Cancer Goat: The Sensitive Nurturer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Cancer born in Goat year

Cancer Goat
  • Cancer people are born between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Goat years are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.
  • Intelligent and flexible, these people will often attain academic success.
  • You cannot alter the system of values of the Cancer Goat woman.
  • The Cancer Goat man weighs his every step very carefully.

Just like all the Goats, Cancer people born in this Chinese year are optimistic and open. They keep all the Cancer’s traits like faithfulness, stability, and determination, and they have a few others more.

Not the most ambitious of all people, Cancer Goats prefer to go with the flow. They like living in the moment and they don’t surround themselves with all kind of possessions as this isn’t what makes them happy.

The Receptive Cancer Goat Personality

Shy and sensitive, Cancer Goats are tender and caring. A little bit naive too, they are anxious when something important is about to happen. Liked by many people, these people tend to be a little bit too nice.

Others will think they have hidden motives to be like this, but they don’t. It’s just the way they are. It is unfair to them to have people believing they aren’t sincerely nice.

Honest, Cancer Goats will speak their mind. They don’t like deception and they will always try and do good no matter the situation.

These guys are going to be present at all the parties and gatherings as they like socializing and being around others.

They have many friends because they are so generous and kind. They find a special pleasure in meeting with old acquaintances and talking about things they’ve done together. You’ll never see a Cancer Goat being fake.

Top Characteristics: Outspoken, Direct, Fashionable, Discrete.

They are who they are and they’re not trying to hide it. Honest, they will never lie or exaggerate with anything. The truth is the only thing that they can talk about and that’s that. Having good taste, Cancer Goats will always be elegant and nicely dressed.

Their home will look good, and they will have people over for a coffee and even wild parties. They like welcoming others into their sanctuary and they will do anything for comfort and cosiness to be ensured while you are spending a few hours at their place.

Interested in the arts and how everything was conceived, Cancer Goats have a thirst for knowledge. They will try to learn new things all of their life. Since they are intelligent too, jobs in the academic field, something that will challenge them intellectually would be perfect for them.

They like to live comfortable lives, but they simply aren’t that interested in material gains. The warmth of a family and the friendship of others are much more important to them.

Because they have such a good eye and an inclination towards the arts, they could be acclaimed artists or important critics.

However, these people need to learn perseverance at a young age if they want to achieve many things in life. They will often get involved in voluntary projects and fund-raising campaigns.

They are generous and they like to help others without expecting anything in return. These people will always be busy. It could be said they are also innovative as they like to repair things and make them work differently than how they used to.

Besides being shy, Cancer Goats are also melancholic. They have a side that sends them into a pitfall whenever they are hooked to dark feelings.

It is best if they don’t remember things of the past or lost friends. They need to be anchored in the present in order to build a better future for themselves.

Also, they shouldn’t spend too much time alone as they are happier in crowds. Their insecurity and shyness makes them want someone with whom they can spend some quality time.

Only after they have met the person with whom they can be happy, Cancer Goats can start thinking about their professional success. It’s because they need someone to love and discipline them if they want to be at their best.

Perfect careers for Cancer Goat: Design, Writing, Beauty, Politics, Journalism.

Cancer people are very sensitive and emotional. The Goat makes them even more like this. It may seem that people in Cancer the year of the Goat have it all and they are all happy, but in fact they are insecure and not at all confident in themselves.

They struggle to be as detached as possible from others and their feelings, but they don’t succeed.

They take forever to recover from a broken heart or from being deceived. With a soulmate, Cancer Goats learn how to live more in the present. They need to be more anchored in the reality of now if they want to be successful in every aspect of their life.

Love – Revealed

Loving and devoted to the person they’re in love with, Cancer Goats know what they need to do in order to make their lovers feel happy.

They will prepare romantic moments and settings for their other half, and they will never toy with someone’s feelings.

If you happen to be in love with a person born in these signs, make sure you let him or her know he or she is all for you. They need to feel secure when they are being loved.

They fall in love quickly and sometimes with the wrong people, meaning they can like someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. And there are more dangers in love with these Cancer natives.

Most compatible with: Taurus Horse, Scorpio Horse, Taurus Rabbit, Pisces Rabbit, Scorpio Pig, Pisces Pig.

They have a very emotional side that can make them suffer when they are not being loved the way they want to.

If they wait too long to declare their love, these guys risk being dethroned by others who are waiting to hook up the same person.

Their shyness and sensitivity doesn’t do them any good in this case. They can wait for someone to love them for years, and find out in the end they were ignored by that special person who they thought is going to be the love of their life.

Faithful, once Cancer Goats get involved with someone they become protective and deep. As family members, they are great providers who take responsibilities very seriously.

Cancer Goat Woman Characteristics

Lucky and talented, the Cancer Goat should learn to appreciate more what life has given her. She is too indifferent to her own victories.

Sensitive and tolerant, this girl is conservative and she doesn’t like change. She is vulnerable, so she needs someone to make her feel protected and secure.

This is a lady who needs to be more open if she wants to take advantage of opportunities offered by others.

Friendly and attentive, the Cancer Goat woman has a system of values after which she will rule her life.

She is humble and she doesn’t like to talk about her realizations too much. The fact that she is impulsive and emotional can impede her from achieving what she wants in life.

It is advised that she shows initiative more often, and that she becomes more active. If she puts away shyness she can be very happy.

Also, if she would be more realistic when choosing a partner, this girl would be happier with her love life.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Goat: Vin Diesel, Pamela Anderson, Will Ferrell, Adam Savage, Mindy Kaling, Felicia Day.

Cancer Goat Man Characteristics

The Cancer Goat man seems balanced and always calm. But in reality, he is moody and sensitive. This attitude can greatly influence his personal and professional life. He is diligent enough to achieve what he wants.

Cautious and picky, he seems unusual to many. This guy will look for support in others, and he will surround himself with many friends.

He’s not the most traditional person and he can feel what others are feeling. This is something that will help him in life.

The Cancer Goat man chooses his partners carefully, weighing in all the pros and cons of a relationship before engaging. After he has decided, he becomes the most loyal and devoted partner.

He is ready to sacrifice a lot for love. It is advised that he learns to assess reality more objectively. He also should preserve his individuality as he tends to let others rule his life. If he would have a more organized inner world he will be happier.

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