Break Up With A Virgo Man: Everything You Need To Know

This is likely to be a very private process in which he will accept things as they stand and suffer quietly.

Virgo man break up

Virgos are known for their loyalty and for holding on tightly to their connections with others, no matter if it’s about a fling or a marriage, because they simply hate admitting they’ve been defeated in love. Some of them may try too much to make their relationships work and end up making the same mistakes with a person, over and over again.

However, they can also easily adapt to new people and situations when required to. So, when trying to break up with a Virgo man, you can get either. But it’s very unlikely for them to insist too much on being with a partner after the relationship with that person has failed and they’ve got rejected, even if still sticking around for a while to see what’s going to happen.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Virgo man:

  1. He might not make a big fuss and just let his partner go.
  2. He will try to hide his feeling from everyone else.
  3. Prepare for a bit of light stalking for a couple of days.
  4. He might promise huge things and great compromises.
  5. He won’t be interested in a rebound relationship, no matter the temptation.

How to break up with the Virgo man

When the Virgo man will conclude he can no longer be of any help, he’ll pack his bags and leave.

Those who have been with a male in this sign for a while are probably aware of how reliable he can be, especially when it comes to domestic issues: he’ll always bring home milk if there’s none left in the fridge, offer a foot massage to his lover and act like a gentleman who would do anything for his lady.

As soon as his offer of help gets turned down, he starts feeling depressed and the breakup with him begins to become closer and closer, not to mention he’ll be the one who’s dumping the other first.

He won’t make a big fuss about it and let go of his partner quietly, after which he’ll go back to live his lonely, but very comfortable, life as a bachelor.

Obviously, some of his relationships will end with fights, not to mention there’s the possibility for him to be the one who needs help the most.

If this is the case, he requires a lover who can help find his way towards being more independent and to having his own routine rather than just going with what his other half is doing.

The woman who only wants to help the Virgo man should be his best friend for a while and after giving him a hand, she should just disappear if she wants to do this.

She has to change her phone number because he can really stalk a person when wanting to. If trying to get rid of the Virgo man, a woman should be as disorganized as possible because he hates chaos and will surely start to criticize her as soon as seeing a few unwashed dishes in the sink.

Furthermore, it would be a good idea to forget about any grooming habits as he truly resents people who aren’t taking good care of themselves and don’t like being clean.

When not feeling useful, the Virgo man can become depressive because his main purpose in life is to give a helping hand and to take care of others.

An independent woman who doesn’t seem to need him in any way can make this gentleman go away, which means even when seeing his woman can open a jar on her own, he may feel like he no longer has a place near her.

Another way to make him go away is by spending a lot of time away because when not a bachelor, he’s obsessed to be with his partner as much as possible.

Some of these men like working with their partner, so imagine how devastated they can feel when seeing they can’t stay as much as they would want to around their lady.

The Virgo man hates seeing how others are wasting things, no matter if it’s about money or food. Therefore, if he notices his lover doesn’t care about how much she’s throwing away or spending, he may become very upset and unhappy.

Taking him for granted would be a good idea if looking to breakup with him because he gets to feel defeated when his woman is always complaining or not giving him enough importance.

This man has very high demands from himself, so he’d be devastated to hear he’s not doing anything well for his lover.

Being bossed around may also make him want to run away as far as possible from a person because he really knows what to do in life and expects his partner to only be loyal and supportive.

More than this, he doesn’t like being criticized, even if he’s the most criticizing person anyone could ever meet. Being positive and always supportive of him can make this man stay next to a woman for a lifetime.

Because he’s a perfectionist who wants everything to have a purpose and its place, he may not be very tolerant when seeing his partner has a few bad habits.

Not that he won’t forgive at all, but those who are a complete mess can really annoy him, even to the point of a breakup.

Being unfaithful or giving the impression that something is happening with another man will surely make him want to leave the relationship with that person because he really wants loyalty and believes love is meant to be shared only by two people being together.

How does a Virgo man handle a breakup?

Virgos are the most criticizing natives of the zodiac, which means they may go through more breakups than others. Furthermore, they’re obsessed with perfection, no matter their age and background, thing that describes their symbol (the Virgin) very well.

Never happy with how much efforts they’ve invested in what they were supposed to do, Virgo men are often anxious, doubting themselves and working day and night for their life to be as they want it to.

Many will describe them as neurotic and true workaholics. Usually reserved, modest and having the best of intentions, Virgo men will always make an extra effort in order to help others and to make sure their loved ones have everything they need.

However, in spite of their generosity and good nature, they are also very pretentious, not to mention how much they love making suggestions about how the life of others should be lived and how their loved ones could become better people.

Almost all Virgos are highly demanding and can’t refrain themselves from asking their loved ones to live up to their high standards.

Those who broke up with them most likely did it because they were unable to put up with their ways, because of their increased attention to details and obsession with health, order and cleanliness.

Furthermore, it’s very possible a lot of their ex-lovers were many times exhausted having to talk for hours about diseases or hearing them how they’re suffering from all of the illnesses and how they’re stuck at work because their colleagues are not doing a good job.

There are many ways to annoy these natives, especially if looking to do just this. For example, they’re simply obsessed with being in control, so seeing a breakup is about to follow into their life can really confuse them, even beyond their capacity of comprehension.

As a matter of fact, men in Virgo have a real problem with control and want an explanation each time someone is trying to break up with them.

They want to know the reason why their other half is cold and no longer wants to spend time in their presence, not to mention how knowing where things have gone wrong can help them identify the problem in order for them to come up with a solution and to save what’s left from their connection.

It’s not that they can’t handle a breakup, they just want a good reason for it to happen. Their mind is built to see what problems they had with a lover so that their next relationship ends up being perfect.

It’s possible for many of them to not even have a heartbreak after a separation, but to be very curious about why they can no longer be with that person.

Many will see their hatred as the most harsh and difficult to deal with because when really upset, they tend to bring out into the light all the mistakes their partner has made and to make her feel very guilty.

These men don’t tend to give too much importance to feelings and the intentions their lover has when she’s trying to break up with them.

While at the beginning of the relationship they saw in their girlfriend a perfectly capable and resourceful woman, after breaking up with her, they’ll start to believe she’ll never make something good out of herself.

They tend to be curious about how their exes are evolving, not to mention how happy they’re feeling when seeing some of them are failing in life.

On the other hand, many of the women who’ve been with a Virgo man will always remember how many things they’ve learned from their ex and how strong they remained after being with him.

These ladies will surely miss the incredible qualities this man has, even if aware he’s actually insecure inside and in need of a lot of support.

However, they won’t even want to think about how they had to all the time break the walls surrounding his heart as this consumed a lot of their energy and had them feeling very stressed.

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