Cancer Rat: The Emotional Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Cancer born in Rat year

Cancer Rat
  • The dates of the Cancer zodiac sign are between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Rat years are: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032.
  • Whilst home is their safe place, these people will not hesitate to take calculated risks outside of it.
  • Subtle and gracious, the Cancer Rat woman is not in a hurry to enter relationships.
  • The Cancer Rat man will not abandon his traditional outlook, no matter what.

Those born in the year of the Rat under the Sun sign of Cancer are very detail oriented, naturally shy and terribly inquisitive. They easily fall in nostalgia and prefer to create strong connections, that often last for a lifetime.

With the practicality and resourcefulness of the Rat and the creativity and sensitivity of the Cancer, these people come up with excellent ideas and will often use these in the support of their communities.

Top Characteristics: Witty, friendly, demanding, nostalgic and creative.

The Rigorous Cancer Rat Personality

These people have a friendly character and are often praised for their level-headedness. Quick to adapt to any changing situations, they are likely to go far in life, especially when their competitors lack flexibility.

Emotional beings, they are often interested in the higher truths in life so may be inclined towards meditation.

If anything, they are fine judgers of character, this when they decide to break free from their ivory tower, as they are also very inclined to spending time on their own.

They are great at studying and will make this a long-standing activity in their lives. With good communication skills, they combat their initial shyness really fast, especially when their companions make them feel comfortable.

And speaking about comfortable, the Cancer Rat is at their best when they are able to feel in control. They don’t take the reins straight away but in most situations, this is what they naturally move towards.

These people can be very demanding, especially of proof of feelings, whether in love or in friendships and they take very long to create a strong connection.

Their family occupies the dominant place, along with propriety, which they are very interested to amass. This is their safe place so they are naturally inclined to strengthen it.

The Cancer Rat has an interesting relationship with money, craving it at times but also being able to depart of it really quickly. These people are instinctually generous, especially when they consider someone really deserves the help.

With a delicate personality, the Cancer Rat is an admirer of all arts and may develop a specific talent. They make great writers and composers.

Actually, they are likely to succeed in artistic areas where creative forces meet analysis and methodical action.

When it comes to life choices, they may not be the most calculated but when it comes to their creations, they combine these two very different aspects very well.

There is no hiding beneath the finger here, the Cancer Rat can display a disproportionate response to stress and is prone to making some rushed decisions in life.

These people care very much about what others think and want to show their best side. When this doesn’t happen, for any reason, they are the first to criticise and punish themselves mentally.

Sometimes their opinions can be controversial, so not easily accepted by their peers, something which they take very personally. With a moody personality and a proneness to pessimism, these people will focus on receiving as much reassurance as possible.

Perfect careers for Cancer Rat: Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Law, Writing

Love – Exposed

The Cancer Rat is just as generous in love as they are in other life aspects. They fall easily in love but just as easy out of it, they enjoy being pleased and cuddled.

A great benefit of a relationship with these people is that, no matter how busy, they are always offering their full attention to their partner.

Their instincts are very strong so they will jump to your rescue, even before you realize that something is wrong.

Keen on symbols and deeper meanings, they are seeking for someone who can understand them and who can uncover their own personality, just as openly and without refrain, as them.

A great listener, these people will only advice when they are sure of what they are saying and will put a great effort in their couple, clinging even to long distance relationships.

Most compatible with: Taurus or Virgo Ox, Scorpio or Pisces Monkey, Aries or Capricorn Horse.

Cancer Rat Woman Characteristics

This woman possesses an unusual character and an assertive personality. She is perseverant, idealistic and resourceful. Her work ethic may be regarded as eccentric and she can sometimes be misinterpreted, before people get to know how.

She is subtle and elegant and appreciates the good things in life. Generous and sentimental, this woman doesn’t have an evil bone in her body.

Not necessarily in a hurry for romantic connection, she is willing to wait for the perfect relationship. Very demanding, she can read her partner straightaway.

The only downside, for which she is often criticised, is the fact that she may sometimes prefer to step down from principles she believes in, just to see those around happy and to avoid conflict.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Rat: Sundar Pichai, Jane Lynch, Zinedine Zidane, Selma Blair.

Cancer Rat Man Characteristics

A domestic individual by nature, this man is apt at practical endeavours and very resourceful. He loves his family very much and this is his comfort space.

Although social, you won’t find him enjoying himself in a large and noisy company. This may also mean he finds it hard to start relationships.

Rather traditional in his believes, he appreciates that anything can be obtained through hard work, thus can sometimes become a workaholic. The status of sole bread winner is something that suits him and his willpower helps with overcoming any life obstacles.

Since youth, the Cancer Rat man will make himself remarked for his wealth of knowledge and inclination to learn. He will invest a lot of time and effort in his education. Sometimes aloof, personal doubts will often take the best of him.

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