Break Up With a Gemini Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This will surprise you if done properly because she will move past the whole situation with surprising grace.

Gemini woman break up

Those looking to break up with a Gemini woman may need to take a closer look at their relationship because their Twin partner may be one foot out the door already.

It’s just impossible for her to stay around for too long, especially when feeling a heartbreak is going to follow. People who are looking for closure should avoid being with Geminis because these are not known for spending too much time being intimate. Furthermore, they don’t like individuals who are feeling sorry for themselves or who can’t stop expressing their emotions.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Gemini woman:

  1. She will be surprisingly intellectual and logic about it.
  2. She will seem to get over the situation without much struggle.
  3. She should be treated with respect and confusions are to be avoided.
  4. It’s best not to blame her directly for the separation.
  5. She will spring right into her single status, within a matter of days.

Gemini women can easily move on after a failed relationship. As soon as they’re no longer with a person, they have this need to change the rules of the connection, not having a problem to become even friends with benefits with their ex.

How to break up with the Gemini woman

Everyone knows the Gemini woman can wander around and flirt with many men, not to mention she’s also famous for rapidly deciding to be with a person and shortly after to break up with him in the same manner.

The Gemini woman is all about not getting bored, so as soon as she’s no longer paying attention, she’s lost forever. Those easily trusting others and who are thinking all people are reliable will never even see this woman coming up with her ideas.

It’s possible for her to just give a call to her exes from time to time. They should answer but get out of the conversation as fast as possible or else they may end up being told, to every little detail, about what they’ve done wrong in the relationship with her.

She may even insult, only to say sorry afterwards, but not necessarily all the time.

All the breakups involving this lady have taken her a while before starting to affect her emotions because she has this amazing mind that she uses to protect herself from getting hurt.

When approaching any kind of problem intellectually, this woman gets to feel just fine. She seems to learn very fast, but not when it comes to what she has to do in case of a breakup.

She can even be so innocent that she’s trusting the same separation scenario all over again. She should be really appreciated for not allowing her emotions to take over and for getting over her exes without too much struggle.

When in a relationship, the Gemini woman is fun, playful and charming, but not only with her man, with others as well. Being an Air sign, she can’t be tied down and is highly intelligent or able to fascinate men just by passing through.

Being sociable and open, she can simply charm people at different social gatherings and have no inhibition while doing it.

The men who dumped the Gemini woman are surely missing her, but she moved on from them a long time ago.

Friendly as she is, this woman loves being at parties and social gatherings, so she’ll all the time meet new people, not having any time to text her exes. And even if she may think of doing it, she won’t take action.

She may be easygoing, but her strength is twice more present in her. It’s suggested from the man who breaks up with this lady to no longer see her afterwards.

He can say they’ll still be friends, but this shouldn’t be done right away because it may cause a lot of confusion and make it more difficult for both partners to let go.

When two people have had feelings for each other, the break after the separation is absolutely necessary for the period of getting over each other to pass.

Not seeing one another and not chatting is the only way for this to happen. The man who wants to break up with the Gemini woman should be sure of what he wants and that he’s not acting out of impulse, only to regret his actions later.

A final decision needs to be made, and whatever this may be, the Gemini woman shouldn’t be allowed to convince him of anything else. It may be difficult for both of them to part ways, but if this is the right thing to do, they should just go ahead and proceed with it.

The Gemini woman needs to know she’s not to blame for the breakup and that she’s an amazing person, but the relationship simply didn’t work out.

Her soon-to-be ex should say they both did some wrong things and that couples don’t last forever, especially the ones not meant to be. She should have confidence all the time while this is happening.

This woman hates being wrong more than anything else because it makes her feel humiliated, more than any other sign in the zodiac.

Therefore, she may get angry when being told she’s done a huge mistake, no matter if this is about forgetting to get home one night or not booking a vacation for her and her man.

She doesn’t like to confront others, but this doesn’t mean she can’t learn a lot from arguments and discover the fire burning in her.

When upset, she needs to be given space, but not all the space in the world. No one should tell her where she made a mistake or what she could have done to make a situation better.

She’s too stubborn to ever listen anyway, not to mention she’d probably think of the same things, only in her mind. It’s okay for this woman to know someone is being there for her and even to receive a lot of chocolates as a goodbye gift.

She’ll become nice again, as soon as finishing being upset. This lady doesn’t like disappointing herself in any way.

When she’s the one deciding to breakup, she may start to remember how good the single life was as soon as having the first though of separation.

She doesn’t like paying attention to what happened in her previous relationships, but she surely adores thinking about her single lifestyle. If there would be a way for her to be with someone and in the same time single, she’d be very happy.

The Gemini woman could never be in a boring relationship. As a matter of fact, she’d be desperate to escape such a situation. When dealing with a dull man, she begins to feel tired and depressed.

She won’t face him about the problem and is possible for her to have regrets after the breakup with him, but she’ll surely be happier. This lady can take anyone by surprise with her decisions.

She’s very good at pretending everything is okay, after which she could just suddenly say she’s no longer in love. The breakup with her can come out of nowhere and can hit like a thunderstorm.

How does a Gemini woman handle a breakup?

Geminis can refuse to confront their partner even when breakup is just around the corner and things between them are sure to no longer last. The can just pretend everything is fine and that they’re doing it better than anyone.

Hating to argue with others, they’re selfishly hoping to just get dumped. Sometimes, it’s only up to them and they’re taking a lot of time, even falling in love with a new person and still feeling attached to the soon-to-be ex.

Their sign has the Twins as a symbol, so natives born in it have two faces that they’re both displaying during a breakup.

These people are all about communication and interacting with all kind of personalities, which is good because they can immediately admit to many of their friends that they’re over any relationship.

It’s possible for them to stalk their ex for a little while, but not in a mean way and not at all trying to obtain a confrontation from these people. It can be rare for them to say the first word about a breakup because they have all kind of mental strategies to convince their partner this is what he or she wants.

As a matter of fact, this is a classic move in their book of tricks. Loving to socialize, Geminis enjoy telling stories and talking in a dramatic way about how they’ve split up.

While many may accuse them of kissing and telling, they’ll justify all this with their process of healing. They shouldn’t be alone after a breakup because it’s possible for them to make a fool of themselves on their ex’s social media.

They’ll laugh when their heart will tell them to cry, not to mention they may call their former partner during the night and sob on the phone, just to make another call in the morning and to laugh all about it.

If they realize there was something illogical about their past relationship, they may start acting chaotically. A breakup can have them spinning around many emotions inside their heart because they have no idea how to deal with their own feelings.

Their only way for this is to bring about the balance in their life by making jokes all the time. It’s okay for these natives to laugh in this situation because they may really need it. It’s very likely they’ll sometimes end good friends with their exes as they’re flexible and able to learn from their past mistakes.

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