Break Up With a Libra Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup should be done quickly and firmly because she has a way of turning everything around and getting herself a second chance.

Libra woman break up

Libras are Venus’ children, so their emotional inner struggle is pretty serious. As soon as their lover will want to end things with them, they’ll suddenly become all about that relationship.

Those looking to breakup with Libra women should be careful and not allow themselves to be talked into not doing it by their partner, even at the promise of some elusive happiness.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Libra woman:

  1. She won’t take the break up lightly, no matter how obvious it was.
  2. She will cry the loudest and won’t take any blame.
  3. Things should happen really fast, like ripping a band aid.
  4. She might pull all her convincing tricks to get your back.
  5. She will only discuss her feelings, obsessively, with everyone.

A Libra woman may feel more comfortable if she’s the ones doing the dumping. Regardless of the situation, Libras are known for easily bouncing back after no longer being romantically involved with a person. They may be emotional about the entire situation, but they’re sure to get it back together quite quickly.

How to break up with the Libra woman

The Libra woman will simply adore her partner, which means she doesn’t take breakups very lightly. When being dumped, she won’t hesitate to say everything in her mind and her heart, making her soon-to-be ex witness her pain.

Simply in love with love, this lady can have a very difficult time after a breakup. All that she wants is to commit to a relationship by getting to know everything about her other half, from what he loves the most to details about his family.

She has a strange way of being open and she wants her man to have a lot of affection or time for her. It can be difficult to have this lady agreeing with a breakup because she may have the man trying to do so change his mind with a soft conversation, a few attractive tears and by saying she needs to be loved only by him.

He may feel emasculated by her when seeing it’s impossible for him to initiate the separation. Her love is always pure and sincere, no matter how mischievous she may seem when being dumped.

Because she loves with an innocence unseen in others, she won’t easily give up on her man.

He’ll always be present in her heart, which means she’ll savor him until he’ll completely disappear, which is something unusual for an Air sign.

For example, Aquariuses are holding grudges because this is the way they’re protecting themselves, also remembering all the time that someone managed to hurt them and how this thing should never happen again.

These natives are known for forever cutting out their exes from their life when being dumped. Geminis are more practical and don’t mind walking out the door as they have greater ambitions to follow anyway.

When it comes to Libras, these natives are simply melting into the floor after getting hurt. It will take them ages to become creative again, also to find their muses or what makes their heart beat faster.

The Libra woman will always feel balanced when having a partner because she knows what love means, her level of commitment being sometimes close to the extreme.

Usually, Air signs are the ones crying the loudest when being upset about a breakup because their emotions have a certain way of turning very sad.

It’s like their quest of being creative next to someone and encouraging this person to succeed is getting canceled and they no longer have a purpose in life.

It’s not in any way fun to see these adorable people being torn apart, not to mention how such moments can make the world seem very screwed up.

Men wanting to breakup with Libra women should do it very fast and know what they want because these ladies can be very convincing when trying to keep their men close for a little bit longer, if not for a lifetime.

She’ll always give her best to remain in good terms with her ex and to not make any big decision about him.

The Libra woman shouldn’t be despised for rapidly getting over a separation because this is a sign that she has started to heal.

This is the reason why she’s all the time consulting with her best friends when going through a breakup. She’ll talk with her family and buddies about the relationship, discuss the pros and cons of the life with her partner and decide what she should do about it.

It would be awkward for her man to hear all of these talks she’s usually having when going through difficult times.

Being with a Libra woman is pretty much like walking on a frozen lake in the spring, when the ice is very thin, meaning a breakup is always just around the corner.

This lady has most likely been juggling all the way through her relationships, meaning she never stopped thinking things in her love life can be better.

It’s possible she may have believed everything is unfair when her partner wanted to go to a restaurant that she didn’t like and they’ve ended up doing what he wanted. And this is not something that happened to her once or twice, but most likely all of the time.

Therefore, she may have already thought of a breakup even before her partner started to believe such an event could be possible.

When having the prospects for a new relationship as she never dumps someone before making sure something else is going to follow in her romantic life, she’ll start bringing into discussion all the moments when she felt things weren’t fair.

She’ll call on the Judgment Day and be right about what she’s saying, after which she’ll just walk out of his life. This lady believes that an unhappy romantic connection is better than being single, so it’s very unlikely for her to not have a partner at some point in her life.

Resembling the opposite Aries woman sometimes, she can fight back when being accused of anything. It’s difficult for her to understand that for some, the way she has passenger lovers meant to just fill in the emptiness in her life when single and with whom she tends to have more of a business connection than a love one, can be puzzling.

This woman is fun and very open to making new friends, also always ready to work hard for her relationships. She loves being around people and establishing connections at different social events at which she was gladly invited.

As far as love goes, she can be flighty, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this way, she’s most of the time positive, even though there may be moments when she can’t be all smiles.

Being a sign that belongs to the Air element, she can be very confused when having to make a decision or to react fast because she can’t make a difference between what her heart and her mind are dictating her to do.

However, this is also the reason why when breaking up with a man in her life, she usually starts to look for closure everywhere she can. This woman would do anything to no longer have confusing feelings because these are consuming her from inside out.

It’s possible for her to simply jump in a new relationship, to spend some time alone and to think or to have as much fun as possible with her friends and family for the closure she so much needs to be obtained.

Eventually, she’ll find everything she desires, but patience is the key word for her in the event of an unexpected breakup.

How does a Libra woman handle a breakup?

Being romantic, Libra women appreciate love more than anything else. When involved with someone, these natives are most of the time only giving their best.

These people believe a strong relationship should consist of joint efforts and the balance between partners, so when things are not happening this way for them, they tend to just leave, even if this may be the most difficult thing they’ve ever done in their entire life.

Libras are meant to have a pair because their symbol, the scales, represents balance and harmony, not to mention they’re being ruled by the planet of love, which is Venus.

Being happier when coupled, there’s no wonder they’re changing partners so often, their Air element having an influence over this as well.

In their mind, the perfect world doesn’t come with any breakups and it features relationships that aren’t in any way formal. They want to keep their options open and are aware each connection is different, so they know what could work for them in the long run.

When they’re the ones suggesting the separation, things are usually ending up in agreement, even if they may use some ambiguous words on what’s about to happen.

This is a situation in which they want to make sure everything is going to be alright between them and their ex, not only because this influences their view on love, but also their reputation.

Many will be dumped by them and still continue to keep in touch, by sending funny pictures on the internet and pretending things haven’t ended. It would be better to not do all this as when Libras are saying they want to be just friends, they’re actually meaning it.

When it comes to them being dumped, they should decide quickly they’re over it so that life doesn’t become a fantasy about their partner and nothing else.

From all the signs in the zodiac, they’re the ones more likely to remain friends with their exes, making it seem that all the people in their group were at some point in love with them.

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