Cancer Rooster: The Courteous Friend Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Cancer born in Rooster year

Cancer Rooster
  • The Cancer dates are between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Rooster years are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029.
  • These people take some time before committing even to small working relationships.
  • A lady of multiple talents, the Cancer Rooster woman will never stop from trying to accomplish her goals.
  • Soft and sensitive, the Cancer Rooster man will eventually listen to his heart.

Reserved and shy, don’t think that Cancer Roosters don’t like making friends because they do. In their hearts, these people are open, gentle and interested. They have some great ambitions and great dreams.

Helpful, they will not be expecting anything back when they are helping you out. When these people are able to make others smile, they are the happiest on Earth.

Only with their true friends, these guys will reveal themselves. With strangers, they prefer to keep a mask that doesn’t leave their real feelings to be revealed. The fact that they are born in the year of the Rooster makes these Cancers friendly, cheerful and warm.

The Amicable Cancer Rooster Personality

Ancient astrology says Roosters are extroverts who want to do good and care a lot about the people around them. Rooster Cancers are noble and obviously caring.

It doesn’t matter if they’re with friends, family or partners, these people will be devoted and objective. They will always tell the truth and they will offer their support no matter what.

Cultural traditions and a civic spirit are very developed in the Cancer Rooster. Conservative, they like to conform and they have nothing against rules and customs.

Because they are born in the year of the Rooster, these Cancers are more sociable and they have a magnetism that makes them very attractive.

Top Characteristics: Challenging, Attractive, Enthusiastic, Flexible.

Their usual shyness is tremendously reduced and they have a confidence that can’t be noticed in other people in the same Western astrological sign. This means they are also simpler and not that bothered by comments that others make.

Happier and less worrisome, Cancer Roosters enjoy company and are always cheerful and optimistic. As far as work goes, these guys don’t like delays and they will always be on time with their tasks.

Because they have this inner world full of imagination and feelings, they can come up with innovative ideas. It could be that the projects they are working on don’t even need something new, they will still express their suggestions.

Usually, people in Cancer the year of the Rooster love change. They are confident that change will help them self-improve and they like to initiate change themselves.

They aren’t too modest about their achievements. As a matter of fact, they like to display their talents and their successes.

When someone they know doesn’t abide by the law or does something considered to be stupid, they immediately start to judge and blame. But with all this, they remain gentle, generous souls.

They take some time before they make a friend as they like to analyze and wait to see if they can trust. When they need to get involved in a relationship, it goes the same way. They wait and see if the partner is a good match and if they can trust him or her.

Because they have the Rooster in their year of birth, Cancer Roosters are more relaxed and easygoing than other Cancers.

It is the traits from these two signs that combine and make the people born in them sociable. The Rooster’s confidence, communication abilities and motivation are noticeably present.

This Cancer will be open to talks and not at all the so-serious person everyone is used to. It is amazing to have them as life companions. They are flexible and compassionate. Nothing can stop them from trying to love their partner better and better.

It is an added bonus not only in love, but also in friendships. They will see things from a different perspective and they will accept other people’s opinions. The fact that they are not selfish will help them in all of their endeavors of making new friends or keeping the ones they already have.

At work, they need to feel comfortable and safe. They don’t like it when the environment changes or when colleagues go away.

But as soon as things are back to normal, they’re going to be back to their old selves again, which is them being precise and hardworking.

Because they have the ability to express their feelings in an explicit way, especially at the good times, they can easily get hurt and become to have lower self-esteem. They don’t like to be criticized because they are proud.

Perfect careers for Cancer Rooster: Design, Management, Sales and Dentistry.

With a keen eye for detail and style, these people will always look good. They like to combine and match clothes and pieces of furniture.

This is why their home is going to be interestingly decorated. It is another way for them to express who they are. If you are interested in the latest trends, you should definitely ask your Cancer Rooster friend.

They are always informed about what’s happening in the world of fashion. Keeping up with the world and the trends is one of their favorite things to do.

While they take a lot from the Rooster, it doesn’t mean the Cancer born in this Chinese year aren’t still Cancers.

They will still be hurt by harsh words, just not as badly. They still have their moods without being able to explain them.

But luckily, these moods don’t last for too long. They easily get back to their cheerful selves after they have been dark for some time.

When they have made their decision about something, they will patiently wait to explain how they have made that decision and why.

They will always say what causes them harm. But don’t think they don’t have weaknesses just like everybody else, because they do.

For example, they can be bossy and very critical, especially when they are upset. This doesn’t surface often, but it’s there.

If someone’s in their way, they will immediately eliminate that person from their life. If you pay them honest compliments, they will be impressed.

Love – Exposed

Cancer Roosters like quiet, settled relationships. They know how to keep order in their life, and they will never combine career with their romances.

They like spending time in the family, and like other Cancers, they want someone with whom they can spend their life with and maybe someday have children. Private about their love life, Cancer Roosters prefer long-term relationships.

Most compatible with: Taurus Snake, Taurus Horse, Virgo Dragon, Scorpio Snake, Pisces Dragon, Scorpio Ox.

They want someone to be by their side and they will share everything happening in their emotional life with their partner. They are faithful and they expect their lover to be the same.

Besides, they also want someone who can separate love from career, just like they are doing it themselves. They have a behavior that makes anyone feel warmth.

Focused on their family life, they will do anything for things at home to be harmonious and for the others to feel comfortable and loved.

Not the most romantic of the Cancers, they offer a sense of stability you wouldn’t get with other people.

They are very hurt if their most inner secrets are being revealed. Their partners need to keep private life private or they risk the Cancer Rooster in their life to never talk to them again.

Cancer Rooster Woman Characteristics

Lucky and successful, the Cancer Rooster woman is spoiled by fate. She loves life and she enjoys every minute of it. She doesn’t have too many weaknesses, and she manages to transform them into positive traits.

This lady has many talents. It is important that she doesn’t stop achieving and that she keeps moving forward.

Determined and strong, this girl is rarely vulnerable. She can take some time before she finds an occupation that she likes, but as soon as she has found it, everything takes a turn for the better. It is advised that she gives more attention to herself.

Also, she could spend some more time building relationships. She needs loyal friends who will not criticize her.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Rooster: Josh Holloway, Porsha Williams, Ariana Grande, Perrie Edwards.

Cancer Rooster Man Characteristics

It is enjoyable to spend your time with the Cancer Rooster man. He is always optimistic and cheerful. Surrounded by friends, this guy can be trusted with secrets. He understands and he is capable of offering sound advice.

Just like all the Cancers, this man will wear a mask that will hide his true feelings. This is what will confuse people around him.

Independent and full of ideas, the Cancer Rooster man is also soft and sensitive, capable of achieving his goals easily. It is advisable that he develops more self-confidence.

Also, that he learns to communicate in order to make more important contacts. Honest and decent, he needs to be more persistent in love if he wants a chance at happiness.

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