Cancer Dragon: The Reserved Introspect Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Cancer born in Dragon year

Cancer Dragon
  • Cancer people celebrate their birthdays between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Dragon years are: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024.
  • With age, these people start taking everything seriously.
  • The charismatic Cancer Dragon woman is quite demanding with her partner.
  • The Cancer Dragon man requires stimulation to attain his goals.

The Cancer Dragon individual packs from the perceptiveness of the Cancer and the observant nature of the Dragon. If anything, intuition is a great asset of these people.

Adaptable and empathic, they understand people’s problems and they love to help. The Cancer in them makes these Dragons more family oriented rather than obsessed with career.

The Intuitive Cancer Dragon Personality

The Cancers born in the Dragon year are idealistic. When the world doesn’t seem so pleasant, they have their own imaginary world in which they retreat and dream.

Strong and determined, the Cancer Dragons go to their corner and suffer in silence when something bothers them.

As soon as they are done dealing with the issue on their own, they burst in expressing themselves tearfully.

These people are naturally sensitive, which makes them good with arts. When they are out in the public, they love to have all the attention. With a sharp mind, these guys like putting their skills to use.

Compassionate, the Cancer Dragons are the best friends someone could have. You could tell them anything, they will be your shoulder to cry on.

More than this, they love living their life to the fullest, which means they are active and optimistic no matter the situation.

Sometimes impatient, Cancer people born in the year of the Dragon want to make a lot of money in a short period of time. They believe in get-rich-fast schemes and this makes them unpractical.

Dreamy and impressive, this Cancer is gentle and has a good sense of humor. Being in born in the Cancer period of the year, the Dragon in this sign will be more introverted but will keep the main characteristics of the Chinese sign, which are ambition and competition.

Top Characteristics: Generous, Optimistic, Emotional, Competitive.

Mythology associates the Dragon with good luck. This means wherever the Dragons go, they bring good fortune to people. Moreover, the Cancer Dragon can consider him or herself lucky too.

They have an amazing ability to sense when opportunity is just around the corner. These specific Cancers have all they need in order to make the best out of a situation.

Curious, they will travel a lot and they will bring people they love many gifts from faraway places. They simply enjoy doing so.

Idealists, these individuals will look to make the world a better place. Honest, straightforward and attentive, the Cancer Dragons are tolerant with others.

If they enter a serious relationship or they become parents, they start to take things much more seriously. You can trust the Cancer Dragon to be a good provider who will protect his or her home and family.

As far as work goes, the Cancer Dragons are convincing and eloquent in their actions. Much in love with themselves, they often need an audience in order to shine and perform at maximum capacity.

They can’t stand being contradicted or forced into doing things they don’t like. When a Cancer Dragon wants something, he or she will channel all his or her charm and will obtain it.

They know body language so well, it sometimes seems they don’t even need to communicate verbally anymore.

Perfect careers for Cancer Dragon: Management, Legal, Journalism, Veterinary, Engineering.

Their magnetism attracts people to them like a moth to a flame. When they’re frustrated, Cancer Dragons will continue with their projects at a much slower pace.

But it’s easy for them to identify and reach the people who would be able to help in times of need.

As said before, they have a feeling for good opportunities and they seem to always be where it matters the most. Ambitious, the Cancers in the year of the Dragon can’t be tied to a single life path.

They like variety and they get tremendously bored when they aren’t stimulated. A companion who’s free-spirited and spontaneous can help this Cancer live a happy life.

People may view them as reserved and dull because they are sometimes quiet, but in reality, Cancer Dragons are dreamy and eccentric.

The fact that they are born in the year of the Dragon makes these people less shy and more determined, always ready to react if needed.

Love – Exposed

Not knowing where the friendship ends and the love begins, the Cancer Dragons may end up hurting some people. This means they are not that good with relationships and they could use a partner who is.

When they’re in love, they are supportive and devoted to the extreme. Besides, they have the tendency to trust their partner completely, focusing only on him or her and neglecting other important people in their life.

Because they dedicate a lot of their lives to help others, the Cancer Dragons may not find someone to spend their life with till later, when they’re mature.

These people give their best for the relationship to be perfect and they are often anxious because of this. Always faithful and sincere, they may not meet the ideal people for them all the time.

Most compatible with: Taurus Monkey, Scorpio Rat, Pisces Snake, Scorpio Monkey.

Cancer Dragon Woman Characteristics

Tenacious and strong, the woman in Cancer the year of the Dragon is lucky enough not to make too many efforts in attaining her goals.

She can only be bothered by her own temper. Optimistic, she’ll get back on her feet if she falls. A complex lady, this Cancer Dragon doesn’t compromise and has her own ways to deal with problems.

She won’t listen to anybody, and she will firmly stand behind her points of view. Thankfully, she is creative and this means she is able to find solutions to the most difficult issues. Her ideas could bring her a lot of money, if she knows how to implement them.

When this lady falls in love she becomes too emotional and hurried. Her main positive characteristics are generosity, honesty and kindness. Demanding with her partner, she may end up disappointed in love a few times in her life.

If you want to have your way and she doesn’t accept it, you can subtly make her compromise as long as she feels that she leads the relationship. Just don’t toy with her pride and you’ll be fine.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Dragon: Ringo Star, Patrick Stewart, David Hassehoff, Courtney Love, Elie Saab, Benedict Cumberbatch, Diane Kruger.

Cancer Dragon Man Characteristics

Relaxed and friendly, the Cancer Dragon man has the dreamy side from the Cancer, and the pragmatic one from the Dragon. These are great opposite qualities that got together under one personality.

He is good with life situations and he’s extremely generous. This guy can become successful in his young years, if he channels his talents and energies towards something constructive.

He manages to make people feel secure and comfortable around him, but he’s difficult with romantic relationships.

A family man, the Cancer Dragon man is stable and he compromises for the love of his partner, but he can be difficult to understand. Intelligent, open and fun, this man is hurried to be in the middle of things.

He doesn’t spend time planning. On the other side, he has a sensitive and gentle personality. The Cancer Dragon man will choose his lady after a criterion he has made up. As soon as he has found her, they will both be happy for this guy knows happiness.

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