Break Up With A Capricorn Man: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup is likely to happen gradually because he will get a sense that something is going on so he won’t be surprised on the spot.

Capricorn man break up

If the partner is embarrassing a Capricorn man in some way in front of someone important, that person can kiss the relationship with these natives goodbye as they wouldn’t accept to be brought down in public.

Usually, Capricorns are not looking for one-night stands, so most of them will work hard to make their relationships work. Therefore, when seeing their lover is no longer interested in them, will not hesitate to end things as soon as the situation becomes unbearable.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Capricorn man:

  1. It’s best to be completely honest from the start.
  2. He will want to know details of how it has gotten to this.
  3. He will initially refuse to quit and will try to make it work.
  4. There is little likelihood for him to hold a grudge.
  5. He will feel sorry for himself and morn but then move on.

The Capricorn man is dutiful but can still end a relationship in an abrupt way. He wouldn’t accept getting betrayed for a lifetime and can become very ruthless when crossed.

How to break up with the Capricorn man

The Capricorn man can end up being repulsed by the woman who’s recklessly spending his money, quits her job and decides to live solely on his back. If these things don’t seem to give any results when trying to break up with him, a lady can always be honest and let him know of her intentions regarding the breakup.

He shouldn’t be given any terms when left as he needs to precisely and clearly know that everything has ended.

Those who are very kind and want to make sure he’s going to be okay after the relationship has ended can secretly keep in touch with his friends and ask about how he’s doing.

It’s true he can be very tragic when mourning, and it’s also very likely he’ll become a workaholic who refuses to go out anymore.

Making sure he’s with the right people and not suffering too much can be a good idea, especially for those women who are worried and don’t want to hurt anyone that much.

No matter how depressed about a breakup, the Capricorn man will always find comfort just lying on the couch and watching a movie.

A great way to make him run away is to have absolutely no plan because he simply loves thinking about the future and designing all sort of strategies meant to make his life better, which means a person who doesn’t think of tomorrow can’t raise his interest.

When seeing his partner doesn’t have the same plans as him, he may look someplace else for a new one.

Furthermore, he doesn’t like being with women who are very strong and don’t need him in any way. He’s strong and stable, so he simply loves seeing how his lady is asking him for advice and a favor or two.

Being confident about the future, even if sometimes very pessimistic, he’ll refuse to be with a lady who’s constantly saying “no” to him. In this situation, he’ll build up some tall walls around his heart and not allow anyone to get in.

While cold and unemotional, he can be very surprising and truly worthy of any woman’s love. Those wanting to break up with the Capricorn man could try and be very controlling.

He’s always in charge of his own life, so a relationship with someone who’s trying to control him is sure to end sooner or later, even if he may give his best to save it. Giving a lot of importance to his friends, he wouldn’t stand being taken away from these people.

Appreciating the quality of strong friendships, he may become very angry when his lover is trying to make him stray from such connections that he has with others.

One thing the Capricorn man hates the most in a relationship is disloyalty. Being very devoted to his lover, he expects the exact same thing in return and is usually hiding a very beautiful heart behind his cold exterior.

If no longer trusting his lover, the Capricorn man can suddenly decide to end up things with that person. Furthermore, he doesn’t like being nagged when working too much because his career is very important to him and he usually has a lot of passion for his job.

Therefore, telling him too many times that he’s a workaholic can lead to a breakup faster than expected. Being very practical and not at all romantic, he couldn’t be with a woman who’s not patient enough to get to truly know him.

More than this, he doesn’t like it when his partner is always competing with him because this can have him exhausted. Therefore, not having the companion he so much dreams about could easily make this man want to end things with his lover.

He would also hate being around a lady who’s insecure and doesn’t understand that she’s being all the time loved, which means telling him he’s not attentive or loving enough can definitely lead to a separation from this man.

How does a Capricorn man handle a breakup?

Since Capricorns are only worried about advancing at work and acquiring a good social position, it’s very possible for these natives to marry an influential person who can help them advance in life.

Bringing Capricorns down and playing with their reputation is a sure way to forever end things with these natives. As a matter of fact, they want to be supported and encouraged more than anything else, so the previously mentioned situation would never work with them.

Stubborn to get things done and refusing to quit what they’re already doing, it can be very difficult for them to give up a relationship.

Therefore, those who are looking to break up with them may find it very difficult to do so, not to mention how important it is for their partner to be sure they no longer want to have anything to do with the way Capricorns are being devoted, reliable and kind when wanting to walk out of their life

Goats are not known for giving second chances, so the decision to let them go should be carefully analyzed. Obviously, they’ll be sad, upset and angry after no longer being with their partner, but they won’t hold a grudge.

However, it’s very likely for them to never want to even talk with their ex. Isolation is what makes them feel better when hurt, so many of their close friends will leave them alone to mourn for a while.

It’s difficult for these natives to express themselves in other situations as well, so a few weeks after a breakup, they may refuse to even go to work.

Someone with a good sense of humor can really help Capricorns to no longer be gloomy after getting separated from their loved one, not to mention the lover who’ll manage to break up with them lightly or by making a good joke at the end can make these natives more accepting of what’s happened.

This is a good way to end things with Capricorns as they can be very fragile on the inside. It’s true a relationship with these natives isn’t easy because they’re too obsessed with their career and social status, so the men of this sign may understand very well that a woman who no longer wants to be with them.

However, ladies looking for a good provider and a loyal partner who isn’t too sentimental should definitely think of having a Capricorn man by their side.

Most of the time, the breakups between Goat men and their lovers are happening because natives of this sign are too obsessed with their professional life. Another thing that may disturb their partner is the time they’re taking to just do something because they’re usually very cautious and rarely accepting other people’s opinions.

Therefore, women who enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle may eventually lose their patience when with a man in Capricorn, even if opposites are usually making the most amazing teams.

As soon as separated from her Capricorn man, a woman can feel free and in charge of their own life as men in this sign can be very controlling, not to mention how much they can criticize anyone who isn’t doing things their way.

Therefore, after the breakup with a Capricorn, any woman will feel much better when seeing there’s no one to tell her how to live.

When together, he most likely was highly opinionated, regardless if asked to express himself or not. If being the ex of a person, the Goat man can be very bitter and not show it.

Obsessed with perfection, he will want a new partner who’s the same as him, but he’ll never find her. Therefore, things will remain the same and he’ll not change.

While probably still dreaming of getting back together with one of his exes, he’ll never admit this. As a matter of fact, when around one of his previous lovers, he’ll be very cold and unemotional, even more than usual.

The woman who decided to leave him will probably miss the way he made her feel secure and strong, not to mention how much she’ll miss how he always knew when to get closer and when to keep the distance.

However, she won’t want to remember how stubborn he can be or the way he’s always trying to prove that no one knows anything better than him.

Capricorn men are known to stick by their own decisions, so it’s very unlikely to get back together with them after a breakup, no matter how strong the relationship used to be.

When left out in the cold by their lover, these natives can be devastated and may think there’s no one out there to make them happy again.

It’s possible for Goats to feel sorry for themselves and to mourn for months, after which they’ll decide to look for someone else in a very cautious manner because getting hurt again is never an option for them.

All Capricorns need some time to get their life back together after a breakup because they want to think about what happened and to analyze what determined their ex to leave.

They know it’s not in their power to keep people in their life and can learn a lot from what they’re experiencing with each and every one of their partners.

However, they’re aware a new person will come along, not to mention they’re ready to work hard for a new relationship, especially after they’ve mourned over the last one for a while.

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