Cancer Kissing Style: The Guide to How They Kiss

Cancer kisses to make their lover enter different realms when kissing because they’re smooth and very delicate.

Cancer kissing

When it comes to kissing, Cancer people are smooth and dreamy, not to mention they like to bite a little bit because it’s making them feel amazing. These natives also love to tickle the neck and the area of the ears.

In the beginning, they may keep their mouth open and teeth closed, but this can change with time, turning into true pleasure. Their instincts are strong, not to mention they’re strongly attached to their loved ones.

Cancer kissing in a nutshell:

  • They kiss like there is no tomorrow and don’t avoid PDA;
  • It can all begin with a French kiss, but it continues much more passionately;
  • The Cancer man is sensitive and touchy, generous with his feelings;
  • The Cancer woman needs to trust her partner and won’t flirt casually.

Cancer kissing style

Cancer natives don’t want to share their kissing stories or to make out with just about anyone present because they’re romantic and affectionate.

These natives want real feelings before making the mouth-to-mouth connection. Their kisses can be very passionate and fiery.

They’re the sensitive type who can take their partner to different dimensions when using their lips, but they need to feel spoiled in order for this to happen because they can’t live without unconditional love and when not being given what they’re looking for.

Cancers have what it takes to make their lover enter different realms when kissing because they’re smooth and very delicate. However, this can’t last for too long with them.

Those who are more adventurous may want to kiss under the moonlight and in a car, while their partner is holding them by their shoulders. They can chase tiny pecks and some play with the hair, followed by a compliment.

Belonging to the Water element, they’re sensual and wanting to kiss like there’s no tomorrow. However, they’re always keeping their guard up and need a partner who can make them feel secure and desired because otherwise, they can’t unleash their passion.

Perhaps the only sign that can equal them is the tough and vengeful Scorpio, meaning these two can make each other come out of their hard shell.

Scorpios are excited enough to make Cancers be more open and to wish for more love to come their way. Crabs are emotional and this can be seen in their kiss because when joining lips with another person, they’re showing what’s in their mind and heart.

However, they’re showing their feelings only to those they’re really close with because they’re keeping their exterior tough.

Therefore, those who have a Cancer as their partner can be sure they’re with the best kisser. They can be really happy with this and all the time think of lovemaking.

Cancers kiss with incredible passion

Cancer natives are usually very careful when trying to take care of themselves. When going out on dates, they need more than a movie before they’re allowing others into their space.

These people are trusting their instincts until they’re more comfortable with the person they’re in love with. Not that they’re not thinking logically, but their future partner should be very patient with them.

As soon as they’ve become vulnerable, they can start to have difficulties staying away from their partner. Their passion can’t be equaled, not to mention how much these natives need to express all of their affection.

It can all begin with a French kiss, after which it can continue with them playing with their partner’s hair, just to not let go until the night is done.

However, their lover should not forget Cancer people are complex and very sensitive, even if seeming like a rock on the outside.

They simply love gentleness and having their body massaged, especially their chest area. As a matter of fact, this is one of their erogenous zones, the ladies of this sign being extremely turned on when their man is playing with their breasts.

Their soft side is expressed through kisses, whereas their love can be felt through their lips. As a matter of fact, Cancers are putting their soul on the table when kissing.

Their deepness is never dark or scary, so those who are with them can never feel completely satisfied, even if they’re only used as sex toys because natives of this sign are treating their one-night stands with the same respect as of their long-term connections.

Kiss a Cancer man

When kissing a Cancer man, one is likely to feel this instant sensation of belonging. The man born under this sign is sensitive and touchy, sometimes unsure of himself, but generous with his feelings.

He feels the most energetic when in a happy domestic environment, in a home that’s welcoming and warm.

Because the Cancer man is inspiring so much comfort when kissing, his partner can feel intimate and very close to him, without any other reason.

Whereas fireworks may not come out from his lips-connection with another person, warmth is felt. He needs to do things at his own pace because if not, his love can disappear.

When signaled that everything is ready for a kiss, he can turn into a real sex God, even if he needs to feel comfortable.

Those ladies who want to win the heart of a Cancer man should be honest about their feelings and completely sincere. He would hate to be broken by a person he truly loves.

Therefore, those who want to attract him should have their heart open and say that they’re ready for a real connection. The situation needs to be in control because he would never make the first step.

This man has a deep sensuality and loves being in the center of attention. He can bring what’s best to his lady, he as well can take her to visit the most beautiful places.

Since he’s all the time dreaming, it’s easy for him to fall in love in the most profound manner. More than this, he can spoil his lover in extreme ways.

He’s full of affection, but he needs his partner to be devoted to him, a woman who can help him fulfill his dreams because he’s very serious about his role as a man.

When it comes to lovemaking, he’s spontaneous, creative and loves to express himself because he has the necessary instincts as far as matters of the heart are going.

They’re creative and want to express themselves a lot, not to mention they’d do anything for pleasure.

Kiss a Cancer woman

The woman born in Cancer needs to trust her partner, so men can’t win her heart if they’re flirting with other girls or spreading the word about how she’s making love.

She loves to be cuddled because only this way, she can escape the shell that’s surrounding her heart.

Seeming timid and reserved in the beginning, she’s full of passion on the inside because her fire is always burning. More than this, she needs to trust because she’s very weak when hurt.

When it comes to betrayal in her love life, this lady can’t stand it. For this reason, she only needs to be loved and to feel secure. She only has heart for her lover anyway.

The most important thing when attracting her is to be weak in the name of love. It’s impossible for her to resist offering her love after meaningful kisses.

Those who are showing their sensitive side to this girl are sure to last in her arms for a lifetime. She simply can’t resist taking care of them.

More than this, she’s domestic because she’s looking to be loyal and sincere with her husband or boyfriend. Her flirting is the old-fashioned way, as well the devoted type.

This is the reason why men want to protect her. When all alone with someone, she’s a sweet and sensual female, the type whom others don’t want to leave.

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