Cancer Snake: The Seductive Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Cancer born in Snake year

Cancer Snake
  • Cancer people are born between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Snake years are: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • These people can be quite hidden and will often keep to themselves.
  • Creative and endearing, the Cancer Snake woman has a dreamy disposition.
  • The Cancer Snake man benefits from a multitude of hidden talents.

Cancerian individuals are almost always in a constant state of incertitude and worry, over anything that has even the slightest degree of uncertainty. Even more than their own issues, they tend to empathize and take upon other people’s issues as well. Fortunately, the Snake drops in and sweeps everything under the rug.

All that baseless anxiety and hesitant nature becomes less apparent, giving way to a more determinate and gritty personality. This, in turn, makes the Cancer Snake a more attractive, charming and manly individual overall. After all, who doesn’t like someone who has their life neatly put together and organized?

The Delightful Cancer Snake Personality

Innately endowed with a proclivity for deceit and manipulation, the Cancer Snake people could very well end up in a very successful position by using these gifts.

But, they choose not to. Their principles and self-respect eventually win out. Out of a need for recognition and social acknowledgement, they both want to look the part and act the part.

That’s why, even if their upbringing may sometimes not be up to par with their dreams, it’s all a matter of time and effort.

The Cancer Snake is a dreamer above all else, a person who visualizes countless plans and ideas, all of them more innovative and wilder than the last.

Because of this natural tendency, and because it’s one of the easiest ways to accomplish success, they impart all their ideas and strategies with possible partners and close friends. Who knows, maybe a lucrative partnership comes out of that?

Top Characteristics: Communicative, Attractive, Loyal and Gentle.

However, even in spite of all this, they don’t live their life in a constant social come-and-go. Sometimes, those batteries will run out, and that’s when some alone time is highly sought for.

Whether it’s a form of relaxation, of releasing the pressure from all the accumulated stress, or just another way of giving free reign to that high-strung imagination of theirs, it’s still something essential and of great importance.

Thanks to the serpentine influence, these natives are ones of extreme secrecy and subterfuge, almost never allowing anyone to peer too deep into their private life. You can obviously guess that this only adds to that renowned charm of theirs.

But, there is another aspect tied to this, and it has to do with those periods of deep contemplation and visualization that happen from time to time.

If, God forbid, you manage to somehow disturb or ruin their mood, which they’ve strongly sought to keep a secret, you won’t have a happy ending, not in the least.

Professionally, Cancer Snakes usually achieve their goals in the end, and the thing is, they don’t seem to overexert themselves.

That’s because of their unusual gut feelings and instincts which appear to always point out in the correct direction and find the most efficient manner in which to solve a problem.

Idealists and dreamers alike, these natives are usually with their heads in the clouds, thinking about all the royal treatment that awaits them at the peak of success, when fame and fortune are nothing else than mere words.

The thing is, if they could materialize all those ideas and desires, now that would be really spectacular and admirable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen too often.

Perfect careers for Cancer Snake: Education, Medicine, Fashion, Programming, Landscaping.

For all their wise and understanding personality, this native finds it next to impossible to listen to others’ advice and suggestions regarding how they could be better or do better in some areas.

Simply unable to understand how other people could know better than themselves what they are capable of, they just can’t seem to wrap their head around it all. Although they do accept and rationalize every support they get, it’s still difficult to implement it.

Love – Revealed

Cancer Snakes are the type of lovers who take what they want, when they want it, without any sort of restraints and with no compromises.

No one can seem to be able to shackle their impulses and desires, least of all their partners. Actually, these natives strive to be in the centre of attention pretty much all the time, and thanks to their natural skills and charm, it’s not something hard to achieve at all.

In a relationship, he cannot exactly limit his interest to one individual alone, it’s just not possible.

He has a lot of pent-up affection and energy that he has to somehow release, and chaining himself to a life of limited satisfaction is incredibly difficult and it defies the purpose of it all.

The partner who wants to avoid that type of situation has to be very resolute and loving in his approach, giving it his all to make it as comfortable and satisfying as possible, for these natives to relinquish their libertine demeanour.

One thing is certain though. Cancer Snakes hate it being alone with no one to take care of them, offer compliments and attention to them.

That is why he will actively try to be with someone no matter the circumstances and implications. If you want to grab a hold of him, you better make sure that he’s satisfied enough and doesn’t feel ignored.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rooster, Scorpio Rooster, Pisces Ox.

Cancer Snake Woman Characteristics

The potential that these women have, especially when it comes to innovative ideas and plans, is one in a million.

You just can’t find it anymore in the world. That is why it’s pretty desperate, the fact that they can’t fully delve into it. Inhibitions and anxieties stop that from happening, though not in such a drastic and restrictive manner.

They still manage to reach an acceptable level, even more so in some cases, although not as easily.

These women have a predisposition towards great ideas and dreams. They just can’t stop fantasizing and visualizing about all the intense desires that eat away at their souls.

And it’s a good thing, having goals and aiming high, because it sets you on a rollercoaster towards success.

As for romance and relationships, it’s better for them to think things through before committing to something, especially during youth, when infatuation is at its peak and there are no better reasons to fall in love other than a spontaneous desire.

As time passes by and they get more experience, along with a concretization of principles and character, it becomes a much more complex thing to fall in love and go further than that.

Communication and empathy are two of the main aspects that could be taken to the next lever and advances, in order for the relationship to work out.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Snake: Daniel Radcliffe, Milo Ventimiglia, Jason Mraz, Cyndi Lauper, Howard Schultz, June Carter Cash.

Cancer Snake Man Characteristics

This individual is a very interesting guy, in the sense that the way he acts and approaches most things appear to be intriguing and full of charm.

It’s just like looking at a lion who walks with such confidence and bearing, that you can’t help but admire and respect such strong behavior.

It’s the same with this native, basically. Not a talkative or overly-social and superficial individual, he knows exactly what he wants to do and how to achieve it, following the plan to the letter.

Gifted with a tremendous potential and plenty of qualities to help fructify it, the Cancer Snake appears to not only be destined for greatness, but also have the best chances of achieving it.

Analytic and systematic, everything is but a chessboard for these guys, and they plan 10 moves ahead before committing to something. Realists and deep thinkers alike, there just doesn’t seem like anything would stop their ascension anytime in the future.

When he loves, he does it in a complete and definite way, leaving nothing to be wanted and unattained. The partner will quickly drop all lines of defence as she succumbs to the beguiling charms and seduction techniques of this native.

With influences from both the Snake and the Cancer, he succeeds in both miring her into a deadlock, and wrapping her up into a net of affection and tender care.

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