Break Up With an Aquarius Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup will likely be about over analysing why things have not worked out, with a very confuse conclusion drawn out of it.

Aquarius woman break up

When an Aquarius woman is seeming cold and detached or when they’re having problems being intimate, they may be thinking of a breakup. Either way, these natives are very confusing and difficult to read.

Therefore, if their partner is hurrying out the door, he or she may need to analyze who’s actually looking to in ways with the other.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with an Aquarius woman:

  1. If she is constantly criticized, she will go.
  2. She’s not one to desire any confrontation.
  3. Be prepared with a comprehensive list of break up reasons.
  4. She doesn’t mind remaining friends with her ex.
  5. She might pretend and act like nothing much has happened.

Aquarius ladies have a highly evolved mind and are never jealous. Wanting to avoid confrontation, they won’t want to talk about any breakup, so their partner shouldn’t expect them to beg for reconciliation or second chances.

How to break up with the Aquarius woman

When not believing her partner is her equal and as spiritual as her, she no longer wants to be with that person. This doesn’t mean she won’t stick around for a little bit longer, especially if feeling needed.

However, she’ll put a great distance between her and her man, so he’ll start wanting to no longer be with her even if she’d beg him to stay.

When nagged about different details on the way she dresses, she starts to become very annoyed because she’s already obsessive about every little thing in her wardrobe.

Therefore, being constantly criticized can have her out the door in a minute. When her partner is telling this lady that he wants them both to spend more time together, she may start thinking of a breakup and nothing else.

She gives a lot of importance to her freedom, so the person who tries to steal it from her will definitely end up out of her life. She should be informed a discussion about separation is about to follow.

While she likes surprises, she doesn’t want to deal with any confrontation, so she prefers to know if this is about to follow.

The man who wants to break up with the Aquarius woman should have a list with his reasons as to why he wants to do this. The Aquarius woman is very logical when in a relationship, so she expects others to be the same and to let her know what convinces them to make certain decisions.

Her soon-to-be ex shouldn’t be in any way hesitant about the breakup because she wants clarity and wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of any hesitation.

All Aquarians are very sensitive on the inside, not to mention they prefer to know they’re not the ones to blame in case of a separation.

The Aquarius woman may seem out of this world because she’s very good at pretending like nothing has happened and thinking out of the box when it comes to love.

She won’t mind remaining friends with her exes, so any man should be ready to become buddies with her after a passionate relationship. She surely has loved every man that happened to be in her life, but she’s also very good and compartmentalizing her affection.

This lady won’t want to think about her feelings because she wants to only be happy and to not bothered. Many will blame her for not caring, but things wouldn’t be like this at all as she’s only less sensitive and emotional.

Other signs have no idea what to do after a breakup, whereas Aquarius women are not even analyzing why things haven’t worked out because for them, because they just believe that some relationships aren’t meant to be.

The lady in this sign will not wait to hook up with the next man in her life and to start a new as soon as getting dumped. As said before, this doesn’t mean she never cared, she just refuses to sit and analyze her emotions because this wouldn’t serve her in any way.

The man who wants to part ways with this woman should tell her he wants to remain friends with her. After only a few weeks since the breakup, the Aquarius woman will either be his best buddy or a complete stranger.

She may seem like the separation is not affecting her in any way, so she’s capable of dealing with it without stressing too much, especially since she’s on a new territory, which she very much likes.

Her friends will always support her because she was always there for them too, since friendship is more important for her than romance.

It’s very possible for this lady to end up with one of her best friends, although this may not happen as soon as she broke up with someone because she can be pretty panicked when a man shows an interest in her after she has just ended things with her ex-partner.

She can be more insecure than the male in the same sign. As a matter of fact, this woman has many things about herself that she needs to address. For example, she may not have any confidence and be very reserved, which can make her seem two-faced for many.

When with someone, she’ll be completely attached to that person in the most positive way. This woman can take care of her man and in the same time depend on him. In this situation, a breakup would be much more difficult for her.

She may start blaming herself for what happened and everything that didn’t work out. It’s possible for her to contemplate on her own fate and to compare it with the one of others.

At the same time, she’ll wonder why some are happy with their partners while she isn’t. This is the moment when her insecurities will start to appear.

She’ll take some time until she’ll get close to another man, which means moving on is in fact difficult for her, not to mention how long she’ll take before opening up again.

It’s impossible to notice something strange about her when she’s the one wanting to go. She’ll just take her stuff and leave without a goodbye, whenever feeling like.

When breaking up with someone, the Aquarius woman will most likely make the suggestion of remaining good friends with her ex.

If he’ll refuse this, she won’t hesitate to sit down with him and to talk about how a relationship is meaningless when compared with how vast the Universe is.

She won’t even mention how she felt when first meeting him or what the experiences they had together mean for her, she’ll discuss completely different things.

After all, this lady simply loves talking about different philosophies and her own ideas. When noticing her partner is not in any way interested in what she has to say or in politics, philosophy and religion, she begins to no longer care about that man.

Nothing else will matter to her more than the fact that she can’t have an intelligent dialogue with the person who’s supposed to bring her inspiration.

How does an Aquarius woman handle a breakup?

It’s rare for these natives to hold a grudge, so it won’t be in any way difficult to dump them. But this doesn’t mean they never cared. The great news here is that they can be friends with their exes for a lifetime, not to mention no one knows how to be a better buddy than them.

However, those who are thinking a relationship with them may happen again should stop doing this because their chances are very slim.

When Aquariuses are dumping their partners, these last-mentioned ones will be left wondering what happened. These natives are very detached and a little bit cold, treating love more like a business.

Their mind is only focused on facts and never on feelings, so their explanation for why the breakup has happened may be very realistic.

While their partner will stare at them and think they were with the most indifferent person in the world, they’ll also get to feel heartbroken and feeling like their life ended up shattered in million little pieces, especially when acknowledging their Aquarius is never going to come back to them.

Being motivated to make the world a better place and to connect with the entire collective, it’s difficult for them to interact at an interpersonal level. They care about their loved ones, but their focus is always on what’s happening at a bigger scale, so no one can convince them to no longer care about social issues or to fight for different causes.

When involved with someone, they’re very fun and a true inspiration, but during the breakup with that person, their aloofness can make them seem very cold.

It doesn’t matter who suggested the separation, they’ll always intellectualize what happened and analyze every success or failure they’ve encountered when spending their time with their ex.

It’s possible they’ll join a class and study more after a breakup because this makes them forget about the happy times they used to have with their former partner.

This is the way they’re coping with heartbreak as they’re an Air sign and therefore, very preoccupied about matters of the mind.

While not able to express their emotions, they really do have feelings, so it’s important for these natives to be supported by their loved ones after a breakup.

They have a tendency to think it’s easy for them to get over a separation, but the emptiness in their heart won’t allow these people to hold on for too long to that idea.

They’ll ask themselves what’s the difference between being with someone and being single, just to end up thinking of all kind of philosophies regarding the Universe and why people exist.

They should realize their heart has been broken and that the pain they’re feeling is real because it’s healthier to approach failed romances this way.

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