Break Up With a Virgo Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This is one of the tough situations because she will understand things logically but will not know what to do with the flurry of emotions she experiences.

Virgo woman break up

If you want to break up with a Virgo woman you should try and get close to her in the beginning because the separation will be painful. As soon as she’ll make an idea about why things have ended, things can start moving forward again.

Virgos shouldn’t be ghosted or just sent a goodbye text. They need honesty and if their lover doesn’t mind taking half of the blame for the breakup, everything becomes easier when the discussion begins.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Virgo woman:

  1. She might beg for a second chance but only for a limited time.
  2. She won’t really know what to do with her emotions so might behave hectically.
  3. She might be more focused on the practicalities or anything that needs to be shared.
  4. It will take her a while to process everything so needs to be given space.
  5. At a later point, she might even ask for what she could have done better.

As soon as the Virgo woman decides to go get a makeover or buy a new gym membership after a breakup, the other can be sure they’re ready to move with their life. These natives know how to learn from every failure happening to them, so they’re ready to go over anything that may go wrong when it comes to their relationships.

How to break up with the Virgo woman

The Virgo woman is known to analyze every situation in her mind and to think of all the reasons why she should break up with a man, long before he has decided to do the same thing.

The only difference between her and perhaps more sensible women is that the Virgo one doesn’t mind expressing her unhappiness, as soon as feeling this way.

The issue here is that she’s constantly judging, so her ex may think he finally escaped her criticizing and nagging, matters that seem to get worse when a breakup is on the horizon.

Therefore, more sensitive people should avoid being with this girl, but if they happen to be with her and to wait for things in their relationship to get better, they should be ready to face their judgment or their things to be thrown out the window if they have ever made her upset.

The Virgo woman is famous for doing this to her partners when feeling betrayed. However, a breakup may not annoy or bother her that much because it would only seem to her that she only got a new chance to analyze herself and to determine what she can learn from it.

This woman is very smart and resourceful, so she wouldn’t get bored on her own or be terrified of a breakup.

She’s rather focused on solving her own problems and on making her life better, no matter if this involves dealing with a partner or not.

It’s very likely her partner will get emotional because she probably was his rock and the most reliable person in his life, not to mention the person with whom he shared everything.

While he probably took a while to make the decision for a breakup, he shouldn’t doubt himself and respect it, even if feeling lonely or missing her a lot in the beginning.

He needs to be honest because she really appreciates this, not to mention it will become much easier for both to just move on.

It’s a good idea to tell her the relationship is no longer working because she’ll most likely agree, making the decision to break up mutual.

She should be told no one is more phenomenal than her because she has many impressive traits and people will always value her.

The man trying to break up with the Virgo woman should also tell her others will surely appreciate what she has to offer because this is a speech meant to keep things in balance in this situation.

A way to make her leave is for the partner to become intellectually dull as she simply loves talking about politics, different destinations and what’s happening in the world. A man who seems dumb won’t be tolerated next to her for too long.

This lady needs to be intellectually stimulated all the time, so the man who can’t have a smart conversation will be out of her life sooner than later. When told she should no longer work so hard and spend more time with her man, she becomes very annoyed because her career is very important to her, not to mention how much she loves being challenged and getting involved in new projects.

A needy partner would only make the Virgo woman feel threatened when it comes to her professional success. Furthermore, she doesn’t like vagueness and mystery.

The more her boyfriend or husband is trying to hide things from her, the more she’ll start to no longer trust him. She only appreciates honesty and trust, so an air of mystery would only make her suspicious and thinking of a breakup.

When dating, she knows how to cut her losses in a very efficient way, but in case she invested a lot of time and efforts in a relationship, she’ll want to fight for that connection.

When going through a separation from her man, the Virgo woman may be more worried about how the entire situation will affect her group of friends, which means she’ll avoid drama as much as possible, no matter how difficult this may be for her.

This lady wants fairness, so her ex shouldn’t blame her for the breakup. Everything needs to be clear and especially fair. When she’ll want to go her separate ways with a man, she’ll make her wish very obvious by talking of many of her separate plans, people she may have a crush on or even about a possible breakup.

As a matter of fact, when this word happens to be in her vocabulary, everyone can be sure she’s preparing for it.

How does a Virgo woman handle a breakup?

She can have difficulties handling a tough breakup because it’s hard for her to feel certain emotions and to allow herself to be ruled by feelings.

It’s possible for her to look for a logical reason to why her relationship has ended. If not able to find one, this lady will continue to be confused and to look for an explanation until she finds it.

So when it comes to this, it can be said she has a certain difficulty getting over an ex. On the other hand, when she knows why her relationship has ended, there’s no one more rational and composed than this lady.

She won’t ask any question or try to find an explanation because all the answers will be in her head.

This is a situation in which she’ll move on very fast, even if she may not fall into the arms of the next man she’ll meet. She isn’t like this as her nature is reserved, which means it takes her a while to open up in front of a new person.

More than this, she has enough patience and doesn’t mind being single until the right person appears into her life.

Sure, she can be shocked and deeply hurt after a breakup, not to mention it will take her some time to think of what happened and how the communication should be handled starting with the moment of separation.

As far as love goes, Virgo women are always doing their best to protect themselves, which means they’re taking their time to trust a person and to open up before getting involved with someone, whereas if a separation is in the cards, they seem to have no real problem.

These natives need their partner to make some compromises and to understand them completely, so those unable to do all these things won’t be next to them for too long.

When not loved the way they want to be loved, Virgos can distance themselves from their partner and not come back to better feelings.

Romantic and having great ideals about love, they also have some flaws as far as romance goes since they can become doubtful and anxious because of their very high expectations.

When no longer having any hope for their relationship, they may start to analyze where things are going, informing their partner about what they’re doing or perhaps not.

Because they want to avoid conflicts as much as possible, these natives belonging to the Earth element sometimes prefer to leave relationships without even discussing anything with their partner.

If they have to talk about things, they become very apologetic and desperate to avoid an argument, which means they don’t have a problem assuming the entire responsibility and saying the breakup is happening because of them and them only.

However, when taken by surprise with a separation, they can find it very difficult to let go of their partner.

It’s easy to notice when these natives have been dumped because they’re using many arguments to support the verdict that all of their previous relationships have been perfect.

It’s important for them to be aware of the reality of a romantic connection, not of what that partnership could become.

Virgos don’t actually care if they’re single or not because a relationship requires many efforts, so they may feel happier without someone occupying their bed.

While introspective after a breakup, their sign makes them a little bit uncaring as well during these moments. They can be with a person for 20 years and their mind will still have many spots that haven’t been touched by that individual.

Furthermore, feelings like pure anger, joy and sadness don’t ever seem to overwhelm them. When breaking up, Virgos become cynical, so it’s very likely for their soon-to-be ex to start being just the same after seeing their attitude.

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