Break Up With A Scorpio Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup will take you from denial to acceptance in a journey that can take a while, especially if you are not firm from the beginning, nor keep the distance.

Scorpio man break up

There isn’t too much to do when breaking up with the Scorpio man. Even if he may want the same thing, he’ll get scared seeing how open their partner is about a separation and may want to completely run away.

It’s easy for them to hook up with a new person and to let go of the emotions they have for the other, so if breaking up after a situation like this, they won’t even care that much.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Scorpio man:

  1. He will go through all the stages, from denial to acceptance.
  2. He will likely attack his partner and blame her for the failing.
  3. He may also try to win her back through all sort of manipulations.
  4. Possibly, closure will be sought through a rebound relationship.
  5. He might complain to everyone and play the victim.

The ex of a scorned Scorpio should be careful because these men tend to keep an eye on their former fling after the separation. When rejected, these natives become incredibly vengeful, not to mention how they can never forget or forgive, only rarely.

How to break up with the Scorpio man

It can be very daunting to have a Scorpio partner who refuses to go when asked for a breakup. This sign is fixed, so the man belonging to it really gets attached to the people in his life, especially his partners.

Furthermore, his sign belongs to the Water element, which indicates he’s emotionally intense and very deep in his way of thinking.

Therefore, the woman wanting to break up with him may want to prepare herself because things aren’t going to be easy.

He’ll experience all the five stages of grief, from denial to acceptance, after which he’ll no longer want to hear about the person who dumped him.

If she decides to blame herself is only her choice, but this woman can be sure he’ll blame and attack her each way he can, which means she may need to give herself a break and consider that he may be exaggerating.

An approach of making him want to let go of the relationship himself would be to take things slowly and to make life a living Hell for him.

Playing with his mind and being cold, looking at him as if he may be crazy and twisting facts when he’s asking for an explanation may be just the things to do.

He can end up convinced there’s something wrong with him or that his partner is causing him to go crazy. When seeing nothing is going to change and the situation is considered to be normal by his partner, he’ll decide to leave.

Those who are planning to leave a man in Scorpio should walk on eggshells around this person because he can smell from a distance when something is happening.

Another way to have him leaving on his own would be to make assumptions about whom he is. He’s known for keeping secrets regarding his personality and even his private life, so when trying to generalize him in front of others, he may become really upset.

Furthermore, he doesn’t like trashy women as he’s mysterious and elegant. He’s looking for someone sexy who doesn’t mind belonging to him as he’s overly possessing.

Superficial women will never be to his liking, or those who can’t express themselves clearly. He’s very grounded in his beliefs, so he expects his lady to be the same.

Since he’s very good at detecting lies, when being told something that isn’t true, his trust will forever break and he may want out of the relationship.

The woman who no longer wants to ever hear from the Scorpio man again should make fun of him on public. He may seem mysterious and strong, but he’s in fact very sensitive, so public embarrassment is a big thing for him.

When having an argument with this man, the partner wanting to leave him should just turn her back and get out of the room. He’s usually anxious to solve conflicts rapidly, so his emotions will pile up after each debate, until one would become the last.

A very sexual being, the Scorpio man would never fall for a woman who isn’t comfortable in her own body. He thinks of lovemaking as of some sort of religion, so his lover should really understand this about him.

He doesn’t like being asked too many questions, so the woman who will all the time try to find out things about his life and his secrets will be soon shown the door. More than this, he doesn’t like it when women are treating him like their child.

While he may not look for someone to cling on him all the time, he also wants to see interest in his sexuality from the other, so he may be chased away with complete indifference.

How does a Scorpio man handle a breakup?

The Scorpio man can make a woman feel like she’s the only one in the world or he can treat her like someone who has done something terrible.

When informed about a possible breakup, he won’t know if to make the first step towards approaching his partner or to just ignore her, this consuming him on the inside for a while.

It’s possible for this native to decide his ex needs to be won back and taught a lesson because he can’t just sit in the middle, this not being in his nature. If sure of himself and okay with it, he’ll most likely ignore her forever.

However, the more insecure Scorpio man would have his partner tearing off her clothes in desperation. This depends a lot on who decided to end things, the reason why the relationship is gone and the closure that existed between the partners, thing he would have probably already covered.

The woman breaking up with this man will miss the way he was motivated and strong, also the way he used to take care of her during hard times.

However, she won’t want to remember how he was stalking her, without him ever thinking there may be something wrong with his way of following her around all over the place. What scares this man the most is his lover deciding out of her own free will to just abandon the relationship with him.

This terrifies the Scorpio man deeply into both his soul and mind. Most of the time, Scorpios are going through breakups because they were involved in some kind of power divide with their partner.

These men are obsessed with being in control, so many of their lovers are deciding to leave seeing how manipulative and possessive they can be. It may not be an easy thing to get rid of them easily because they find it difficult to let go and to simply move on with their life after a breakup.

While people in other signs can understand separation involves finality, Scorpio men are thinking differently and want to make things work out again, not even imagining what moving on could mean.

The Scorpio man can understand his relationship is done and that his partner doesn’t want him anymore, but he’ll always hope that she’ll someday change her mind.

This is the reason why he’s looking to be friends with women after they’re breaking up with him.

Knowing what his ex likes the most, he thinks making her fall back in love with him is going to be very easy and he’ll give his best for things to happen this way.

Any woman should know nothing can be kept hidden from the Scorpio man as people in this sign seem to have a radar for detecting lies, secrets and embarrassing things.

These natives know that acquiring power means knowing nasty details about others’ lives and being mysterious about their own.

The problem with them is that it can be difficult to identify a problem with their behavior until too late.

Very secretive and private, Scorpios are hiding their own personality behind a cool mask, while underneath, they’re filled with a passion ready to get released.

When expressing themselves, they may reveal some hurtful things about their partner and there’s nothing him or her can do. It doesn’t matter if something good has happened or if something bad did, Scorpios will forever remember everything and repay everyone involved.

When in good terms with a special person in their life, they’ll be endlessly loyal, whereas if crossed, they’ll seek revenge until having it served. These natives are famous for being cruel and the bullies of the zodiac. Those who are sensitive and unable to defend themselves should stay away from them.

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