Break Up With a Scorpio Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup is rather painless in itself but what follows next is a carousel of emotions, fury and then personal blame.

Scorpio woman break up

When in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, a person will surely give his all because she can turn love into something truly special. However, the experience with her can also be remembered as destructive, situation in which the ending of it would be even more difficult.

It would be a good idea to never get this lady angry when breaking up with her. Many Scorpios don’t have a problem when ending a relationship, so those who want to continue with them against their will shouldn’t insist for things to go on because they would only make the situation harder for themselves.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Scorpio woman:

  1. In time, she will start to accept that things weren’t meant to be.
  2. Her first response might be to blame herself for changing.
  3. Some of these women will only be thinking about revenge.
  4. You two might actually end up friends, at a later point.
  5. She might have this need to rush into a new relationship.

How to break up with the Scorpio woman

The Scorpio lady believes endings are supposed to bring with them new beginnings, so she’ll avoid breaking up with her partner before going through all the 5 stages of grief, being possible for her to linger in one of these stages for a few years.

For the first few months or years being with a man, she’ll give her best to change him, after which she’ll be angry for not being able to, which will last a few weeks, only in the end to insult her partner like no one has ever been insulted.

She’ll become depressed for a while, but not for too long, and in the end, she’ll just accept the relationships isn’t meant to be.

However, during this time, her partner may end up tired with all of her wining and ways to bring him down when he’s feeling at his best. It’s very likely for this man to desperately want a breakup from the Scorpio lady way before she even has considered the idea.

If he won’t have the courage to say something about it, she’ll start to obsess over the fact that he’s no longer as loving as he used to be, not to mention she’ll imagine he’s seeing someone else, which can surely lead to the breakup between the two to happen faster than expected.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to cheat on the Scorpio woman and let her know about it just to take the relationship to the end because she’ll get her revenge in the most ruthless way.

Women in this sign love having a collection of ex-lovers, so when breaking up on good terms with a man, they can remain friends for a lifetime with that person, not because they want a new buddy, more because they’re terrified that their secrets are going to be revealed.

So keeping the individual who knows many things about them close is a good idea to protect themselves when it comes to this. Furthermore, the Scorpio ladies don’t mind having friends with benefits or just making love casually with one of their exes, after a night out and a few glasses of wine.

It may seem she’s meant to have relationships that are only ending because the more she bounces back from failures, the better person she gets to be.

This lady has a need to rush new partners into her life after a breakup because she simply loves learning everything about the person who has just entered her life.

The best way to break up with her is to clearly explain why the relationship is no longer working.

When the Scorpio woman is the one getting hurt, she’ll want to know what went wrong and even to be given evidence for the mistakes that have been made.

Obviously, she shouldn’t be informed about facts and figures, but more about feelings and situations in which love hasn’t been there.

The man trying to breakup with the Scorpio woman should tell her about when he started to feel disconnected from her, about how they’re not having the same values and principles of life and about the change that happened with his love for her. He should do this and not point fingers because such an attitude would only cause tensions to appear.

The Scorpio woman is capable of intense and deep love indeed, but she needs to work more on the way she’s letting go of her exes. The man who wants to end things with her should never say something about this in public or on social media.

If he really cares about her, things should happen in a dignifying manner, by approaching her personally. Showing a little bit of emotion and having a good time together before everything is about to end is not a bad idea either.

The breakup should be smooth and the two partners must promise each other to be good friends for a lifetime. Of course, this depends a lot on why things are ending in the first place, but if the man still has some respect for his soon to be ex, he should tell her clearly about his intentions of leaving.

The Scorpio woman tends to make her partner feel like he’s guilty of all the bad things that happened between them and therefore, of the breakup. She’s very manipulative and can turn any situation into her favor.

She’ll play the victim, twist up every story and blame her ex. In other words, she’ll insist on looking like an angel who ended up betrayed by the person she loved the most.

The man who wants to end things with her should know the feeling of an empty heart he’s getting is nothing else than her trying to make him feel as guilty as possible.

How does a Scorpio woman handle a breakup?

As the most passionate female in the Western zodiac, the Scorpio woman is a giver of affection and kindness when feeling appreciated.

Just like other Water signs, she may think her love is never enough and desire more and more attention from her lover as well. When happily in love, this lady is feeling satisfied about other aspects in her life too.

It’s possible she’ll pay less attention to her friends or her work because all she’ll want to do is to stay next to her partner. This is why she has such a difficult time getting over her exes: she tends to think a lot about them and the times spent together.

Months will pass and she’ll still dream of the man who dumped her, not to mention she’s the most jealous and possessive ladies in the zodiac, so when he’ll appear with another woman and act like he’s moved on, she’ll become even more obsessive about him, hurting twice stronger than when the breakup took place.

This is the moment when she’ll feel the most betrayed and that the ground she’s standing on is not in any way stable.

Scorpios are known for keeping people next to them for as long as possible, so trying to breakup with them may be more difficult than it sounds. Even when their exes are no longer thinking of them and have moved on, Scorpio women can still have their eye on them.

They’ll keep in touch from a distance and act as if the breakup didn’t even happen because they want to respect their promise of never letting go.

Scorpios are being characterized by transformation because this is what’s at the base of any Water sign’s life.

They have the ability to recover e and to rise again from their own ashes, which can represent death, but breakups can still seem the most difficult thing for them as they simply can’t let go of their loved ones.

It doesn’t matter how the relationship felt and who initiated the breakup, Scorpio will always feel devastated after a separation because they’re no longer in control of the situation, not to mention how they have a tendency to obsess over things that have passed or didn’t work out so well for them.

While calm and composed on the outside, these mysterious natives can hide their deep emotions and aggressive behavior from others. They’ll use fake accounts on social media to stalk their ex without even feeling guilty about it.

The best way for them to take care of their broken heart after a breakup is to look deep into their soul and to deal with their own fears or darkest emotions.

While other natives are taking a reasonable amount of time to get over their past relationships, Scorpios are known for doubling this recovering period.

They’ll continue to stalk the person who’s no longer in their life and even make a routine with this. It’s like these natives aren’t meant to let go of people in their life.

Their mind will be haunted by memories of the ex, they’ll think about what they could have done in order for the breakup to not happen. It would be better for them to let go of such thoughts as their former partner wouldn’t even think of them anymore.

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