Cancer Horse: The Witty Dreamer Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Cancer born in Horse year

Cancer Horse
  • If you are born between June 21 and July 22 then you are a Cancer.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • These people will be in on every secret.
  • The Cancer Horse woman can sometimes play the victim.
  • Learning new things comes easy to the Cancer Horse man.

The Chinese culture regards the Horse as a creature that brings stability. From an astrological point of view, the Horse is the sign that inspires balance.

People born in Cancer the year of the Horse have all the traits of the Cancer, plus some emotional stability brought by the Horse.

Because they are born in this specific year, these Cancers are not as sensitive as they’re supposed to be, and they depend solely on themselves.

The Bohemian Cancer Horse Personality

Reserved and noble, the Cancer Horse people manage to impress others with their attitude. When in public, they are traditional and conservative, but in private they turn into these imaginative creatures who have all sorts of ideas and know real fun.

A little bit self-sacrificing, Cancer Horses are generous and kindhearted. They have an independent side and helped by the Horse, they are more adventurous and less shy. This makes the Cancers we all know less reliant and more demanding, which is not at all bad.

This is a great combination of the Western and Chinese astrology as people in Cancer and Horse are balanced and liked by many.

Top Characteristics: Secretive, Charming, Optimistic and Attentive.

What’s even more interesting about them is that they are the most energetic out of all the Cancers, and the least unrested out of all the Horses.

Caring a lot about their comfort and their surroundings, these guys will always make out of the place where they live a home. They have great intuition and they are gentle souls. You will rarely see them sad or negative.

They enjoy life and they look towards the future with optimism. Communicative, Cancer Horses like sharing secrets and feelings with their best friends and people whom they can trust.

As said before, they are not the typical Cancers, who are reserved and close to sharing. They never have difficulties in joining a conversation and they like it when people give them attention. They are also analytical.

These people never make a decision till they have studied the matter on each and every side. For example, if they need to make an investment, they will study the market, see the risks and how much they could gain.

As far as hobbies go, they love to do things with their hands, so carpentry and knitting may be among their favorite.

Don’t think that if they are a little bit different from the traditional Cancers, they no longer give importance to the past like they normally would because they are, after all, Cancers.

And they value everything from the past just the same. Calm and serene on the outside, these Cancer Horses are still moody and doubtful on the inside. Considerate, hardworking and honest, they will get along with most of the people.

They have an amazing imagination, thing that makes them fun and perfect for any kind of job. As they are more free-spirited from the Horse’s influence, they will enjoy traveling and they won’t have insecurities when they’ll be far away from home.

Most Cancers don’t even like to leave home. However, it doesn’t mean Cancer Horses don’t miss their homes when they are away.

In love with the outdoors and new destinations, they will still want to get back where they came from in the end. They filter a lot from the outside world through their emotions.

Perfect careers for Cancer Horse: Catering, Hospitality, Crafts, Medicine and Diplomacy.

They are still able to put themselves in others’ place as their levels of empathy are the same. These people couldn’t exist without social relations. Cancer Horses tend to become possessive with the people they are sharing their life with.

Elegant people, they know how to appreciate others and they are good at receiving all sorts of feelings. This is why so many people appreciate them. If they are being given enough space, it will almost be impossible to identify a weakness in their character.

But if they are not being offered their freedom or they feel like they are not being listened to, they become dull and they develop a bad temper.

But as soon as they have expressed their frustrations, they will be back to their cheerful selves again. They usually find solutions in situations of crisis, and they manage to be original and colorful in the most boring of environments.

Love – Revealed

Among the most faithful signs, Cancer Horses are sentimental and romantic. But their love stories will be intense and often.

When they fall in love, they tend to give up themselves, no longer showing any trace of dignity. When they commit, they always think it’s going to be forever and they give everything they hold in their soul to the partner.

If they are not receiving the same feedback, they eventually get tired and decide to end the relationship just as they’ve started it. If you happen to be in love with a Cancer Horse, be ready to face a sea of other admirers and to be elegant and charming all the time.

Most compatible with: Taurus Tiger, Virgo Dog, Virgo Ram, Scorpio Dog, Scorpio Tiger.

These people love to have chats with the person they love, and they need a partner who’s on the same intellectual level as them. You will be impressed of how much your Cancer Horse knows about love, arts and philosophy.

They are interested in many subjects because being knowledgeable is the only way through which they can overcome their restlessness. You can be sure they will be great family people.

They love everything about what family life means. While they dream of a love story like in the movies, Cancer Horses realize at maturity that long-lasting feelings and security is everything they need.

Cancer Horse Woman Characteristics

The Cancer Horse woman will always live an agitated life. This may affect her psyche as she is sensitive and settled. She needs to learn how to overcome difficulties. If she manages to be stronger, she will develop without struggling too much.

This lady needs only some willpower and perseverance. She is persistent, but she seems to be followed by bad luck in both her personal and professional life. It is difficult to be her.

Even if she would understand why everything is against her, she would still not be able to face difficulties more easily. If she finds something she likes, a vocation, and she makes a job out of it, then she will overcome many of the challenges she has to deal with.

While the Cancer Horse woman will achieve her goals in life, she will still have to respect herself more.

This girl will have a happier life if she manages to give up her authoritative side and her evil thinking.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Horse: Harrison Ford, Mike Tyson, John Cusack, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Rodriguez, Margot Robbie.

Cancer Horse Man Characteristics

Gentle and romantic like other Cancers, the Cancer Horse man is not at all shy. He is sociable, open and a great conversationalist.

He inspires self-sufficiency and optimism. Unpredictable and resourceful, this guy doesn’t necessarily have a logical course in what he’s thinking. He thinks fast, but he doesn’t have stability.

This is why he may achieve some things in life through methods that are not so honest. He loves his freedom and he won’t obey anyone. Unstable, the Cancer Horse man finds it difficult to focus on a single task for too long.

He likes learning new things and he has no idea how to deal with his money. He needs to be more focused on what he spends and make a budget if he wants more financial stability in his life.

Another thing he should do is learning how to accept other people’s help. If he travels and sets up goals at his destinations, he’ll manage to be happier.

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