Break Up With a Sagittarius Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup seems quite easy because she will just move on, preferring to spare both of you of any embarrassment.

Sagittarius woman break up

Those looking to break it up with a Sagittarius woman should not have a very bad time doing it because these women really appreciate and respect honest people, even if honesty for them is only a matter of straightforwardness.

Always ready to discuss any new situation, it’s a good idea to be open and direct when trying to end things with them. Being humorous and composed would make them act the same, so those who are looking to still be friends with the lady Archers after separation should see the moment of letting go as a lesson to be learned.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Sagittarius woman:

  1. Don’t expect her to be too upset after it.
  2. She can’t be held down by any controlling and possessive behaviours.
  3. It’s likely she will refuse to take any responsibility for the separation.
  4. She will blame her partner and throw words.
  5. She might change her tune and try to win her partner back.

It’s possible even for the Sag woman to suggest a breakup party meant to celebrate the mutual agreement between the partners, which means these natives don’t have a problem keeping in touch with their exes, many of them being friends with benefits with them as well.

How to break up with the Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is represented by the Archer, a creature that’s shooting arrows in the sky and expects only the best things to fall down. This is in these natives’ DNA, making from the breakup with them a real adventure. For these people, a closed door represents the opening of another.

When trying to end things with the Archer woman, a man could tell her he can no longer keep up with the way she’s living or her sexual drive.

She can be told that she has too much energy and it’s difficult to live at her pace. This lady will always look for someone who has the same lifestyle as she does, so she’ll want to let go herself if a man can’t put up with it.

She’s also turned off by boring people who just want to lay on the couch and to do everything slowly. Since this woman loves going out and getting involved, a man who only stays indoors could drive her crazy.

Furthermore, she doesn’t like insecure people because confidence inspires her to be herself more. Therefore, a partner who’s anxious and constantly worried could have her running away from him at an incredible speed.

Hating possessive and jealous behaviors, she could never appreciate a lover who’s asking her about her whereabouts and friends.

Being possessive with her is a great idea to make this lady walk out the door.

It goes the same if her man no longer wants to have sex. Being the most fun woman in the zodiac, she won’t cry too much after breaking up with her boyfriend or husband.

When compared with all the other Fire signs, she’s the most outgoing and secure because she knows what her life needs, how to obtain it and is always comfortable in her own skin.

As far as love goes, many will be happy to see she’s always honest and eager to reveal everything about herself. Very sociable and enthusiastic, she won’t stay next to her man for too long, when they’re both out for a party.

This woman doesn’t seem to care about anything in the world, which means many will notice this about her. It’s easy to have her bored, this being the reason why she’s always moving around.

The Sagittarius lady won’t worry too much about her ex and easily move on after a breakup because nothing seems to really touch her.

The man who wants to break up with her should not in any way worry that she may suffer when he’ll make the big announcement.

Sagittarians are confident people, but when the lady in this sign doesn’t feel so sure about herself anymore, she needs a partner who can give her a push in the good direction.

She won’t be sad for too long about a breakup because it’s not in her nature to be like this, not to mention her friends and family will always surround her with their love.

Very courageous, this lady is looking for someone to selflessly support her. Many natives of this sign are successful artists as they seem to be very talented and creative, especially when it comes to music and literature.

The Sagittarius woman is as well able to take her sad feelings and turn them into something constructive because her mind is very creative as well. Furthermore, she’s a fighter who refuses to feel sorry for her the way her life turned out or to suffer.

Always wanting to be the best version of herself, this lady won’t miss a good opportunity when seeing it, but this involves her being enthusiastic and happy most of the time.

The Sagittarius woman and breakups

Lovers of Sagittariuses are always wondering for how long these splendid creatures are going to stay by their side as Archers can’t ever be tied down or impeded from conquering the world.

Their partners may cherish every moment with them and hope the relationship is going to last forever.

However, Sagittariuses can mess anyone’s plans when it comes to long-term commitments. If faced with a difficult situation in love, they may decide to just distance themselves from the other and to initiate the breakup.

The last sign belonging to the Fire element in the zodiac, Sagittariuses are immensely curious and passionate about new adventures, which means they should be allowed a lot of freedom by their partner.

As soon as feeling controlled by their lover, they immediately have this desire to run away from that person. Sagittariuses are famous for their honesty, so the separation from them is never ambiguous.

Loving to move from one place to another, these women won’t hesitate to pack their bags and exit a person’s life like they haven’t even been there.

It may seem harsh to be their ex, but the fire in their heart can’t be contained.

When breaking up with someone, the Sagittarius woman uses the line “Everything has to go”. This is the way she’s justifying her actions and not only something the women in this sign are doing, but also the men.

Furthermore, when she’s doing this, the Archer lady is taking all the blame onto her and starts to project it onto the Universe itself.

When refusing to be responsible for anything that has led to a breakup, she’s in fact expressing how she had enough of the relationship altogether.

However, she can do this when her partner is least expecting it and in an abrupt manner, revealing another thing about her character: her decision to part ways with her lover is not based on something having to with him, more on her desire to be free and to live without responsibilities.

Just before the separation moment, she’ll start to disappear on her man without giving an explanation or saying for how long she’s going to be out. Her man will end up living with the memory of her.

More observant men will take the hint and break up with this lady before she gets a chance to suggest anything.

How does the Sagittarius woman handle a breakup?

When taken by surprise about a breakup, they can change the tune and do everything in their power to win back the love of their ex.

This may sound romantic, but their mind and heart are going to be more about impulsiveness and pure adoration because they’re passionate creatures.

Therefore, when getting dumped, it’s possible for them to start doing all kind of romantic and grand gestures for their former partner to take them back in a second, making from this their main purpose.

However, they should carefully decide if they want to be back into their ex’s life as this situation can confuse them a lot as well.

When heartbroken, these natives are never talking about it because they believe in keeping their feelings secret. They think everything is happening because they want it to happen, that their subconscious was already imagining the breakup.

Therefore, they may not want to talk about anything bad after being dumped or the Universe will throw back at them too much negativity.

Even if feeling down, they should look at the sky and imagine a more beautiful story than the one that probably bored them already.

When dumped, the Sagittarius woman can start overindulging in alcohol in order to fill the emotional void in her heart, but as soon as falling in love with someone else, she’ll start to be her old self again.

It’s better for her ex to stay single for a while after the breakup because if she happens to see him down the street with another woman, she may start to think he planned everything from the beginning and that he’s the only one to blame for what happened with their relationship.

After ending things with her partner, she may hurry to start something new, so she’ll date until figuring out who’s best for her.

She won’t want to just stay inside and to reflect on the person who dumped her. Obviously, she’ll introspect just like any other human being, but not as much as Water or Air signs do because she’s too active for this to happen.

Sagittarians are very good at manifesting, many seeing them as real magicians who can keep things under control. When focusing, these natives can make all of their dreams come true.

It’s suggested for them to not be impulsive and to take their time to think before deciding to take action about something.

The Sagittarius woman will probably ghost her ex for a while, hoping to have a meeting that seems more like an accident and to end up spending a fun night together. After a few glasses of wine, she’ll start apologizing for not being the person he always dreamed of.

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