Break Up With An Aquarius Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup doesn’t have to be a pain if you both can reminisce on the good moments spent together.

Aquarius man break up

Being the most independent, open-minded and progressive natives in the zodiac, Aquarius men are not very upset when someone wants to break it off with them. They simply weren’t committed to something long-term to begin with.

Aquarians tend to be devoted to only one partner until their curiosity is starting to push them towards chasing someone else. They’re domineering when involved with someone because they want to keep any deep emotion as far away as possible from their connection, not to mention how much they hate possessiveness.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with an Aquarius man:

  1. He will go if the relationship doesn’t make sense for him anymore.
  2. He is one to avoid the breakup for as long as possible.
  3. Invading his space is a major reason for saying goodbye.
  4. He will not be very devastated by the separation.
  5. Prepare for the possibility of remaining friends as exes.

Since Aquarius men don’t like arguing or discussing about a divorce, in case they wish to end things, they’ll do their best to drive their partner crazy and to end up being the ones who are asked for a breakup.

How to break up with the Aquarius man

Aquarius men are of 2 types, so the perfect breakup with a person in this sign will be very much influenced by this classification.

For example, there’s the Aquarius who loves structure and conventions and who likes being in a relationship, regardless of how many changes are taking place.

On the other hand, there’s the more known type, which is the Aquarius who’s unconventional and a free-thinker, the person who’s always ready to leave a relationship.

Obviously, with the last-mentioned type, the breakup will happen easily and without too much struggle. The man who happens to be this kind of Aquarius just needs to be told everything has been fun, but the relationship simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

With the first Aquarius man described, things are not like this at all because, even if hating to be emotionally reliant on someone, he’ll still want to be involved and to hold on tightly to his relationship.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite enjoyable to watch him being tormented by his inner contradictions. As opposed to what everyone believes, the Aquarius man doesn’t hate being with someone, he just doesn’t want to ever feel tied down.

However, when allowed to be free and to do what he wants, he starts to fight for his relationship and to work on avoiding a breakup as much as possible, since the Aquarius is fixed and therefore, very stubborn.

An easy way to make an Aquarius man leave a relationship is to start being restrictive, to nag and to give him advice or to treat everyone else with superiority.

When being with a woman who’s acting holier than Heaven itself and doesn’t think people are equal, the Aquarius man will want to leave as fast as possible as he’s the one marching for equality and a society that doesn’t discriminate.

Arguing with him is also a good idea when wanting a breakup because he hates seeing how others are contradicting his ideas just for the sake of it, so he would do anything to escape a person who’s always looking to say black is in fact white.

Having a closed mind and invading his space are as well great methods to make him go away for good. Those ladies who don’t want to act differently in order for him to leave can just tell this man the truth because there are very good chances he’ll still want to remain friends.

The Aquarius man can be the best companion anyone has ever had, and even if hurt after a breakup, he may still want to prove he’s the better person and that a platonic love doesn’t bother him in any way.

It’s very possible the ladies he’s been with and have remained their friends to want him back at some point, but it would be too late for something of a romantic nature to happen again in this situation.

The Aquarius man will never be devastated when a relationship is ending, like men in other signs tend to be, so it’s not difficult for him to remain friends with his exes, not to mention he’s never jealous or too romantic, which means no one will ever see him serenading or making love declarations to a woman.

While needing to keep the distance, he won’t ban one of the ladies he has been with from his life forever. Those who are trying to take him away from his friends will end up feeling his hate, so this a very bad way to end up things with the Water Bearer.

Focused on equality and loving to be surrounded by friends, the Aquarius man won’t accept to hear lies about him are being spread or to see his lover is trying to push him away from a group.

According to him, the woman who wants to no longer be in his life should see the relationship with him very clearly and avoid becoming emotional as much as possible, even when a breakup seems to be in the cards.

Making him feel like he has no dignity left is another way to end up things with this gentleman because even if he may sometimes be wacky, he’s very intelligent and wants to know his partner is appreciating him for his ways, not for anything else.

Furthermore, forcing compromises on him will push this man very far from the person who doesn’t allow him to act the way he wants to. He needs to wear his green hat and red and pants and to do unusual things, so when not given the green light to be weird, he can become very cold and uncaring.

Having many friends, it would be a good idea to not get along well with the people in his life and he’ll start thinking twice about being with that person.

He spends a lot of his time with his buddies, so he wants a woman who can do just the exact same thing, without faking that she’s having a good time.

Those who’ll tell him how to live his life will end up abandoned because he hates having a life partner who’s controlling and who wants to impose some of her ways onto him.

The Aquarius man loves a woman who’s more than happy in her own skin and is courageous, but in the same time nurturing. He desires a combination of submissive with bold, so he appreciates a woman with a lot of confidence, no matter the situation.

When feeling pressured, the Water Bearer man will no longer know where to hide because his style is relaxed and he prefers to just let things happen on their own.

Not admiring him and his talents can also be a road that takes the relationships with this man to an end. More than this, he wants a woman with whom he can be friends because he gives a lot of importance to friendship, even more than he gives romantic relationships.

People who aren’t passionate about anything don’t impress him in any way because he admires individuals with many hobbies and a passion for doing something, not to mention how much he likes taking about the interests of another person and making friends with the people in his lover’s life.

Women who don’t have a humanitarian side won’t be around him for too long because he’s a fighter for the greater good, who loves volunteering for different causes.

The Aquarius man and breakups

People who are very insecure when it comes to love won’t be able to accept how Aquarius men are never jealous. Natives of this sign are never possessive or interested in playing mind games because they simply love giving others their freedom and not interfering with their life.

Many can interpret this the wrong way and think of Water Bearers as insensitive and unable to commit from an emotional point of view, but these natives are only passionate about freedom, no matter if being with a person for a very long time or just living the life.

It’s rare for people in this sign to want to own their partner or to belong to someone. When dumped, Aquarius men will be a little bit sad and after just happy to have found their freedom again.

Those looking for a committed relationship in which partners are only spending their time together should look for someone else and let go of the Aquarius because people in this sign are too independent for such a connection, not to mention they would never give up their rich social life for any relationship.

Aquarius men will always be appreciated by their exes for their intelligence and desire to know as much as possible.

Their ego may be a little bit hurt after each breakup, but they’ll never allow their pride to spoil any of their friendships with their exes, perhaps only if feeling very hurt.

They’ll always look to end their own relationships on good terms, but this doesn’t mean they won’t gossip about their ex-lovers.

As a matter of fact, it’s very likely for them to spread rumors about the ladies who have been into their life, also to come back to an ex-girlfriend from time to time, just to have some fun like during the good old days.

Being spontaneous and adventurous, very few of the women they’ve been with will get to feel annoyed by their presence, not to mention how they can inspire anyone to be more confident and stronger.

However, there won’t be one woman to say she’s missing the way her Aquarius man used to be self-centered and only interested in his own comfort.

The worse thing someone could do to the Water Bearer man is to tie him down. Governed by Uranus, which is the planet of freedom and new experiences, this man will never accept to be pushed around.

He needs his own space and to combine freedom with commitment. Those trying to have him settled down will be out of his life as soon as he’ll notice their intentions.

Another thing that can really turn off the Aquarius man is bigotry and rigidness. Prejudiced people who seem to ignore everything or who believe they’re superior will never have the respect of an Aquarius. Natives of this sign are known for having high demands from the people in their life, not to mention how much they hate dishonesty, pride and arrogance.

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