Cancer and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is of course highly emotional and loyal, but few understand how these two empower each other.

Cancer and Cancer Friendship

When two people in the sign of Cancer get together, expect laughter to be their main focus, not to mention they can talk with each other in a code that only them can understand.

Both know how to earn the big salaries and how not to spend too much, which means their friendship can easily turn into a business partnership. There will, however, be times when their moodiness will have them snapping at one another.

CriteriaCancer and Cancer Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

It can be very fulfilling for a Cancer to get together with another Cancer because no one can make him or her feel more at ease. Furthermore, they’d be both resonating with the absurd and think of each other’s homes as the most comfortable places on earth.

The friend everyone needs

It’s true that two Cancerian friends may be sometimes fed up with one another’s tantrums, but at least they won’t get bored when together.

Furthermore, they may have problems when having to deal with their own insecurities, but most of the time, these two will get along very well.

They’ll go fishing and shopping for furniture for their homes. Their friendship is characterized by being nurturing and very emotional. Both are loyal and interested in helping one another become successful.

With time, they’ll learn how to calm each other down and how to trust one another for doing the most complicated tasks and offering comfort.

They’re generous, empathetic and supportive, but only when they’re not complaining about themselves and trying to manipulate others from an emotional point of view.

If they want their emotions to always be stable, they need to both enjoy the nurturing friendship between them.

The caretaker Cancer is a cardinal sign belonging to the Water element and ruled by the Moon. Above anything else, natives in this sign want their friendships to be secure.

In return for receiving security, Cancers become loving, overprotective, and starting to treat their friends like family. It can be tricky to become friends with them because they have many moods, not to mention they’re not known to communicate very well, especially when it comes to talking about serious issues and worries.

However, the more a Cancer will start to trust a person and be affectionate with him or her, the more this native will become open to be vulnerable and to talk about feelings.

The Cancer will always make sure his or her friends are enjoying life and they’re being cared for, even if this means putting him or herself on the second place.

However, Cancers shouldn’t be mistaken for submissive when offering their love because as soon as betrayed, they can no longer trust ever again.

These natives like to live their life fiercely and can become very ferocious when protecting their loved ones. They belong home, where they can take care of everything, and they never care about others’ opinions when it comes to their household.

The Cancer will not hesitate to become scary and fierce when his or her home is being threatened. This means Cancers are great for intimate connections and when together with other Cancers, they’ll fight to help one another succeed.

A loyal friendship

People born in this sign should never give in when uncontrolled emotions are conquering them because they can hurt others on their way to success and not even realize it.

It’s essential to be very careful with them because they tend to manipulate from an emotional point of view. Because they’re governed by the Moon, these natives can be considered very maternal and moody, according to the cycle of this celestial body.

The Moon is believed to be the Mother of everyone, which is reflected in how caring and giving the Cancer is. Those born in this sign have their great energy focused on comfort and on offering a feeling of domesticity, which means the friendship between two Cancer people will be focused on their homes and spending a lot of time inside.

They’re both paying attention to loyalty, so their connection is healthy and based on something serious. Because they’re nurturers, Cancers appreciate more the quality of connections than the quantity.

They’re able to make everyone feel great and interested in what’s happening with their friends’ lives. Because they’re always there during good and bad times, they make great friends.

As a matter of fact, being uninterested in themselves and wanting to solve other people’s problems before their own makes them attractive as pals.

These natives may have qualities that are hidden and that only another Cancer can reveal. They don’t like to think of themselves too much, which means they’d do anything for their loved ones to be happy.

All Cancers realize all people want is to be cared for and loved. Therefore, they don’t hesitate to act as protectors and to make as many friends as possible. Many won’t be able to resist them because they’re always open to give a hand and can really show how much they care about people in their life.

The fact that they’re loving makes them the best friends for anyone. Furthermore, they inspire people to share their feelings and to be emotionally open. The fact that they’re this way themselves means they’ll all the time have many emotional rides through life.

However, those of them who are more evolved can keep their feelings under control. They’re careful and highly receptive when having to choose a friend, not to mention their intuition can help them understand when others have hidden agendas.

More than this, Cancers are very interested in knowing things, which means they’re also very practical. They don’t mind sharing what’s on their mind.

Feelings might get in the way

Many Cancers are playing the role of nurturers who can never say “no” and who give directions to the members in their group. What can surprise them in life is the fact that others don’t give up as much as they do.

This doesn’t happen because they’re surrounded by bad people, but because they’re keeping their emotions too private and tend to let go when feeling misunderstood.

Cancers are known to never share what they’re feeling because they don’t want to impose or to burden someone. Their friends will feel much more comfortable if they’d be open and ready to share some things happening in their life.

Therefore, Cancers as friends need to be more open, which means they have to trust others more. When being friends with someone for many years, they should be able to open up to that person and to trust him or her more than anyone in the world.

The more they’ll do this, the deeper their friendship will become and they’ll develop connections with others who seem to care about the same things as them

Because natives in this sign get easily confused when it comes to feelings, it’s not unnatural for them to hide under a shell when feeling threatened. This means the withdrawn Cancer can sometimes be a difficult companion, but when two of them are friends, they’re able to acknowledge each other’s need for space and for spending some time alone.

Water acts like a protector for them because it keeps everything tied up and hidden inside, in order for these natives to not get hurt by friends and outsiders.

The Cancer is cardinal, which means he or she doesn’t shy away from getting things done and from making his or her dreams come true.

Natives of this sign are very protective and would do anything to keep their friends emotionally stable and relaxed. It’s easy for them to get hurt whenever someone says something wrong, but they’re not known to stay upset for too long.

Two Cancers in a friendship will be fiercely loyal to each other, even if they need to interpret one another’s emotions from their own different perspective.

The greatest thing about their connection is the fact that they’re both devoted to make their own emotions and domestic life a bliss. Experiencing many things together will make their friendship very strong.

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