Cancer Ox: The Creativity Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Essential guide to the personality of Cancer born in Ox year

Cancer Ox
  • Anyone born between June 21 and July 22 is a Cancer.
  • The Ox years are: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021.
  • You need to give them space and respect if you want them on your side.
  • The Cancer Ox woman values friendships more than romantic relationships at times.
  • Intuitive and witty, the Cancer Ox man can be quite manipulative but his intentions are always good.

Romantic and also very sensitive, you can see the stubbornness of the Ox and the versatile personality of the Cancer in these people. They are sometimes cautious and timid but when you get to know them better they reveal so many sides and a wealth of talents.

Those who know how to appreciate the Cancer Oxen will see a side of these people they usually never show. A side that is more confident and more loud than usual.

Top Characteristics: Adaptable, Entertaining, Humble and Efficient.

The Flexible Cancer Ox Personality

The Cancer is a very emotional person. But when combined with the Ox, this sign becomes more tough and adaptable.

The Cancer Oxen are people who still have their sensitive side, but they are also strong and down-to-earth. The Ox’s influence makes the Cancers be more open and outgoing when it comes to their feelings.

Their timidity is drastically reduced and they have a stronger force to approach life matters. There are many artists who were born in Cancer the Ox year. These people are very determined and ambitious.

They are imaginative and they can create interesting works of art, from beautiful paintings to engaging novels and poems from a different realm. They’re innovative and passionate about everything they may be doing.

People born in Cancer the year of the Ox are very adaptable when it comes to deal with new people and new situations.

Their most efficient trait is the capability to handle situations easily, at short notice. You can tell them they have to finish a report till tomorrow and they will do it in two hours. It’s something few people can do.

They are helpful whenever they are needed and they enjoy doing good to others. This makes them great friends with whom people are eager to get together.

Perfect careers for Cancer Ox: Communications, Air Travel, Logistics, Protection and Electricity.

Because they are patient and courageous, the Cancer Oxen will always succeed at work. They don’t like taking orders from others and they prefer doing things at their own pace. It’s easy for a Cancer Ox to attain success.

These people have charisma and an analytical way of thinking. But they need to have a clear mind and not be stressed in order to become completely effective. They will be vengeful when offended.

They don’t like being treated with disrespect. Also, the Cancer Ox people are known for being strong and in the same time sensitive. They are only disturbed when perfect balance is not present in their life.

As said before, they need to be stress-free in order to function properly. The fact that they are adaptable makes them great parents and reliable colleagues at work. If you have a Cancer Ox as a friend, you can be sure you have a lifelong companion who will always be there for you offering the most practical pieces of advice.

The Cancer in these people shows itself too. They can have insecurities and they seem to not make it without the help of others. However, these characteristics are met in those who are more influenced by their Cancer and not their Ox.

The Cancer Oxen have a deep way of seeing things. They hate things that aren’t meaningful and they will always be faithful to their partners.

When stressed they can become rather snappy. The best solution to this problem is for them to communicate more with others regarding their issues.

Love – Exposed

The Cancers view love as something personal and intimate, so they don’t talk too much about it. The optimistic, relaxed and open Cancer Ox will be shy and emotional, just like other Cancers. It is very easy to hurt and offend this person.

As soon as they are involved in something serious with someone, they become extremely loyal and dedicated.

They don’t hurry when choosing their partner and they analyze the person they like closely. They are not sluggish when making decisions, but they need to be 100% certain of someone before making the big step of asking out on a date.

They are as courageous and patient in love as they are with work. This means they have all the chances to find someone ideal with whom to spend the rest of their life with. If the partner knows how to properly care for them, they completely forgive any wrongdoing that may have been done to them.

They will only commit to someone whom they completely trust. And they will be very devoted. Attentive, the Cancer Oxen adapt very easily to the partner’s needs. They only want long-term commitments and they are very happy after they get settled.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rooster, Virgo Rooster, Virgo Rat, Scorpio Rat and Pisces Snake.

Cancer Ox Woman Characteristics

The Cancer woman knows what she wants from life. She’s strong and intelligent. She has an independent way of judging characters and situations, thing that makes her unique and interesting.

She doesn’t allow herself to be influenced by others and she rarely accepts people’s opinions. When in a relationship, the Cancer Ox woman will be devoted and loving. But if she feels like the relationship no longer works, she’ll leave with no explanation.

She values friendships more than romantic relationships, thing that can confuse and annoy her partner. She’s unique and innovative.

Everything with her is deep and meaningful, and she is always pragmatic. She values her spiritual life very much. She’s patient and she prefers to wait for opportunities rather than compromise.

It is advisable that she interacts on more levels of existence with the people around her. The Cancer Ox woman needs to be surrounded by others in order to succeed.

In a relationship, she should be more open about what she’s feeling. This is the only ways through which she’ll manage to be happy and achieving.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Ox: Meryl Streep, Ashley Tisdale, Enrique Murciano, Princess Diana, Tommy Mottola.

Cancer Ox Man Characteristics

The Cancer Ox man has a dual character. He can sometimes not find a use to his adaptability and talents. He has an adventurous side that will often get him into trouble. He makes great plans for the future and he usually sticks to them.

When he wants revenge, he can become very destructive. In love, he is able of doing crazy things that can destroy his image.

He can manipulate the partner in doing what he wants them to. The emotions of the Cancer Ox man are mixed and complex. He’s tough but he prefers to show a more vulnerable part of him. It’s advisable that he doesn’t think of life philosophies so much, and he starts to love his life.

He should abandon his childish manners and accept failures for what they are. Everything the Cancer Ox man is doing is being done with calm and care.

He’s intuitive and he needs to set goals for himself if he wants to succeed.

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