Cancer Pig: The Exuberant Entertainer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Cancer born in Pig year

Cancer Pig
  • The dates of the Cancer zodiac sign are between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people prefer things to be simple, quiet and comfortable.
  • The Cancer Pig woman is surprisingly confrontational.
  • Any goal is attainable for the Cancer Pig man, irrespective of what it implies.

The Cancer Pig natives are individuals with high doses of energy and emotional drive, and they’ll make this obvious through their high-paced attitudes and approaches to most activities.

Filled to the brim with an unending spirit and a gleeful personality which combines both the Eastern and Western signs’ cathartic influence, this native is the best of both worlds.

They are double the fun, double passion and intensity, as well as double the generosity towards those who deserve it. They may look like a saint who never commits the tiniest sin, but in reality, they are very mischievous, enthusiastic and playful.

The Jolly Cancer Pig Personality

Cancer Pigs are people whose great desires lead them on a path of self-indulgence sometimes, but it’s a reality that they seek for pleasure and comfort first and foremost. The satisfaction of their deepest wishes and cravings comes first, no matter what other responsibilities are piling up, and no matter the circumstances that may appear.

The way they are constructed, from a simple mould, and with a touch of frankness and natural allure, these individuals are truly outstanding and unique among many others.

They hate to be on their own, having no one to talk to and share ideas with, this being the reason why you won’t ever hear of a Cancer Pig staying crawled up in their house for more than a few hours.

Top Characteristics: Optimistic, Innovative, Hard-working, Adaptable.

Usually, you can find them hanging out with friends, going on trips, exploring the whole wide world and living innovative and exciting experiences all the time.

With close people, they are incredibly attentive and devoted, because they believe that friendships and bonds are not to be taken for granted and superficially perceived.

If they don’t like your company, they will simply not befriend you. In return, they also expect the same degree of trust and honesty from their friends, and if someone betrays that trust, making a fool out of them, the situation may get out of hand. It’s really difficult for this native to forgive a transgression.

An individual who seeks nothing more than the mere sense of satisfaction upon offering help or aiding someone in need, the Cancer Pig does it all like it were something only natural and not worth paying attention to.

Nevertheless, they are also quite keen on the unusual and mysterious part of life, more often than not finding themselves taking on odd jobs, or pursuing intriguing leads, just because it sparked their interest in that first second.

They are also not one to refuse extravagancy and a good treat when they are offered one, because, after all, who in their right mind would say no to something beautiful and obviously luxurious?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they crave for it and make it a habit of working over-time or self-indulging in this kind of life-style, because it’s exactly the opposite.

They prefer things to be simple, quiet and comfortable, without any unnecessary hassles to make their burdens greater.

If you want to get a Cancer Pig to like you or take notice of your advances, try to make them feel comfortable in their own shoes, that they can act freely and without any inhibitions with you.

The playful and childish personality of these natives is incredibly powerful, and only by appealing to it, could you ever fully reveal their character and inner self.

They make great friends and loving partners, because the seductive, spirited nature of the Pig, alongside the ingenious and creative Cancerian, make for one hell of a combination.

Going for a Cancer Pig will be the best choice you will ever make, as the relationship will keep on evolving and reaching the ultimate peaks of happiness and satisfaction.

Their principles and moral values are untouchable and inviolable, and for this reason, they won’t stand it at all when people use unjust methods, treat each other with contempt and unfairness, and even deceive and manipulate others.

But what pisses them off even greater are the petty individuals who have no righteous code of conduct and will try to hit you when you’re down.

They can’t accept or tolerate any sort of moral wrongdoings, and will immediately try to take this sort of people down.

Perfect careers for Cancer Pig: Arts, Sales, Diplomacy, Management.

Their great social success and natural attractiveness with people are the result of an extraordinary humour. When a situation seems gloomy and depressive, count on your Cancer Pig friend to lift up the mood with a good-placed joke and the occasional pun.

They can be quite serious and thoughtful if the situation calls for it as well, it’s not like they’re air-headed all the time and take everything as a joke.

Career-wise, they want to achieve the greatest achievements in the shortest amount of time, while putting in as little effort as possible. Quite the dreamers, aren’t day?

However, while they may be idealistic and immature even in this regard, their abilities and great talents actually increase their efficiency and give them an edge over others.

Thus, it does seem as though they don’t work as much when compared to their colleagues, but this is just an illusion, because while they may do many things quicker and better, they are also an ambitious and perseverant individual who doesn’t settle for small things.

Factor in their natural charm and allure, along with their sensitive and insightful approach, and you’ll be surprised when they decide to step up their game and in a short time reach a top position in their workplace.

Love – Uncovered

In relationships, the Cancer Pigs are destined to find true love and live with it for the rest of their lives, an actual fairy-tale happy ending.

That’s because of their innate ability to read and instinctively feel what the others feel and desire the most. They manage to create a synergy between the two of them, a resonation of their souls and hearts, an achievement which truly makes the relationship take on a whole other guise, that of permanence and eternal love.

Most compatible with: Taurus Tiger, Taurus Rat, Virgo Ram, Scorpio Rabbit, Pisces Rabbit.

With enough compassion and affection, the Cancer Pig can conquer and realize their most hidden wish, that of finding a partner and living their life with just that person, sharing everything and going through thick and thin together.

However, this means that they want to be taken care of and surrounded with love and attention pretty much all the time.

They can’t live for even an hour without their partner’s presence and gaze falling upon them and whispering sweet words of love into their ear.

This may seem irritating and annoying to a lot of people, but it must also be remembered that for everything they are given, all will be returned multi-fold and with double the intensity.

Cancer Pig Woman Characteristics

This woman’s intimate relationships are usually very simple and serene, leaving no place for conflicts or confusing matters.

It’s relatively easy for them to find a compatible partner and build up a great bond, sustain it and further develop it until it reaches a good-enough level.

This does take time, effort and her full attention though, and she won’t be able to concentrate as much on her professional life, but she doesn’t mind it at all.

She is also one who likes getting in dangerous and threatening situations, when even the slightest mistake or misstep could cause a potential disaster from which you might never recuperate.

There are great rewards as well, and this is what motivates the Cancer Pig woman the most, extraordinary prospects.

Adventure is their middle name, and they’ll never refuse an opportunity to visit a new place, gain experience and possibly obtain some productive things along the way.

Resolute, confident and very defensive when it comes to their own way of life and thinking, these women will never step back from a confrontation, especially if it involves personal principles and their own honor.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Pig: Dalai Lama, O. J. Simpson, Larry David, Carlos Santana, Charlie Murphy, Elon Musk, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden.

Cancer Pig Man Characteristics

It is the desire to be smothered with attention and always kept on a pedestal that make this native one who will always do everything in his power to stand out anywhere he goes.

Be it how he dresses, how he behaves and how he reacts to certain events, all that he does is strictly controlled and fitted into a pattern which is specifically aimed at making the best impression and dazzling all observers.

Of course, he wouldn’t even need all these extraneous elements to attract everyone’s attention. His natural charisma and allure are more than enough to achieve that.

As for his professional success, it’s pretty much assured, given that the Cancer Pig doesn’t lack at all when it comes to confidence, ambition and determination.

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