Cancer Monkey: The Pleasure Seeker Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Cancer born in Monkey year

Cancer Monkey
  • Cancer people celebrate their birthdays between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Monkey years are: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028.
  • Multitasking is one of the many talents of these people.
  • The Cancer Monkey woman reaches a peak of wisdom rather quickly in life.
  • Extremely intelligent, the Cancer Monkey will only let himself fooled in appearance.

Cancer Monkey individuals are keen on having a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle, where doing something out of the ordinary is not as common or expected.

With pretty different and sometimes wild viewpoints on life, they are a constant source of intrigue and surprise for most people.

Maybe it’s also because of the efficiency and swiftness with which they solve most of their issues and problems that everyone finds them so interesting and fascinating.

The Agile Cancer Monkey Personality

Just like their Cancerian counterpart, this native has a lot of whims and wishes that stem solely from their desirous nature, and this can be seen in how they organize and decorate their domestic space.

Home is a very important concept for this native, and being someone who seeks for pleasure and satisfaction above all else, it’s clear that they’d also want to live in a comfortable and top-notch place where they have everything they need.

At work, the Cancer Monkey thrives on difficulties and challenges. Overcoming their limits and reaching a new level every time something get done is how this individual keeps on evolving and becoming better and better.

Top Characteristics: Determinate, Resilient, Invested, Witty.

Being able to do many things at the same time, and still retaining their efficiency and rhythm, all they need in order to come out on top of the game is time alone and a place to work. Everything else is within their capabilities.

Speaking of time alone, everyone needs it here and now, as it is a method to escape from all the ruckus and overly-dynamic pace of the world around, and this native is no exception either.

Besides being hard working and determinate, they are both ingenious and highly intelligent as well. Otherwise, how could they devise such witty and successful plans?

By using their brains, that’s how. Making money is just the first step after all. What matters is multiplying it, making it so that you don’t have to work as hard next time.

In other words, investing it. And, coincidentally or not, the Cancer Monkey has a terrifying ability for spotting those very lucrative opportunities and making use of them to make a fortune.

A visionary and an ingenious person, capable of coming up with the wildest, yet high productive ideas at the most critical of times, this native can be said to be a game-changer and a survivor. When alone, they use these abilities to match up to the environment, struggle, adapt and eventually come out victorious, ruling everything in their sight.

When in a group, there isn’t anyone else that you’d want on the team, because they can turn your idea upside down, add to it, enforce it, and finally bring it to reality in a way that you’ve never thought about.

Perfect careers for Cancer Monkey: Music, Advertisement, Education, Law.

Of course, during this trying process, they need all the help and support they can get, and whether it’s colleagues at work or friends and family, they play an essential role in their future potential.

Two particular downsides that affect their abilities and future prospects are nothing if not predictable and something to be expected from such a talented individual.

First off, they tend to take themselves too seriously and exaggerate with the entire royal attitude that is deeply felt at a close glance. This isn’t anything too problematic, but it could be annoying to some people.

Secondly, it’s their proclivity to be spontaneous and take everyone by surprise, but if it were only this, things would play out well. Emotional spontaneity, that’s what brings out the worst in them, and it’s not something beneficial at all.

Love – Revealed

If they are in a relationship, Cancer Monkeys are the ultimate romantics and loving partners, going to great lengths to create the most appropriate setting and context in which to woo and seduce the other.

If you’re a fan of falling roses, the smell of jasmine and romantic dinners under the moonlight, then you’ve found yourself the perfect partner. They will never cease to amaze and fascinate you with their ingenuity and affectionate nature.

Most compatible with: Taurus Dragon, Virgo Dragon, Scorpio Rat, Pisces Rat, Scorpio Dragon.

It’s really a masterstroke if you can find a Cancer Monkey and make them fall in love with you. Things are never going to be the same once they start taking care of you and fully reveal their attentive and compassionate character.

There are little things that matter more to them than family and the wellbeing of close ones, and upon a closer look, it’s actually the most important thing for them. So them putting forth all the effort towards your happiness and comfort is only natural and common, not anything out of the ordinary.

In turn, they also need the partner to show understanding, be loyal and affectionate, because they sometimes have the usual temper tantrums, which can be quite annoying.

So they need someone who can let those issues pass and instead focus on taking care of them. In order to keep the relationship going, they are even willing to resort to deceit and lying, and it’s not going to get noticed if everything goes well.

In time though, they will become more responsible and independent, usually when the prospect of a family comes together.

Cancer Monkey Woman Characteristics

The Cancer Monkey women are, again, individuals of very high potential who can make ends meet in mostly all circumstances and contexts.

With a crystal clear vision of their intents and purposes, they keep on pursuing a goal until either it’s accomplished, or it’s found to be impossible to achieve.

If in their youth, they may have problems in relationships, because of the lack of experience or confidence, while also being quite unpolished as far as mind-set and personality go, by the time they grow up, all of these things will be quickly fixed.

Especially in love, people will find these natives to be much more mature and witty than ever before.

What she has to learn in order to achieve true happiness without much hassle is to control emotions and instincts as best as she can.

It might not be so easy, considering her natural determination and immutable character, but it must be done if there are any chances to self-develop further.

After all, it’s not like she has to undergo a complete and decisive transformation, only to be more careful when taking decisions and coming face to face with critical situations.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Monkey: Oscar de la Renta, Tom Hanks, Jerry Hall, Susan Wojcicki, Larry Sanger, Kristen Bell, Minka Kelly, Jessica Simpson, Jason Schwartzman.

Cancer Monkey Man Characteristics

The Cancer Monkey man has both the abilities and willpower to achieve whatever he wants, be it a professional goal, material gain, or conquering a highly-coveted woman.

His capabilities and talents are more than enough for him to effectively become the best in any field he activates, and not only that but this doesn’t turn him into an arrogant and unapproachable individual.

On the contrary, he retains his calm and friendly demeanour with mostly everyone he meets.

Sagacious and extremely intelligent and knowing, the heights that this native can reach are unfathomable at best, as the method and way he approaches things can only be admired from afar and classified as being almost perfect.

Furthermore, he was born to lead, and this is evident from the proficiency and efficiency with which he coordinates people into achieving a goal. All efforts are channelled with utmost care, and end up building up on their eventual rise to power and success.

In relationships, they should learn to act with greater tenderness and affection, keeping in mind that love must be fostered and treated with the greatest care in the world.

Otherwise, it’s going to pale and eventually wither away. Diplomacy, this is one of the things that many people forget about and often ignore, considering it’s not as important or essential, because the partner would anyway know your intentions. Well, it’s actually more to it than that, and these natives should figure that out for themselves.

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