Cancer And Virgo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Virgo is sweet and realistic as these two are really a match made in heaven.

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When two reserved people like the Cancer and the Virgo get together, be sure something romantic is going to happen. They may be old-fashioned and very polite when they woo, but ultimately these two will end up together. It’s necessary that they do things their way, and not try to be like other couples.

CriteriaCancer Virgo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

These signs are in the search of commitment and a stable relationship. Sensitive, they will be very in love with one another from the beginning. Don’t think they don’t care about each other if they seem disinterested. This is how these guys act.

Sometimes, in love, it’s good to take things slow. The Cancer-Virgo is a match between two people who are worriers so they need to feel comfortable with the other before anything else. This is why they will both be planning dates and minimize as much as possible their fear of the unknown.

When Cancer and Virgo fall in love …

The Cancer is emotional and easily hurt, while the Virgo is analytical and rational. But they are definitely a match. The Virgo lover will view the relationship from a practical point of view whilst their Cancer partner will base all his or her actions on emotions and moods.

They each like to care for someone, so they’ll make a big fuss when their other half is in trouble. The Cancer and the Virgo will talk a lot, be best friends, and achieve many great things as a couple.

They are both positive creatures who prefer the optimistic side of things. It’s quite interesting to watch their relationship developing.

The Virgo won’t be as demonstrative as the Cancer, for people born in this sign are more reserved. The Crab likes to collect things and the Virgo is a famous hoarder, so you can imagine how this will unravel. Before they move in together, they may need to rent a unit somewhere.

When they talk, they both invest a lot of feeling in the conversation. Everything about these two says loyalty. No need to worry one of them will flirt with another person while in a relationship.

They will only work on what makes them strong, and they will do it good. The Virgo believes relationships are built with hard work and effort.

They don’t think love at first sight is possible. Besides, admiration and placing each other on a pedestal will also be something they will both do. It’s great that the Virgo and the Cancer will never need to reassure one another of their love.

The Virgo has a tendency to be possessive, just like the Cancer. Because they are loving and devoted, they will get the exact thing back from the partner.

The Virgo likes being a team mate, while the Cancer doesn’t mind accepting suggestions from others. So when the overly criticizing spirit of the Virgo will emerge, the Cancer won’t even mind. On contrary, the Cancer will be glad someone gives them all the attention they deep inside want to receive.

The Cancer and Virgo relationship

If they don’t take into consideration what makes them different and flawed, the Cancer and the Virgo can have quite a progressive relationship. It’s important the mature Virgo takes the lead in this partnership because the Cancer sometimes overreacts and is indecisive.

Emotional, the Cancer needs to be guided by their partner to be more calm and composed. Virgos are modest and never too proud, so they will feel great with the Cancer because the latter never wants to control others.

The Cancer will stop hiding in his shell and cease being so protective with what he or she feels. Both with a sophisticated sense of humor, they will make each other laugh, even during a difficult situation. The Virgo’s criticizing side will appreciate how determined and ambitious the Cancer is. They are both responsible and eager to have a status in the society.

The Virgo hates depending on someone, people in this sign usually work hard to end up having their own money and a satisfying life. They will feel secure next to the protective Cancer who inspires them security.

If the Cancer will give their partner enough attention and appreciation, they will never get paranoid or jealous. There will be a mutual respect between them, thing that the Virgo wants and likes a lot when with a partner.

The compromises they will have to make will be minor as they will like each other the way they are. The Cancer can always be taught how to be more rational and not so hurt with every little affirmation. When with the Virgo, they will both be a perfect couple, two people who will never suffer or want the other to improve. If taken alone, they are prone to depression because they need someone to live their life with.

Cancer and Virgo marriage compatibility

Family-oriented and conservative, the Virgo-Cancer couples will build a great home together. It’s their favorite thing in the world to make plans for the future and save money for a bigger house.

