Cancer and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

This friendship goes deeper than the naked eye can see and each of these two will have an important role in the life of the other.

Cancer and Pisces Friendship

The friendship between the Cancer and the Pisces can be great because the Cancer enjoys giving all of his or her affection to the sensitive Pisces. Furthermore, the Fish adores helping the Crab open up.

At some point, the Cancer will become exhausted seeing how the Pisces spends money in an irresponsible way. However, the Pisces will also be bored seeing how the Cancer is obsessed with his or her career.

CriteriaCancer and Pisces Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityAverage★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentAverage★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

Most of the time, these two will ignore each other’s negative traits, so the friendship between them will be based on mutual respect and support.

An emotional connection

As both of them belong to the Water element and they’re caring, compassionate and very much both relying on emotions, it’s easy for them to understand each other like no other two signs in the zodiac.

The Cancer and the Pisces friends are known to involve intuition and emotions in their lives, regardless of the decisions they should be making, which means supporting one another comes easy for them.

They both have great imagination and creativity, so their ideas will be put into practice without having one of them protesting. The friendship between the Cancer and the Pisces represents a connection between two similar minds and two highly-evolved spirits.

The Cancer doesn’t mind initiating things and the Pisces immediately goes with his or her ideas. Both of them love giving a hand and don’t mind tolerating some of the other’s negative traits.

The Pisces can show the Cancer how to be more creative and spiritual. In return, the latter can help their friend make his or her dreams come true.

The connection these two have is truly rich and strong because the Cancer is very appreciative and oriented towards comfort or having a nice home.

There will be times when he or she won’t understand how the Pisces can be so simple. When it comes to these two’s interests and aspirations, these can be very different.

However, as soon as they’ll understand one another and overcome their differences, they’ll become warmer and more interested in having a connection with each other.

The planet ruling Pisces is Neptune, while the Cancer has the Moon as ruler. The Moon and Neptune form the strongest spiritual connections because both of them have a lot of feminine energies. It can be said the friendship between two signs ruled by them is idealistic and goes into the divine.

The Cancer shouldn’t be too sensitive around the Fish, whereas the latter shouldn’t make too many demands and ask for attention.

Each with their strengths

Pisceans tend to put others before their own needs, so they’re very altruistic and can make the best friends anyone could have.

It’s always easy to count on them in times of need. Some will hate these natives, others will love them, but no one will be indifferent to their personalities because they have a special magnetism and are always ready to give up on themselves for their loved ones.

Those who are looking to do things just for the sake of it or for a friend who can absorb their feelings and treat them with respect should definitely get together with Pisces.

Cancers are known as very emotional, which means these natives get strongly attached. They’re caring and affectionate, making everyone in their life feel comfortable when around them.

Anyone can count on Cancers to always be there in times of need, not to mention they’re touchy, so they may want to give their friends many hugs. Pisces are also known to forget about themselves when having to give a hand, making everyone love them because they’re reliable.

Pisces natives love being in groups because they get to feel connected with everyone and can instill a good atmosphere around them. They find too ambitious people to be irritable because they’re the type who is just enjoying life as it comes.

Many will think of them as dreamy and they’d be right because Pisceans never seem to have their feet on the ground. It’s difficult to guess their intentions from their behavior as they can disappear on friends without giving an explanation.

Furthermore, it’s hard to guess how they’re feeling all the time because they cross from one emotion to another at the speed of light. It can be said Pisces are good spiritual guides since they have an inclination to believe in numerology, astrology and tarot, not to mention they’re able to guess what other people are thinking and feeling.

Their third eye connection with the spiritual world is like a strong magnet of attracting other people. Many will look up to them to feel better and they’re empathetic enough to always give a hand.

Because they’re also kind and truly giving, Pisces make very reliable friends. For them, communication in friendships is very important, so it’s good to have a Cancer near because people in this sign are great listeners.

They will want to hear about every problem and reason for being happy, and they can cry with their friends when these are feeling down.

However, the fact that Cancerians are sometimes pessimistic and often play the victim can make it difficult for others to be around them as they need to be encouraged and to have their spirits lifted up.

Many can grow tired of having such a friend, so they decide to no longer make an effort and to give up the friendship altogether.

What to remember about the Cancer & Pisces friendship

Both the Cancer and the Pisces belong to the Water element, which means they’re compatible as friends because Water focuses a lot on what it can touch and feel.

The Pisces is known to connect with every human being, whereas Cancers are nurturing and emotional, which means the bond between them can be very strong.

Their common goals may be focused on bringing good to others because they have this passion to make the world a better place. The Cancer is pretty stable and can’t understand the many emotions Pisces usually have.

Furthermore, the Cancer can help the Fish be less unrealistic. The Pisces will never get scared of talking about the truth, but never in a brutal manner.

At some point, the Cancer may become too impatient to deal with how unstable the Pisces can be, while the later may think the former is being selfish and pessimistic. However, if these two have common goals, they can find compromises more easily, when having to get out of this situation.

The Cancer is cardinal, whereas the Pisces mutable. The first wants to initiate and the latter prefers to just live on hunches and to go where life is taking him or her.

The Cancer needs to let the Pisces be free and to not become needy. Furthermore, the Pisces can show the Cancer how completing projects is sometimes more important than initiating them and how a friendship without the two parts investing some efforts is not possible.

When these two combine energies, great things can happen. The best side of their connection is the fact that their minds think the same and their emotions are very similar.

Both are at the same time teachers and students, while their qualities are in great harmony and even complementing each other.

Being empathic and very committed is what they equally appreciate in their friendships, and it’s very possible for these two to be friends for a lifetime.

Not only they’d be happy when spending time together, the Cancer will simply want to see every movie the Pisces has ever liked, while the latter will adore the Crab’s cooking.

The Cancer will admire the Pisces for being a big humanitarian, while the Fish will love how the Crab handles money. The first has a rich imagination, the second is famous for his or her sense of humor.

It’s possible for them to be interested in the exact same things, which can be hiking, reading and even to be fascinated about the occult. Just like any other two friends in the zodiac, they have their problems because the Pisces are too lightheaded and can hurt the Crab’s feelings when forgetting about important anniversaries and birthdays.

Also, the Fish may sometimes feel like he or she is being smothered by the Cancer. However, they will easily overcome these issues because their friendship is meant to last for a lifetime.

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