Break Up With A Sagittarius Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup should be all about honesty and talking openly because he will likely be very cool and acceptant of everything.

Sagittarius man break up

This man will never allow himself to be tied down to a person, especially a romantic partner, because he’s seeing everyone as their teammate. In love, these natives tend to act more like in sports, so it would be a good idea for those who want to break with them to say they can no longer keep up with their pace.

This could be done in a direct way, or for those who want to avoid a confrontation as much as possible, by doing nothing and acting really bored when they’re suggesting anything. He’ll be out the door as soon as he notices this.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Sagittarius man:

  1. He will mostly hate it that he wasn’t the one to come with the idea.
  2. He’s likely to be furious and a little stalker for a couple of days.
  3. He will deflect any blame he might have in the separation.
  4. It’s likely he will seem very cool about it with other people.
  5. If busy in his life, he won’t miss his partner too much for too long.

Archers are extremely sociable and adventurous, so it’s not unusual for them to look for something casual when it comes to love, which means breaking up with them should be as easy as the sea breeze.

How to break up with the Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man will never like it when his partner is the one deciding to break up with him. His quick-temper will emerge and he’ll probably throw a tantrum, this being what will convince his lady to leave even more.

It can be difficult for anyone to handle the turbulent sea of emotions that is the Sagittarius man. He’ll spend a few days being furious and saying to everyone his ex is the only one to blame for their failed relationship, after which he’ll start to believe himself there’s no way he could have done something wrong, just to “become the better person in the end” and to decide to forgive his former partner for everything she may have or not done.

He’ll accept that it may have been difficult for her to keep up with him and decide to look for someone who’s more capable of doing this.

The woman looking to break up from a Sagittarius man should force him into something, even a legal contract, and ask him to stick to his part of the engagement.

If she’s asking him to be around her all the time and only speaks just to nag or to complain, he’ll simply run away because he just hates feeling tied down.

When forced to have responsibilities, he’ll try his best to avoid taking them on. Furthermore, the woman who wants to end thing with him could lie that she’s obsessed with fidelity, no matter if she may be in fact flirting with her colleagues at work.

Obviously, the last-mentioned situation is not suggested because is morally questionable and if the Sagittarius comes across it, he may have a good reason to blame his partner for everything that happened, regardless if it may be half his fault.

If a woman wants to cut it out with a Sagittarius man the gentler way, she needs to work hard at infuriating this splendid adventurer.

It’s very likely they’ll keep being friends after no longer a couple, which would mean a lot to him because he gives more importance to friendship than to love.

He’s a prankster with a big mouth, so he won’t stay around a sensitive woman who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Furthermore, he doesn’t like control freaks because he’s spontaneous and wants to take part in every new adventure without planning things ahead.

The lady who’s trying to control everything will be dumped by him sooner rather than later. He also doesn’t like women who are always trendy because he doesn’t give a lot of importance to clothing.

It’s possible for him to see those who are dressing with the most expensive clothes as superficial. Women who are high maintenance will soon be out of his life because he doesn’t want to make an effort for his partner to always feel satisfied and spoiled.

One of the things he hates the most is seeing boring people. He’s wild and independent, so he won’t have too much to discuss with a dull person who doesn’t have any interest.

More than this, women who depend too much in their family and are always asking for money home or for the approval of their parents when doing something are definitely not the ones for him.

He’s one of the most independent men in the Western zodiac, from both a financial and restrictive point of view, so a relationship with someone different than himself would only bring him down.

Because he’s obsessed with traveling, he won’t accept to be with a woman who doesn’t enjoy doing this at all. As a matter of fact, this man is known for spending a lot of his time booking plane tickets and making itineraries.

Time wasters are not at all capturing his attention either because he simply resents laziness and people who are not zealous when taking care of a serious matter.

A sense of humor is a must when it comes to the Archer man, so the woman who won’t laugh at his jokes or won’t participate at slandering between friends is not going to be in his life for too long.

He also doesn’t like to deal with predictable personalities because he’s spontaneous and just wants to go with the flow. This man’s lust for life is incredible, so his lady should be the exact same as him.

The break up from the Archer male may not be that difficult after all, especially since it may make him happy in his heart.

This man will always appreciate honesty, even if his idea of what this means may differ from others’. He won’t mind discussing what’s going on, but the straightforwardness he’s usually asking for in this situation may be too much.

A woman who will do this humorously and in a dignifying way will get the same answer from him. Those who want to keep being friends with their Sagittarius ex should look at the moment of separation as a lesson of life.

It’s very likely for him to even suggest a party for celebrating the fact that a mutual agreement has been reached and that two lives are starting on their own.

Because the Sagittarius man gives a lot of importance to honesty, he would very much appreciate being directly approached for a breakup. Fortunately, he has a very good sense of humor and will do his best for things to remain friendly.

It’s very possible he has contemplated a few times before whether the relationship was working out or not, which would make things a lot easier for the partner who wants to end things with him.

This man will make a joke and be cool about everything when being dumped because for him, a breakup would be nothing else than an opportunity to think more and to learn, not to mention he would gain a new friend instead of a lover.

How does a Sagittarius man handle a breakup?

Sagittarius men are usually getting dumped because they’re insensitive and too straightforward when having to express their opinions, often to the point of hurting others.

What makes them particularly annoying is the fact that they actually enjoy pointing out their lover’s flaws, especially since they think of themselves to be good judges of character, but ones that aren’t seeing their own negative traits.

They won’t think too much about their exes because they’ll simply not miss them. Instead, they’ll manipulate their own mind to no longer think about the person who dumped them by sleeping too much or working.

These natives will never accept they may have done something wrong. Things for them never seemed to be about their partner anyway, more about what they needed themselves.

When saying “Sorry”, they don’t even know what they’ve done. However, what they’re being apologetic for has nothing to do with the fact that they may have been hurtful or did something wrong, they’re in fact thinking that what they did hasn’t been fun or worthy enough.

The Sagittarius man may never think that his flirtations and laughter with other women may have caused his partner to be suspicious and jealous. He was probably the most fun boyfriend or husband in many ladies’ lives.

They all loved his open personality and the way he was able to make everyone feel good. However, they won’t miss wondering where he may be sleeping or the way he never wanted to compromise, not caring when they were giving in much more than he ever could.

While very good at grasping the big picture, Sagittarius men have no clue about the details and can judge too harshly from time to time.

In their heart, they want to gamble everything in life, those of them who are more cautious and sensitive as well. People who are dumping them may also do it because they’re sick with how much these natives are obsessed with taking risks.

Without doubt, the reason why many are breaking up from Sagittariuses is because these natives simply can’t commit and because their mind and soul are all about being free, while their heart is on the table for their partner to take.

Passionate and very giving, they’re capable, regardless of all, to be in a long-term relationship with a person. But their adventurous side will always haunt them and they won’t be able to promise that they won’t leave.

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