, she may miss on many great opportunities. As a young adult, she most likely thought of herself as the only one who’s right.

This lady thinks only her way to success, more wisdom and success is the correct one. She will drift away no matter how serious the conversation is, because she thinks of innovation and development.

There’s nothing to keep her attentive for too long. Not to mention how curious she is. Her sense of duty is very developed because this is how Moon Aquariuses are.

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