Break Up With A Libra Man: Everything You Need To Know

This is an unpredictable process because he can be either very calm or vengeful and make sure he’ll try to turn your friends against you.

Libra man break up

Libra men are fair people, just like the symbol that represents them stands for justice and balance. They think love should be exchanged all the time for the world to become a better place, and when in a romantic relationship, they’re always trying to make sure there’s an equal give-and-take between them and their partner.

Those who want to break up with them could easily do it by not taking action for their relationship with them to improve and by acting rude. Being great communicators, Libras won’t hesitate to tell their partner something is wrong and that they want to end things, so they can be pretty fair about the situation.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Libra man:

  1. It’s best to not agitate him for he can become unpredictable.
  2. He will accept being told what he could have done better.
  3. He might start plotting a way to make the other suffer.
  4. He will start mentioning all the compromises he has made for the relationship.
  5. Most likely, he will get all the common friends on his side.

Men in Libra get to be very disappointed when rejected, but being upset won’t take them too long because they seem to easily bounce back. After a breakup, they’re calm and dignified, so many of their exes are very happy to have had it so easy.

How to break up with the Libra man

The Libra man is not difficult to break up with, especially if things between him and his partner aren’t going as smoothly as possible.

He’s a little bit scary when angry, so it would be better to not agitate him because he can become unpredictable and may start breaking things or punching the walls, just to act like nothing has happened after only a few seconds.

Try not to upset him in any way, so when trying to break up with this man, it would be better to do it somewhere pleasant. Since natives of this sign don’t like making a scene in public, the man who’s about to be dumped should be taken to his favorite restaurant for the big discussion.

It would be a good idea to start with a relaxed conversation and you could be talking about what you want to do on your own in the future.

He’ll pay more attention when noticing he’s not included in your plans, so from here, you can take the conversation to why you should both look for happiness with other people.

If he suggests couple counseling, you should simply refuse talking about it, as well you must avoid telling him what he can do better when he’s asking this question.

Not matter the situation, he shouldn’t be blamed for what’s happening because this will only make him become defensive in his unique passive-aggressive way, not to mention he’ll start a long conversation about the subject, a sort of debate at which only a Gemini could perhaps win him over with.

His partner should tell him she can never feel in any way bad towards him and that she wants to keep being friends because he really needs to hear this.

The Libra partner is refined and doesn’t mind contemplating about perfection, so when being told he has made many mistakes, he starts plotting his way on making the person who said that suffer, situation in which he may hook up with the first incredibly beautiful and smart woman he meets or even worse, his ex’s best friend, and start a new before the one who left him has walked out the door.

Even the more independent Libra man hates being alone and doing things on his own. Therefore, a good way to make him want to break up is to just leave him alone for long periods of time and to be out as much as possible.

This could definitely have him walk out on his lover, but only after he has carefully planned the breakup. Those who want to be more subtle could just mess with his order and balance.

For example, he could be treated with pizza and Netflix instead of the romantic dinners in the dining room. And this should be done to him every night.

At the same time, the woman who’s trying all this should make a mess into his closet saying she’s looking for something, while not forgetting to leave his favorite sweater on the floor.

Also, she could pick on the way he looks. If criticized too much about a wrinkle, he may do something about it and go for some Botox injections with her credit card, after which he’ll go out and hook up with someone who’s younger than her.

He can be really turned off when not appreciated for his romantic side and the way he’s showing his love and affection, by being a gentleman and being cuddly.

He’ll look for a person who can value him as soon as he’s feeling unappreciated by others. Furthermore, he doesn’t like to be pushed into a commitment because he has a problem making decisions, which can drive his partner crazy.

He shouldn’t be given ultimatums and it would be better to let him think all of the good ideas are his. Being refined and appreciative of high-quality, he would hate to see his wife or girlfriend being cheap or too practical.

He also doesn’t like loud women because he’s very sensitive, in the ears especially. When the music has its volume up or someone is talking too loudly around him, he starts to become irritated.

Furthermore, he doesn’t like a lady who’s needy and wants to be all the time being paid attention to because he’s a charmer who’s spinning around and doesn’t want to feel needed.

The woman who drinks too much and doesn’t take good care of herself will never seem attractive to him because he wants someone classy and who smells good. He very much likes to show off his partner to everyone, so he won’t be with a woman who doesn’t always look good.

Crazy about elegant ladies who know how to act in public, he won’t fall in love for the woman who arrives at the first date dressed in a t-shirt and with her nail polish chipped.

Therefore, it’s easy to make him want to go away when truly wanting for this to happen. If asked to end things with his partner, the Libra man will try his best to convince her to change her mind.

He wants to please as much as he can, so he’ll probably mention many compromises he’ll make in order to get things fixed. He’s so diplomatic and persuasive that he may convince any lady to change her mind. However, if she really wants to do this, she should be firm on her position.

How does a Libra man handle a breakup?

Looking at all the signs in the Western zodiac, it can be said Libras are the least likely to take the first step towards a breakup because they simply hate confronting other people, so it’s pretty difficult for them to end relationships.

When irritated and annoyed, they just prefer to not think about the problem and to hide their unhappiness under a smile. These natives are also known as great procrastinators and very indecisive, which means it may take them a long time to make up their mind about a breakup.

Those who want to end things up with a Libra man should not be committed to their relationship together. This can make Libras want to pack their bags and leave because they need someone with whom they can be together for a long time, so they’re looking for a partner who’s ready to invest a lot in the connection with them, a person who’s putting them first.

Those who aren’t enjoying what Libras are offering them in terms of fun and partnering up won’t last for too long next to these natives.

Furthermore, they don’t like being taken advantage of and when their love is not treating them well because this can really turn their passion off.

While not minding to make compromises, they couldn’t tolerate a person without a sense of justice.

The scales is their symbol, so they’ll always try to balance things, to mediate arguments and to bring peace around them.

When dumped, they may take with them all of the friends they had in common with their partner, which means many of their exes have winded up without too many buddies. They’ll do this on purpose, to make their former lover feel isolated, this being their revenge.

However, underneath they wouldn’t be this cruel, perhaps even scared that they may have done something wrong, even if they’ll never show the way they’re feeling to others and wear a mask that’s saying everything is okay with them.

They take a long time to recover after a break up, but not because they were too attached or hurt, more because a separation is forcing them to reveal some of their ugly parts and not be as they used to be in front of others.

The man in Libra may become a little bit paranoid when seeing his ex free and doing what she wants to. He’ll spend hours thinking about what she’s doing or if she’s talking about him, in either a positive or a negative way.

She’ll surely miss the way he used to look into her eyes and say the perfect thing, in the perfect moment. However, she won’t want to remember how manipulative he can be and how he could lie without a muscle twitching on his face.

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