Cancer Dog: The True Artist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Cancer born in Dog year

Cancer Dog
  • The dates of the Cancer zodiac sign are between June 21 and July 22.
  • The Dog years are: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030.
  • These people are able to control their sensitivity.
  • Very analytical and inclined to double think everything, the Cancer Dog woman is a worthy opponent.
  • The Cancer Dog man can act in a rather deceiving manner.

All people born in Cancer are true artists. It doesn’t matter if it’s about their personal or their professional like, they will come up with many creative ideas for their success.

These guys are great at managing their lives. They are organized and they always do things efficiently. When someone or something interferes with their plans, they get very upset.

Like all the Dogs, Cancer Dogs are compassionate and devoted to their friends and loved ones. This is something that suits the Cancer’s sensitive personality. It will always be a pleasure to have Cancer Dogs around as they have a positive aura that denotes optimism and a friendly character.

The Committed Cancer Dog Personality

Adaptable, these people will find it easy to get comfortable in any environment or group of people. As long as they feel wanted and loved, they will make others laugh and feel secure about having them around.

They are never unfair and they want others to be honest and respectful. It is important to treat the Cancer Dogs just like they are treating you.

Refined and elegant, these guys have a patience that is rarely met in other signs. They are charming and they have a sensibility of which anyone should be aware.

Not too talkative, they are rather reserved and introverted, showing their true selves only to those who they really trust and respect.

They have great taste and will be able to offer advice regarding fashion and home decoration. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have any weakness.

For example, Cancer Dogs can be pretty obsessed with not letting their feelings shown. They will hide under an exterior that denotes confidence and happiness, and they will never allow anyone to see how their internal struggle is actually happening.

Top Characteristics: Creative, Tempered, Generous, Confident, Easy going.

They may seem uninterested in a person or a situation, but in their hearts, they are deeply curious.

Most of the time, these guys are patient and composed. When they are facing a situation that is more difficult, they keep it cool and solve the problem with calm.

Generous and kind, these people will jump in to help those in need. They are like this because they are very compassionate and caring. As a matter of fact, the Cancer is known to be the most nurturing sign in the Western zodiac.

Because they are devoted and empathic, Cancer Dogs can analyze situations very thoroughly and clearly. They accept others’ points of view and they are not indifferent to their grievances. This means they will be appreciated by many.

Whenever they feel that someone is being treated unfair, they will do anything in their power to fix the situation. These are not the people to stand aside when injustice is happening.

No one is better at sharing the pain and sufferings of others than the Cancer Dogs. They can feel the emotions of a person and they are able to deliver sound advice.

Under the mask of rigidity that they usually carry, there is a soft and affectionate person. You can trust these Cancers to judge someone’s character. They know people better than they know themselves.

Knowing how to listen, they will never tell your secrets to anyone. As far as their work goes, these guys are loyal and persevering, always ready to give a hand when the situation requires them to.

Their colleagues will trust them completely. They are reliable, but they don’t have the tendency to become workaholics. They are only demanding with themselves, keeping work and their personal life separate.

Always honest but capable of facing changes, they will express what goes through their mind and bosses will appreciate them for this.

Because they are so open and intuitive, and because they like to help, Cancer Dogs would be very well suited for jobs in caring or support.

These qualities make them great parents as well. They can juggle more than one activity at once, and they will always be the ones in whom others will put all their trust.

Perfect careers for Cancer Dog: Diplomacy, Architecture, Travel, Design, Music.

Having many friends, these Dogs will infect people with their cheerful personality. Loyalty and friendship are very important to them, wanting a partner who can offer all this. They are eager to please and everyone will love them.

Don’t think they don’t have any weaknesses, because they do. For example, they can be too demanding with those close to them, and they can have moods no one can actually understand.

When they are upset, they become mean and ironic. Anxiety and collecting worries also causes them to be this way. It is advised that they are careful not to let others take advantage of their loyal and generous nature.

Love – Revealed

When they fall in love, Cancer Dogs give up everything and anything just be 100% devoted to their lovers.

They are responsible and caring with the partner, and the Dog influences them to be cautious. When the courtship begins, they can be very anxious and worried.

It’s impossible for them to be calm when they really like someone. They are shy people, so it’s necessary that they feel comfortable with a person before they begin to woo.

This is all due to the Cancer’s insecurity and the Dog’s alertness. You will never see them being open about liking someone.

Just like they are doing it with anything else in their life, they will keep a mask that won’t reveal their true feelings.

Most compatible with: Taurus Rabbit, Virgo Tiger, Pisces Rabbit, Scorpio Tiger, Taurus Rat.

Their partners will be spoiled and always aware of the fact that their Cancer Dog cares about them. They like romantic settings and gestures, so it is very possible that they’ll organize romantic dinners and scented baths for the ones they love.

Sending flowers and making special gifts, Cancer Dogs remain the incurable romantics of both zodiacs.

When they like someone, they don’t have any limits to how far their love goes. They never forget a person who passes through their life.

Even after breaking up, they will still remember the person who they’ve been with. These guys have a tendency to be too nostalgic and live in the past.

Besides, they also have a dark side. They tend to remember the negative memories more than the ones that made them happy. This is how they accumulate many regrets and they can’t get rid of things that already happened.

Only in their family they will completely be calm and secure. It takes a lot of time to convince them to commit. They are very careful to whom they allow into their lives and you’ll never see them settle down before it’s time.

Cancer Dog Woman Characteristics

More cautious than other Cancers, this lady knows how to manage herself and she rarely makes mistakes. She will be successful at anything she will try.

She can be lazy when she doesn’t have a specific purpose and precise goals. Energetic and hardworking, she will be independent from a very young age.

She analyzes everything, and her decisions will be weighed in carefully before they are being made.

It is advised that the Cancer Dog woman continues to be strong and energetic. This way, she will be happier and more appreciated. She needs to sometimes leave work aside and relax more.

Celebrities under the sign of Cancer Dog: Giorgio Armani, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Bacon, Priyanka Chopra, Lizzy Caplan, Sophia Bush.

Cancer Dog Man Characteristics

The Cancer Dog man leaves the impression that he is soft and gentle, but in reality he is strict and very serious.

He doesn’t care too much about the future, and he doesn’t necessarily want a long-lasting relationship.

He is full of emotions, so his career won’t be that successful. This guy impresses people with his gentle attitude. He is strong inside, but he makes people believe that he is sensitive.

He knows how to be sarcastic and ironic, and he likes routine. Intuitive, he will achieve a lot if he starts something related to occultism and mysticism. He has a system of values and he’s eccentric.

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