Cancer Flirting Style: Sensible and Romantic

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Cancer, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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Most people think Cancers are the type of people who don’t do much flirting or even approach those of the opposite sex much, because they are shy and insecure.

Well, that’s not true at all, because, while they may prefer to be approached instead of taking the initiative, if things are stagnant for too long, they’ll go on the offensive without a second thought.

TraitsCancer flirting in action
Generous They will invest all their time and effort.
Shy There is a dash of sweetness and innocence in them.
Optimistic The glass will always be half full for them.
Attentive They will compliment and require the same.
Nostalgic Their past is still part of the game.

When a Cancer wishes to flirt with you, they will start asking some common questions, to see what it is exactly that you want, how you see it going from there, and what can be done to keep the interest alive. They’re really quite cute in this way, even though they may want to appear as manly and dominative.

These natives will want to fully indulge themselves in the feeling of deep love and affection, and that means that their partner will be showered with attention, compliments and their eternal tenderness.

The way a Cancer flirts, it’s one of the most satisfying and intriguing experiences ever, because their attitude denotes that the other person is their sole focus, and nothing else.

It’s just like they were the only people left alive, on a romantic date. At first, they want to know you reciprocate their initial feelings and actually want something more than just an adventure, before moving on to the attack. There’ll be a lot of smiles, laughs, touching and a storm of emotions to wreck any obstacles apart.

They are a little shy though, and will only let themselves love freely when you show yourself interested in them as well.

If that distance is crossed by the partner, then they’ll have nothing else to fear or be anxious about. One way they show their affection and desire to construct something more than a mere set of dates is by trying to take care of their loved ones.

Bringing them lunch to the office, giving them a call and asking how they’re doing, and if they they’ve gotten rid of that nasty cold, walking them to their car on a rainy day, etc. On top of that, it’s going to be a very amusing and entertaining atmosphere when around these guys, because they’re a very funny bunch.

It’s not a surprise that the shelly Cancers are, in general, less inclined to go out to many social events, and introversion is more like their cup of tea a lot of the time.

Sure, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be willing to let that behind and enjoy the time spent with a loved one. It’s probably the only thing that could get them to even like going out into the world and out of their private space.

And you can be damn sure that when a Cancer will give up their comfort and silence just to be with you, there’s no other reason other than because they are very much in love with you. It’s a compromise they’re more than willing to make.

Cancer flirting body language

With Cancers, there won’t be any need to interpret and wrack your brains about their intentions, because they’ll be clear as water about it all.

They will touch their partners endlessly, and will want to stay in their embrace forever, so there’s that, because they’re not going to hesitate to request that.

Moreover, there’s the eyes, the all-encompassing and loving eyes of the Cancer that follows you everywhere you go.

When these natives lock eyes with their partner, it’s either going to end up in a mushy and wet kissing session, or they’re both going to get very aroused as a result.

It’s going to be pretty hard for them at first, because of all the crude and intense emotions causing a ruckus up there. Getting a hang of the situation and taking full control of those feelings is going to be a challenge, but they can also release them all, if the partner seems similar in this respect.

Anyway, it’s never been easier to find out if someone likes you, than taking a look at how Cancers behave. If there was something in this world that they deeply desired, it was to find true love, someone with whom to spend all their time, tightly embraced into one another’s arms, and cuddle together.

How to flirt with a Cancer

It’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world to make a Cancer notice your advances and learn to reciprocate them. If you want to do that, then it’s time to make use of all the time spent fantasizing about all the romantic ways you wished your partner did for you, because this is exactly the time to use them.

These natives are extremely romantic, charming, and sentimental, and will love nothing more than to be pampered and taken care of by someone who loves them.

At first, things will progress pretty slowly, because they will want to observe your intentions before committing to anything.

Taking them out of an unpleasant social event will be your winning ticket with these natives, because they don’t really like all the commotion and ruckus in these crowded places.

It’s not something that they totally despise, but they would prefer to be with someone close, in a small group, than amidst a lot of people.

So grab their hand and take them outside, away from that overly-energetic party uptown, and you’ll be pretty much guaranteed a good-bye kiss, or at least getting their phone number. Take care not to trespass some limits and get into their private space, because they won’t take kindly to that.

Cancer man flirting

Cancer men are very protective and possessive with their love interests, and not in an exaggerated way, but in a cute and loving sense.

That is to say that once you two are together, they won’t even take their eyes off of you, not even to watch for oncoming cars in traffic.

It’s just like them to very overly protective and watch for possible dangers that could befall their lovers. And on top of that, they like it very much, it’s as simple as that.

They like looking at their partner, feeling them close, and knowing that they are always going to be there, for the rest of their lives.

Cancer woman flirting

As a way to observe what the other is all about, Cancer women will prefer to have casual and common conversations, in which to find as many things as possible about how the other thinks, and about his wishes and dreams.

It’s a way to avoid wasting time with incompatible people, nothing more. As such, they won’t get all romantic and lovey-dovey with the first comer.

They’ll want to first know who they’re dealing with, before unleashing those womanly charms of theirs. If there’s not prospect of a future together, then the most they’re going to do is make a few jokes, and make their way towards the exit rather quickly.

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