Cancer Rabbit: The Emotional Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Cancer born in Rabbit year

Cancer Rabbit
  • The dates of the Cancer zodiac sign are between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • These people are versatile and view life from numerous perspectives.
  • With an incredibly strong inner voice, the Cancer Rabbit woman will pursue her dreams.
  • The Cancer Rabbit man is an individual of great willpower.

Those fortunate to be born during the Year of the Rabbit under the Cancer zodiac sign are sensitive and refined. The composure of the Rabbit tones down the sensibility of the Cancer, although these people will remain highly expressive.

The Cancer Rabbit is an exquisite communicator who brings along positive energy everywhere he or she goes.

The Sensual Cancer Rabbit Personality

Cancer Rabbits are very intellectually active and have a tendency to pry anything open and see what’s inside, as curiosity and the drive to do something for a change step in.

Inactivity and lethargy are something they deeply despise and hate. It’s not something you’re going to see in these natives, unless they’re dying, maybe.

Normally an individual of high mental fortitude and prowess, he could fall apart if things get desperate and weaknesses may set in if something’s not going according to plan.

Beauty enthrals and attracts them, and watching the spectacle of life is one of their passions.

Keeping in touch with the places they’ve been to and people they’ve met is very important, and so it’s a given that everything must be done to have the most vivid memories of that.

Pictures, mementos, the little things that act as a reminder, all these help in that regard, and it’s not that the Cancerian Rabbits overestimate the value of these objects.

They’re not replacing other people by doing that, not in the least. Materialism may be there, but human relationships and feelings are placed in front of it, most definitely.

Top Characteristics: Witty, Positive, Emotional and Curious.

Both affectionate and empathetic, as well as inhibited and pretty quick to explode, the Cancer Rabbit needs to harmonize these emotions and regulate them.

In order to achieve that, he needs the support of close ones, the partner’s in particular. No one understands him better than the loved one he’s disclosed everything to.

These natives appear to naturally exude an air of confidence that touches upon anything they do, increasing efficiency and making things easier to accomplish.

However, that is not the case all the times, as there are moments when they feel rather down, doubtful of themselves and their capabilities to stand toe to toe with life’s challenges.

When this happens, be sure to offer your support and help them get back on their feet. It’s not something they will soon forget, of that you can be sure.

Family men and women in general, if nothing compels them to get out and leave the homely environment, Cancer Rabbits are the type of people who like having time alone or with close ones.

The Chinese Zodiac tells us of their natural benevolence and cheering attitude, something that’s pretty self-evident.

These individuals are also endowed with a great artistic sense and sophistication when it comes to artsy stuff.

Being very creative and imaginative, they seem to perceive things differently, in a whole other light than most people do.

What looks good or bad, what’s in harmony or in disharmony, the colours that would create the most beautiful result, these natives know it all.

Or, shall we say, they see it all in their mind’s eye, intuitively. From painting the house, a new colour, to redecorating and refurnishing it, to buying stylish clothes and matching accessories, Cancer Rabbits have it all under control.

Perfect careers for Cancer Rabbit: Medicine, Publishing, Legal, Hospitality, Catering.

Having a very strong and deep imagination, it’s not very hard to guess that they also have equally grand dreams and schemes that they want to accomplish.

And it is precisely this plethora of perspectives and possible goals that make this native one who is bound to eventually find success, quite possibly in an artistic environment.

Careful and attentive to even the smallest details, as well as highly ambitious and perseverant, the Cancer Rabbit first analyses the situation and then proceeds on acting.

Despite the moments when he feels sad and aggrieved by daily happenings, this native is actually emotionally harmonized overall.

There aren’t many situations in which they would succumb to their worst fears and anxieties, completely going nuts.

Due to this equilibrium in life, they tend to avoid conflicting events and hate belligerence most of all, as it disturbs one from efficiently planning ahead.

You’ll most definitely know when this individual isn’t in his best of days and wallows in desperation and unhappiness. The Cancer Rabbit is the type of person to display that be it with or without clear intention.

That usually tends to happen if his goals and aspirations fail to meet the mark and remain unattainable, at least for the moment. What would really help a lot is support from close ones, the ones that care for him.

Love – Uncovered

Not too keen on going for temporary love adventures and/or sexual satisfaction only, Cancer Rabbits all want for something long-standing and committed.

That tends to happen later on, but when it happens, this native will most likely fall in love so deep, that the partner suddenly becomes a being of perfection and dreamlike stature.

Those who are suited for him will be straightforward, responsible and strong-willed individuals who are devoted to the utter end.

If they somehow meet, sparks will fly and the fire of love will burn anew, it’s what could be called “love at first sight”. Although hesitant and reluctant at first, he will eventually give in and go for the kill.

Most compatible with: Taurus Ram, Pisces Pig, Virgo Dog, Scorpio Dog.

Cancer Rabbit Woman Characteristics

Having a lot of potential and talent in them, these women are basically ensured that they will achieve great things in life.

But only if they could fructify and make something out of all that latent potential. Otherwise, it could all go down very ugly, and the situation will get from bad to worse in no time.

Naturally bossy and independent individuals, the Cancer Rabbit women feel the need to lead and be the decision-maker, even in relationships.

Giving no second option to their partners, they are really the kind that will eventually destroy the bond between them, with all that superior attitude and leadership demeanour.

In order for things to go as best as possible, they have to learn to accept other opinions and ideas, as well as being calmer and more patient overall.

Being tremendously determined and focused on their goal, these women can put career way in front of anything else, and commit fully to achieving the best results.

With ambition and focus, that only seems to be a matter of time, and frankly, that is actually the case. If they manage to continue in the way they started, nothing can go wrong and success is basically assured.

Career, financial situation, family life, all of these have a very high chance of reaching the peak through sheer power of will alone, along with effort and time.

Intuition is a great asset to a woman, and this is what these natives have to fully realize. Not only intuition, but that inner voice, one which tells of wanted desires and unfulfilled wishes, it is essential in how one achieves the goal at hand and finds enjoyment out of it.

If the scope of things is beyond mere materialism and practicality, instead nudging a little bit at the spiritual aspect, or even focusing on it, then everything will be way more simple and easy.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Rabbit: Janet Leigh, Lionel Messi, Ed Westwick, Amanda Knox, Judy Greer, Robin Williams.

Cancer Rabbit Man Characteristics

This native man may appear to be kind and even weak-willed, but he is rather a hedonistic individual who wants for nothing else than to live in comfort for the rest of his life. What else is life’s worth if not pleasure and the satisfaction of one’s desires, after all?

For that reason, the liberty and freewill necessary to attain all that are mandatory, and so things and people who seek to take them away are immediately eliminated.

Working better alone than with other people in a team, this native will always seek for the solace of his own home, where he can peacefully plan and strategize.

Also, why listen to others, when your ideas are arguably the best possible choice? Meeting many problems and issues on the course to success, the Cancer Rabbit makes swift work of them and proceeds on going further down the road.

Men with great willpower and the focus necessary to accomplish great things at great efforts, things start to look like someone’s watching over them, because their ability to cope with problems is that ridiculous and overpowered.

Having a purpose in mind, the knowledge to define it and the abilities to achieve it, these natives really must have been sunk in the waters of success when they were little.

Their financial situation is evidently up to par with pretty much any other aspect of their lives, top-notch and prone to develop even further.

This individual is very likeable and sociable, able and willing to establish connections with anyone who appears to have potential and status.

Solitude can only get you so far, and that’s something they do realize, which is why partnering up with other people is often the best solution for a problem.

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