Break Up With a Cancer Woman: Everything You Need To Know

This breakup is a process in its own because she will not accept that things are over between you two, and will take her time to get closure.

Cancer woman break up

Cancer women can be very difficult to break up with and they’ll surely make a tragedy out of what’s happening. When compared to natives of other signs, they’re surely among the ones having trouble letting go. Therefore, it’s isn’t easy to end things with them.

The best a person could do when trying to break up with this woman is to not take her by surprise. He or she should be miserable for months before and very honest when mentioning the idea for them to no longer be together. These women won’t leave anything behind and their ex can be sure they’ll never get back, at least not as lovers.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Cancer woman:

  1. She will likely lock herself in her protective shell, never to be heard from.
  2. She will linger on the causes of the separation so it’s best to be honest.
  3. You could possibly remain friends after.
  4. Prepare for a good session of crying from her.
  5. She is unlikely to want to have her saying in the heat of the moment.

How to break up with the Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is known for being straightforward, so she won’t change her behavior in case of a breakup.

Very similar with the crab in the sea, which is her sign’s symbol, she will either walk sideways around her partner or lock herself in a protective shell, never to be heard again by her ex.

The man who comes back home and finds her acting distantly should start to analyze what’s going on with their relationship because she may be thinking of leaving him.

If she begins to complain on top of it all, it may be too late for anything to ever get fixed again. This means she has been keeping inside a lot of frustration and probably tried to save what was left of the relationship by being quiet about it for too long.

If she would’ve really wanted to express her concerns earlier, she would’ve done it, but it’s in her nature to hide emotions each time when feeling upset.

Seeming reserved on the outside, she’s truly warm and cuddly on the inside, but it may take a while for any man to reach her.

When breaking up, she lingers and gets consumed in her heart, even though she’s very good at hiding all this about herself. She may overindulge in food as soon as no longer being with the man she loves.

It would be a better idea for her to just enjoy being single and to spend more time on her own because she may understand great things about herself. Furthermore, she would do better without her intuition during the post-breakup period.

The man leaving a Cancer woman should be honest and careful to not say something hurtful as this woman will most likely be in a lot of pain anyway. He mustn’t say what she has done wrong and explain to her in detail why they can no longer be together.

When dumped, this lady needs to also be told many positive things because she can be quite fragile after knowing things are about to end.

However, the man leaving her shouldn’t be confusing and say he may still want to continue something either. He needs to just be sensitive about the issue and address it with care.

Calmness is of utmost importance in this situation, so crying is not at all suggested as she may start to as well. This lady needs a strong and relaxed partner of discussion who’s going to support her, even if forever leaving soon after.

It’s possible for her to say some mean and nasty things during the breakup, but only because she would be very hurt. Answering her in the same manner can only turn things into a real tragedy, so this is better avoided.

Maybe her and the man trying to leave will end up best buddies later as anything is possible with this friendly girl.

She needs to be shown respect, so her soon-to-be ex mush say something nice about her, but not in a phony manner.

It would be great for her to hear she’s an amazing person and the breakup is only a matter of clashing personalities. The man doing this shouldn’t lie, yet if he feels something could be very hurtful for her, he must avoid saying it.

When it comes to her breaking up with him, she may do it faster if she would’ve been hurt in the past for a few times already. However, it’s not this lady’s style to break up too often.

She may seriously think of leaving her partner this minute and abandon the idea the next because even the word “separation” makes her feel hurt. Therefore, she’ll take a lot of time before deciding to break up, not to mention how long it may take her to get used with her decision.

The Cancer woman is very sensitive so the thought of no longer being with the man she loves can give her shivers down her spine. It’s almost difficult for this woman to put into words what she’s feeling when only hearing the word “breakup”.

Being very serious about love and treating her relationships with care, the Cancer woman can get very damaged after being left out in the cold by her partner.

Each time a man will dump her, she’ll manage to somehow have a last resort. This lady can be pretty confident and very relaxed when out with friends or meeting new people. As a matter of fact, those who know her simply adore this woman for being loving or always ready to give a hand.

Her buddies will comfort her after a breakup, while she’ll continue to work and deal with the most difficult tasks, even act so cool and get promoted. It can be said the part of her life that can make her really upset is the one about romantic relationships, but she’s able to give her best even when crushed on the inside.

The Cancer woman cares a lot about her friends, not to mention these people will always be by her side in difficult times for her love life.

How does a Cancer woman handle a breakup?

Highly emotional, Cancers may be difficult when having to part ways with a lover. Even if the breakup has been clearly established, they may not completely want to end things.

She may have a problem getting it together after first being told about a breakup because this moment can turn her into a desperate and manipulative person that lives only in her head. It’s possible for this lady to suffer and to feel hurt after one of her casual relationships has ended.

She has a tendency to place all the blame on herself and to question what she’s done, starting to mope around and to say that no one will ever love her because she has a different way of seeing romance.

It’s possible for her to try and reconcile with her ex because she’d think letting go is not an option. The Cancer woman has a very big heart and wants to see everyone happy, prospering and loving.

Before abandoning a man herself, she’ll make sure he’s protected in the moment she decides to walk out on him. She’ll have a look over his life to be sure he has many people around, not to mention she’ll send texts to ask how things are from time to time.

When she’s acting weird and everything seems to indicate she wants to leave, then things are most likely to happen this way.

When exes, these natives love to linger and to still spend some time around. It’s very likely many of them are best buddies with many of their former partners.

When they’re the ones wanting to end things, they may act sneaky, even if their intentions are the best. Represented by the crab in the sea, these Water natives have a protective shell under which they’re hiding when feeling threatened.

They’re not easily trusting people, which means it takes them a while to commit to a relationship. However, many connections can’t last for a lifetime, so when Cancerians are required to release their tight grasp, they may need to believe their soon-to-be ex is evil.

These Water natives are never intending to be rude or grumpy, but when feeling hurt, they may start to put some boundaries between them and the other and to no longer interact.

When feeling emotionally ruined, Cancers appreciate the support of their loved ones, also being nurtured and told by everyone that they’re loved.

It may sometimes seem these natives simply don’t want to break up, their partner of 3 months taking 5 more to get them to a separation.

It takes these natives a lot of time to let go of someone. As a matter of fact, when they become even clingier and refuse to offer their lover any space, a breakup with them is surely getting announced.

A few weeks after being told things are no longer working, Crabs may still dream with their eyes open or closed about how their ex used to smell and to smile. They’ll cry their heart out and become addicted to the adrenaline their body releases when feeling sad.

Therefore, they may cry just for the sake of it, not because they were dumped. Sadness will engulf them completely and only the thought that their emotional journey was meaningful enough will make them stop from experiencing it.

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