Break Up With A Leo Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup will be smooth if he had plans of his own or a real pain if he is not yet ready to let go, case in which he will turn into a bit of a stalker.

Leo man break up

Leo men can’t stand not being the love of their partners’ life. They may be told goodbye many times and still hold on tightly to the relationship with the person who wants to leave.

After a break up the Leo man will immediately gather his friends in order to hear everything is going to be okay until they’re no longer feeling emotionally distressed. The person who dared to leave them will afterwards get stalked by the same friends, which means Leos are always aware of where their exes are going and what they might be doing.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Leo man:

  1. Depending on his mood, he might not be interested to fight on the spot.
  2. He will up the activities in his life to make it all the more exciting without you.
  3. He will be more focused to show you what you lose than to get a second chance.
  4. Prepare to be stalked for a while through shared friends.
  5. After quite a while, he might return to naively ask what has gone wrong.

When Leos are thinking of giving up a relationship, they’re usually starting to treat their partner more as a friend than as a lover. Some Leos are known for withdrawing from their partner and for treating him or her badly, especially when they’re trying to rewrite their entire love history and are thinking of pretending the relationship never took place.

How to break up with the Leo man

When it comes to the Leo man, he’s more than proud to say that he’s not so difficult if getting being dumped by his lover.

As soon as his other half will tell him there are no more feelings between them two and the passion is no longer there, he’s not interested in fighting this decision, so breaking up with him can be quite easy.

However, the woman who wants to part ways with the Leo man must be sure of what she’s about to do before actually doing it, not to mention she should get ready to be torn apart by his friends and family.

Because he’s very loyal, people are treating him the same, so he’s surrounded by loved ones. He must be told that it is not his fault and he’ll agree to end everything on good terms, even if he may be a little bit of a stalker a while after.

He won’t do it like the Scorpio by always being around, or like the Pisces, through psychological torment.

He’ll make sure his ex is finding out, through all kind of more or less strange ways, everything about where he’s going and what he’s being up to, not to mention he’ll ask a few of his friends to look for her whereabouts too.

During this time, he will do all kind of interesting and sensational things to seem more interesting. While it may be easy to get rid of him, he may still lurk around from the shadows.

The woman who wants to make him break up with her could try a few tricks. For example, she could dress in a sloppy way and not look after herself. This will simply repulse him because he’s a king who wants to be with a queen, not a peasant.

Also, he doesn’t like women who are too easy and give in from the very first date as he’s also a hunter who loves chasing his prey.

Staying at home all the time is a good idea to make him want to break up because he’s dependent on the attention and admiration of others, so he wants to be out as much as possible.

Therefore, a couch potato of a girlfriend or wife would deprive him of what he wants the most. Because he’s in need of attention, it would make him feel angry, even depressed, if his lady would upstage him and steal his thunder.

He needs to be in the center attention because others, no matter whom they may be, can’t be better than him.

This man wants to be the first at everything, so if his girlfriend or wife is earning more than him and keeps talking about it, it may bother him very much.

He likes being the provider and a woman that emasculates him is sure to not be next to this man for too long.

Being a Fire sign, he has a lot of passion and sexual energy, which means he’s a good lover, but that he also wants a partner who’s confident in her sexuality.

Furthermore, if his life companion wouldn’t support him in his career and dreams, he would be completely be turned off as he’s very energetic, optimistic and thinking of big things.

Not good at getting bored, he obviously desires a lady who’s as full of life as he is. Many women will appreciate him for his big heart and flamboyant personality, but those who want to stay by his side are supposed to keep up with him.

The Leo man is famous for his loyalty, so it may be tricky not to hurt his feelings when wanting to break up with him.

The woman who wants to avoid this should be ready to leave her ego aside and think of what’s better for the situation, not only for her.

Just like in the case of the Aries, this is a moment in which the Leo man has to be convinced that he wants a breakup.

There are two ways in which this could be done. On one hand, the person who wants to make this happen should no longer compliment and praise him, and instead be rude or criticize everything he likes. She should convince him she’s not in any way worthy of him.

On the other hand, she could get fired or demoted for doing something embarrassing because this would put him in a bad light and he wouldn’t like it at all.

In other words, making him believe she’s not in any way worthy of his love will only be what he thinks, just this time confirmed for him twice.

It would be very difficult for him to let go of a relationship with a woman that’s quite a catch. In this situation, only when feeling a little bit threatened by a breakup, he would take out his claws and guard the connection like a true lion, not to mention how difficult it would be to get rid of him.

If nothing works, he may also run away as fast as possible from the lover who’s not offering him any sort of physical affection.

How does a Leo man handle a breakup?

Leos are truly annoyed and baffled when not given enough attention, recognition, or when humiliated and rejected.

However, they shouldn’t be taken very seriously when they’re making a scene because these natives can rapidly calm down if their ego is stroked well enough. After this has happened, they become gentle and kind again.

The Leo man can be a difficult ex, especially if his ego was very hurt after the breakup. In case he’s seeing that his former partner is having a great time without him, he can become restless to find out why she’s feeling so good, while if seeing her miserable, he won’t hesitate to brag about it.

He may be warm and giving most of the time, but when a breakup is in the cards, he becomes nasty and bitter, especially if he didn’t initiate it.

This man is very competitive and in the event of him being dumped, it’s very difficult for such a person to think of himself as the loser. It won’t be that simple to have him let go, but not very difficult either.

He’ll keep in touch a little bit after and even stalk his ex for a while. In any case, she’ll miss his warm embrace and cuddly ways, not to mention the immense support she used to receive from him, no matter what crazy dreams and ideas she may have had.

However, she won’t want to remember about how he used to seek attention and make a drama scene out of everything. His ego would definitely not be at all missed either.

The single Leo man after a breakup is no longer the passionate character he used to be. He probably was aware of the fact that the relationship falling apart in most of the cases, but he didn’t want to become fully aware of it.

This man will stress about what happened with his relationship for a while after it has ended, so he’ll spend some time thinking of the past and not focusing on pursuing his new love.

However, this won’t last very long because Leos are known to recover rapidly from such events. After a few weeks since the breakup, the Leo man will probably be back in the game, looking great and feeling even better.

He will no longer care that he’s single because many women will be at his door, and lots of them will want to stick around, not like the one who left him.

Just all the Fire signs in the Western zodiac, the Leo man can get very furious, but he easily calms down and can forget all about how he felt before.

It’s easy to determine how he’s feeling most of the time because he doesn’t hesitate to express it loudly and without any subtleties.

There’s nothing to make him hold a grudge or any bad intention he would think of, not to mention he never has a hidden agenda and his behavior is pretty much based on his moods.

He has a big heart and a very positive personality, so he’ll avoid as much as possible to make anyone in his life to ever feel bad.

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