Cancer Anger: The Dark Side of The Crab Sign

Cancerians are totally angered by not being taken seriously and having others hurt their feelings.

Cancer anger

Those who were born under the sign of the Cancer are known to feel their emotions very intensely, no matter what these may be.

They can outburst into anger and throw tantrums when unhappy, this affecting their life until balanced is regained.

Cancer anger in a nutshell:

  • Angered by: Not being paid attention or listened to;
  • Can’t stand: Individualistic and rude people;
  • Style of revenge: Complex and vindictive;
  • Make up by: Showering them with gifts.

These people can be offended for a very long time because their memory is immaculate, but if being emotionally impressed, they can find it in their heart to forgive. All Cancers are sweet and in need to be spoiled from time to time.

Hiding the real feelings

Moody, Cancer natives are more than expressive because their own emotions can overwhelm them. They can cry for every little reason and feel like the world is ending when upset.

This is why others see them as spoiled and the ones capable of irritating. They’re generous and motherly, but as well very vindictive, no matter how sensitive and when someone is really hurting them.

Like serial killers, they can’t have their actions predicted, not to mention they can’t stop until obtaining their revenge.

More than this, they’re loving, caring and kind. For this reason, others like taking advantage of them, and they can end up feeling like they’ve been stripped of their goodness.

Those who are getting to see how bad they are need to just call on them and continue being their true friends. People born under Caner are the passive-aggressive type, so they’re never admitting when someone is making them angry.

Those less intuitive should not get too close to these natives because it’s easy for Cancers to be hurt and to retreat in their own shell after being only a little bit offended.

When angered, they’re hiding their true feeling until the moment of throwing a tantrum. Therefore, those who have individuals in this sign next to them should sometimes ask them if they’re happy because this would help them to not be involved in arguments with the Crabs.

In other words, these people need to be chased if it is for them to feel like someone cared about their fate.

They don’t like making any effort after they’ve been hurt, so when others are showing how careful they can be in their interest, they’re becoming good again.

Cancer individuals are idealistic and have high demands from others, as well when it comes to affection and devotion, not to mention they’re loving and the most loyal themselves. In case someone dares to hurt these people, they can forgive, but not overnight.

Angering a Cancer

Cancers can often throw tantrums. It’s easy to make them angry, especially if they’ve been annoyed before. The most giving and caring natives in the zodiac, these people expect to be appreciated and loved.

They can be very angry with ungrateful characters, and spend their days sulking. More than this, they simply hate it when others are talking dirty about any of their family members.

They don’t like it when someone is invading their space, not to mention how possessive they are about everything that’s bringing into their mind some really good memories.

Those who are invading their space can say goodbye to their friendship. Angry Cancers with their feelings hurt are moody and grumpy.

If pressured, they can burst into tears or hardly refrain themselves from doing it. In case no one is noticing how hurt they are, they can end up throwing tantrums until their feelings are being noticed.

Those who are trying to make up with these people should be very lucky because Cancers are known to hold grudges.

Testing the Cancer patience

Natives of the Cancer sign can become irritated over nothing, from talks about their mother to the ones about their home.

They’re becoming angry when someone is keeping them waiting for too long, while talking with someone in the park or at the mall.

More than this, they don’t like it when people are talking about their worries and after, they’re suddenly starting to discuss their own.

In other words, they hate it when others’ troubles are more urgent than theirs. Cancers don’t like secretive people because they want to be trusted just as much as they trust others.

It’s never a good idea to steal their food because they would give it away without hesitating. All in all, just like other signs, Cancers don’t like when their basic traits are being threatened and challenged.

For instance, they don’t want others to be quiet around them, as well insensitive and not accepting the love they have to give.

More than this, natives born in Cancer hate to be criticized and to be unsure of their position as members of a group. It shouldn’t be assumed they’re gentle, as the crabs in the sea aren’t.

Just because they can keep their cool and are happy to let things pass doesn’t mean they can handle a bad situation forever because when these natives are furiously exploding, they can do it very badly.

More than this, they can have the anger they’ve been holding onto bursting and after use words than can surprise anyone.

However, it can take a lot of time before things are happening this way, as well for them to calm down.

When angered, Cancers no longer care about anything and can pinch pretty badly. They simply don’t care about any issue if annoyed.

Besides, they possess a great and vivid memory, so they’re not forgetting important details, even if obvious that they did.

This is one of the reasons why others should be careful with them. When pushed too far, Cancer individuals can show a face of theirs no one has ever seen.

Pushing all your buttons

Cancer people have the Moon as their ruler. When loving someone, they can be extremely vengeful, even if not like Tauruses.

Most of the time, these people’s anger can be manifested through an emotional tantrum, bringing into their mind matters that have lasted in time and are meant to continue.

When very upset, Cancers can begin to cry. If their peace of mind is not somehow obtained, their emotional outings are only the beginning of what’s following.

Moody, they can become serial killers overnight, especially because they want revenge more than anything else after being hurt.

They simply can’t stop until their enemies are feeling the pain they’re supposed to, as well until they’re being humiliated. And they’re doing all this by no longer have any emotion or power to analyze, in a ruthless manner.

More than this, they don’t seem to give a damn about consequences of their actions either. No longer having emotions when plotting their revenge, Cancer natives are never feeling remorse after their enemies have paid their dues to them. The best idea for everyone is to never mess with Crabs.

However, their emotions can be as well used for bringing the peace. Those who have hurt Cancers and noticed their emotional tantrums should act very rapidly since the more these natives are sulking, the more they can plot for revenge.

In order to have them feeling better, it would be a good idea to be sent costly gifts and apologies.

The letter or the e-mail they’re receiving should be long and depicting good memories. After, some flowers can be sent to their door or at their workplace, all this without expecting anything in return. It can be a few days or a few months before these natives are forgiving.

Making peace with them

The first thing to do when trying to make a Cancer happy again is to admit that they’ve been threatened by the person who’s trying to apologize and that he or she is trying everything in his or her power to maintain peace.

Being a Cardinal sign, Cancerians are people of action and of talks. They want to feel safe based on how others are feeling and the way they’re thinking, so they love a good meal in which love has been invested, if someone has upset them and wants to apologize.

Their defenses can go down with a cup of milk and some cookies. The past is very important for these natives, so they can use it in strange manners, in order to feel happy again in the present and about their future.

For instance, those who want to be great by their side should remind people born in Cancer about beautiful and happy family dinners and some moments in which pictures have been taken.

This can make their day and have them friends again with the people they love the most, but who have offended them.

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