No one can help the Virgo be more self-reliant than the Cancer. A cardinal sign, the Crab is stable and sure of his or her emotions. These two will never cheat on one another, will never lie when together and will surely be able to build something long-lasting and incredibly strong.

They won’t have a problem trusting each other, which is something great for the Cancer who has problems believing in other people. The fact that the Virgo is so rational will keep their relationship emotionally stable.

If the Crab starts to show his or her feelings too much, the Virgo will panic and will begin to over analyze what is happening. And the Crab will be a little bit turned off by this. These people have a problem keeping things in line with someone like the Virgo.

An Earth sign, this sign is sometimes interested in traveling and going places. The Cancer will have to decide if they wish to join or not. But in general, they will love what the other is thinking of, every activity they each will come up with.

Sexual compatibility

In the bedroom, the Cancer can play both domineering and submissive. Sex with them is diverse and energetic. Virgos like to make love a lot, so they’ll be open to everything their partner suggests. They are great in the bedroom together.

Everything sensual wakes up their libido. They will be very attracted to one another, and the Cancer will show the Virgo his or her most sensual abilities.

They will be great together, but slow as the Cancer takes time to trust and the Virgo needs to analyze. They will recognize each other as worriers and will like to have found someone like themselves to share the most intimate moments with.

The downsides of this union

Stress, moods and insecurity are factors that greatly affect the relationship between a Virgo and a Cancer. More than this, the Virgo is a hypochondriac who criticizes others too much.

They need to be careful when they are facing each and every one of these things. While they are very compatible, these two need to take good care of some issues that makes them be distant with one another.

For example, when criticizing, the Virgo can be cruel and mean. While Cancers understand this side of him or her, they would highly appreciate a mellower tone.

The moods Cancers have all the time can exhaust a Virgo at some point. It’s true Cancers are open and interesting, but they can also be judgmental and sometimes easily angered if things are not happening the way they have planned them.

More than this, they have a tendency to think too much of the past and be insecure about the future. And the optimistic Virgo will not like this.

What to remember about Cancer and Virgo

Fascinated by one another, the Cancer and the Virgo will admire each other a lot. They have a strong compatibility as a couple. Together, they can build a relationship that is long lasting and very beautiful.

It’s incredible how Water and Earth mix together so well in this couple. Cancers are emotional, while Virgos let themselves be controlled only by thought. Therefore, they will complement each other very well.

While private and careful not to show their true feelings, the Virgo and the Cancer will learn how to trust one another. They will understand each other very well, from the very first moment as they are both nurturing and loving.

The Cancer wants to take care of everyone’s emotions, while the Virgo is more practical and likes to serve and to help. These differences in them will never raise major conflicts. On contrary, they will be stronger when these two are together.

As far as courtship goes, they are both old-fashioned and they will woo one another with sincerity. While both shy, they will feel more relaxed as soon as they will get to know each other and their love will begin to take shape.

They will thrive on the fact that they can rely on one another. They will open up easily when they’ll be in the company of the other, comfort being a word that best describes the atmosphere between them. It will be normal for these two to give each other some space for personal development. This means fights are a rare thing between them.

The problems may appear when the Virgo will be too critical because he or she is the perfectionist of the zodiac. They both believe relationships get built with hard work and they want a family and a comfortable home.

So expect Virgo and Cancer to get married soon after their first few dates. Their entire relationship will be founded on common sense, the wish to please the other, and hard work.

The Cancer will support the Virgo in everything he or she wants to do. This is why they’ll achieve many great things as a couple.

They will split responsibilities in a fair way, and they will both contribute to the income of the family. Planning for the future will be something they will do every day as they both have goals and dreams. And they will be successful at achieving those goals. The Watery Cancer will nurture the Earthy Virgo, and the Maiden will take care of the Crab’s emotions.

Their life will be beautiful and settled as they are both practical and hard working. They will never lose control and it is unlikely you will ever see them living in chaos. They are both devoted and they want peace and serenity so it is likely their relationship will last a lifetime.

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