Break Up With a Capricorn Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This will feel like a huge betrayal and will bring out the worst in her, given she will regret how much effort he has put in the relationship.

Capricorn woman break up

Capricorns are known to never quit, even in matters of love. Therefore, the person trying to break up with them may have a few problems doing just so.

Those who are sure they aren’t going to miss these natives’ gentleness, loyalty and reliability should go on and proceed with their separation plan. They need to understand Capricorns are never giving second chances, especially in matters of love.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Capricorn woman:

  1. Prepare to be met with disbelief and anger.
  2. She might think that all her efforts in the relationship were in vain.
  3. If she has been feeling comfortable, she will hardly accept it.
  4. The hardest will be changing the routine, for both.
  5. It’s best to keep things clear and avoid any confusions.

People who are trying to let go of a Capricorn woman should have a sense of humor when doing so because this may help them with keeping things under control. Being kind and careful would also be a good idea because Goats have a very sensitive heart.

How to break up with the Capricorn woman

When being told by her partner that he’s looking to break up, the Capricorn woman may feel fooled and betrayed. She won’t want to part ways with him, but will repeat to herself that she has to, only to conclude the relationship involves too much effort and is not worthy anymore.

When confronted directly about a separation, the Capricorn woman may think all of the efforts she made for the connection were meaningless.

However, no matter what has been decided between the two partners and the arrangements made, she’ll start to believe the relationship is unworthy of her attention.

She’ll think of the pros and cons, only to eventually conclude there were more cons when it comes to her being together with the person who’s leaving.

Being an Earth sign, the Capricorn woman enjoys drinking, so it may be very annoying for her to spend her time with a man who doesn’t even touches alcohol.

She’ll go out in bars and play trivia or board games, she’ll travel and camp with many of her loud buddies, not to mention her adventures will be worthy of being shared around camp fires.

When loving someone very much, she may become very difficult to get to know for that person. She’s so social and enjoys being around friends so much that she may forget what a strong connection of love can feel like.

The man in her life may have a problem getting to understand whom she really is, even if she may be next to him all the time. Only time and her eyes will be able to tell in this situation, so if he wants to know more about her, he needs to have patience and to pay attention to her look.

Either way, she’ll most of the time be impressive, so the man who’s feeling important in a relationship with a Capricorn woman may want to look twice at them both. This lady can get so comfortable in a relationship that she may no longer want to leave it.

She surely hates breakups and has something against them, so it can be very complicated to part ways with her, even if things are going pretty bad.

While the man may try to run away from the connection with her every day, she may think of what type of house they could buy together, how many dogs they can have and where to place their favorite couch.

She’s very practical and stubborn in her ways, so she has many materialistic needs, mostly because she belongs to the Earth element. All Earth signs are practical and focused on traditions.

The Capricorn woman very much resembles the man in the same sign because they’re both down-to-earth and patient. She loves having her routine, so it can be difficult for any gentleman to enter her life.

Not anyone will be in her home and around her circle of friends because she can be pretentious, not to mention criticizing.

Every day, this lady is judgmental and nagging, which means she has her flaws just like any other human being. However, she can be really helped by a partner to no longer act this way and to relax a little bit more, leaving others alone to live their life in peace.

When a breakup was in the cards for her, she’ll have a difficult time changing her routine and no longer relying on her lover.

It’s possible for this woman to go back to her old self or to become someone completely new. However, she’ll be stressed when having to do all this, not to mention she’ll all the time think of her ex.

Usually, this lady knows where her emotions are, but she still needs some time to put order into her thoughts and to live a satisfying life again. She’s straightforward, cold and can act like doing business when dealing with very close people, including her lovers.

It’s her instinct to keep things clear and to not cause any confusion or negative feelings that aren’t necessary, but she can forget about her own. If she starts to talk about divorce or a breakup, something is surely wrong and the relationship is surely heading towards an end.

The woman in Capricorn will ignore her partner’s messages and any form of communication for a very long time before telling him she wants a breakup.

She’ll spend a lot of her time at work and when getting home, she’ll be nothing from the caring lover she used to be as she’ll act bossy and be all the time cranky.

Her behavior would be like her partner hasn’t done anything and that he could never even manage to get something right when expressing an opinion.

She won’t talk and just stare into space, also when her man will be in front of her, she’ll make him think she has been abducted by aliens or something. If seeing she can’t get her partner to initiate breakup, she’ll become a real tyrant, this being what may convince him to say that enough is enough.

This woman knows how to convince her other half to think it’s over between them when in fact, it would be only her decision to end things.

When in love, she can feel on top of the world, but she surely doesn’t like for her routine to get bothered, so a breakup could be very damaging for her, this being the reason why she may want to work things through when in a failing relationship.

If no longer with someone, she just becomes a workaholic and manages to perform amazingly at her job.

It would be better for her to not borrow anything from the Cancer’s traits and this way, to just retreat in her insecurity. This lady will be overwhelmed by her own emotions and hesitation whenever wanting to make an important decision.

How does a Capricorn woman handle a breakup?

Capricorn women can no longer be convinced to get back together after a breakup and after feeling their relationship has been consumed. They could be begged in tears not to leave, this won’t impress or melt their cold heart.

These natives will definitely hurt when being dumped, not to mention they’ll feel lonely, but they’ll never want to come back to the person who did this to them. They’ll no longer be friends with their exes on social media and even get a different phone number.

While still caring about their soon-to-be ex, they’ll be kind but assertive in their decision to part ways with their lover. They’ll ask for logic and reasoning because the relationship no longer has any chance of continuing.

These women are composed and most of the time lacking emotions. While warmer than their exes may see them to be, they’re masters at the art of breaking up because they can be very clear when doing it.

While involved, they’re sensual, stable and faithful, mostly because they’re belonging to the Earth element. One of their main purposes in life is to be with someone for a very long time, through bad times, as well as the good ones.

However, even if in the middle of fighting for their relationship, in case they believe things are no longer working, they’re just going to walk away and that’s that.

These women don’t want to lie to themselves, not at all to fool someone into thinking they’re interested. Their mind is clear, so they’re seeing breakups just as a part of life.

Of course, they won’t forget anything about the relationship or that their ex has helped them in difficult times, but they’ll simply no longer feel that being with the person in their life is a good thing or like the way they used to feel when feeling happy about the connection.

The fact that they’re taking life as it is can be very beneficial for them because they may accept any breakup and go with it as smoothly as possible.

They’re the only natives in the zodiac to feel happy when melancholic, not to mention how productive they can become during breakup periods.

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