Cancer Rising: The Influence of Cancer Ascendant on Personality

These natives put a great emphasis on their loved ones, up to the point of feeling overwhelmed.

Cancer Rising

Cancer rising give a lot of importance to emotions, just like the Sun natives of this sign. They’re reserved and usually withdraw when someone is threatening or rejecting them.

Wanting a big family and to have a comfortable home, they will cling to their lover and even become possessive in their love life. Not to mention they can hold on too tight to those they care about and even the past.

Cancer Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Systematic, proactive and elegant;
  • Weaknesses: Combative, indecisive and awkward;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is sincere and kind-hearted;
  • Life Lesson for Cancer Ascendant: Lead a clean life, with no material or spiritual clutter.

Also known as an ascendant, the rising sign represents how a person is regarded by others, the first impression he or she makes and their most spontaneous reactions.

Cancer Rising personality

Cancer rising people usually have mood swings and take things very personally because the Moon rules over them. It’s very possible for these natives to laugh and cry at the same time because of their mood swings.

Being a Cardinal sign, Cancer wants control and to manage things. Mannered, the ascendants of this sign would rather be hurt themselves than make others feel bad.

Looking and being fragile, they can also prove to be very strong and not at all as emotional as they seem. So, they will fight, no matter if it’s about their work or personal life, just like the soldier do in the field.

Patriotic, family-oriented and true homebodies, Cancer rising individuals want to make their loved ones happy, so they’ll work to the point of exhaustion to bring home the good money.

That’s why they need to be more careful and avoid getting sick. Their intelligence is one of their most powerful traits.

It becomes obvious in business and other things they may be doing to make their life better. It’s essential these natives learn how to make something great out of their emotions.

This protective shell under which they hide each time when getting hurt can’t be that good for their own wellbeing. They need to learn how to put their sensitivity to good use and not get overwhelmed by it.

An artistic hobby would help them very much, for example. It’s possible for them to also be amazed by the intensity and number of their own emotions, considering on the outside, these natives are cool and composed.

But their internal life should always be in sync with their external one. Given it is only feelings that control them, it’s very difficult for these people to see the rational and logical side of a situation.

Distinguishing their own feelings and controlling them will also be helpful for their romantic relationships.

Because they also have Capricorn Descendant, they are looking for a partner who can offer them stability, security and is strong. It’s as well important Cancer ascendant natives discover all these traits in themselves, with time.

They may want to go after a more mature and older life companion who’s logical and a little bit detached because they’re too childish as lovers. From someone with all these traits, they would learn how to be down-to-earth, serious and rational themselves.

And all this will make them feel confident and sure of themselves. Sticking to the relationships subject, they should understand people have limits and be as stable and reliable as they can.

Because they worry and keep their worries to themselves, Cancer rising may have real problems and constant internal battles. It’s essential for them to talk about their struggles because their health can be affected in a very bad way if not, just like with Sun Cancers.

Another health issue they should know about is that their skin is very sensitive to the sun rays. It’s possible for them to get distanced from their partner, but the fact that they want to feel proud about the person they’re with can never change.

When it comes to sex, they’re as sensual as their Sun cousins. The Moon helps them be very sociable, so a career in business or politics would bring them great success.

They want very much to be financially secure, caring about their home more than about any other possession they have. Expect them to fight for a good position at work and for the leading role at home.

But they need to feel emotion in order for them to get together with others. It’s a good thing they remind people of their feelings, and many will realize they’re actually living their life based on their emotional responses.

Even in situations that require logic, they will still rely on their intuition. Venus-ruled Libra is in their fourth House, which makes them creative.

It wouldn’t matter if men or women, home decoration would interest them very much. Expensive furniture and antiques are their favorite.

Astrologically, their home is where their Moon is situated in their birth chart, the place where they are feeling comfortable and can make their dreams come true.

People will see in the way they look that they’re capable of great emotions and kindness. And this will have them attract others, having many approving and adoring everything they are doing.

It will always seem like they’re talking to others’ hearts. They don’t mind routine and make friends with anyone who’s in their life more often, treating non-relatives like family as well.

They put a high price on faithfulness and loyalty. The more the Moon is prominent in their chart, the more popular and impressive they are.

The physique of Cancer Rising

A physical feature very noticeable in Cancer ascendant people is their round face, shaped like the Moon.

Short-legged, the female with this sign rising will have voluptuous curves, no matter her weight. Cancer rising natives will always transmit a vibe of gentleness and look harmonious.

Their cheeks are enlarged, and their skin is pale, while their hair is very dark. Especially in women, this pattern is religiously followed. Since the Moon rules Cancer rising and sends a white light on Earth, their skin will be close to the color on a full Moon night.

The darkness is what gives them the color of their hair. When it comes to appearance, they are quite the opposite of Leos, who don a golden skin and brown hair.

It’s often for Cancer rising people to be considered anemic because of their pale skin. Other obvious features are their long and curly eyelashes and feminine eyebrows.

The ladies of this rising sign will have full breasts and a noticeable stomach. It’s mostly because both the Moon and their ascendant are rulers over the chest area and digestion.

Cancer Ascendant man

The Cancer rising man wants a home and a trustworthy partner more than anything else in the world. He dreams of having a family and can commit to a person with his whole heart.

It’s very important for him to have his affection returned because only this way, he would express how he feels about a woman. But the lady of his dreams needs to earn his trust before getting him into bed.

The more intimate he’s with a person, the more attached he becomes to that individual.

Very intuitive and able to guess the feelings of his partner, he can also have many insecurities and turn into this clingy and possessive person that no one likes.

Cancer Ascendant Man: The Good Communicator

Cancer Ascendant woman

Just like her male counterpart, the Cancer ascendant woman can become possessive and very insecure when it comes to her love life.

If neglected, she’ll withdraw into her shell and treat the partner that she’s having with coldness.

She wants someone who makes good money and isn’t superficial, but she can often end up with men who are on the rebound.

This lady is also highly intuitive and needs commitment before anything else. She wouldn’t mind being a housewife but expects to be given a hand with the work around the house.

Cancer Ascendant Woman: The Charming Lady


Cancer ascendant people are calm, kind, affectionate, generous and sometimes slow.

Just like the symbol of their rising sign, they can look both ahead and behind, in the past, not focusing too much on the future and thinking more about what already happened.

They are very worried that the past can come and haunt them all the time. Curious about what life has to offer, they still aren’t too focused to follow a straight path in life.

Very emotional, when provoked, they just withdraw under their protective shell and never want to come out. It’s easy to hurt them because they take everything personally, even when people have no intention to talk about them at all.

These natives love to travel, but they definitely need a home where they can always come back and feel at their best.

Security is essential for them, and it shouldn’t be only physical, but also emotional because they have a tendency to doubt their loved one’s feelings towards them.

As they get attached to things that once meant something for them, they keep many of their possessions close to their heart. These are people of feelings and not of thought, and known for having changeable moods, influenced by the phases of the Moon.

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