Break Up With A Cancer Man: Everything You Need To Know

This will go from throwing blame to emotional begging in a matter of seconds so be prepared with a lot of patience.

Cancer man break up

It can be weird for women to ever want a break up from their Cancer men, but these things can happen as well. Natives in this sign happen to be very clingy and to dream of having a family with each and every one of their partners.

Having a tendency to confuse emotional neediness with love, they may encounter serious problems in their relationships, so it’s very possible for them to be devastated when their partner is trying to break up with them.

Top 5 things to know about the breakup with a Cancer man:

  1. He might turn manipulative about a second chance.
  2. He will also focus on returning to his habits as a bachelor.
  3. Avoid hurting his feelings because he will take revenge.
  4. He will show himself calm but firm in his own demands.
  5. He could even ask to be introduced to someone else.

Unfortunately for the Cancer men, they tend to become even more needy when a relationship is getting close to its end, which means breaking up with these natives can be very difficult. When cheated on, they become extremely jealous and even aggressive, especially if feeling deeply hurt.

How to break up with the Cancer man

The Cancer man can stalk an ex-lover for a very long time, so it’s very likely for the woman who left him to want to change her name and to move to a different country.

Not that he’s going to do anything bad, but he can convince everyone who used to know him and his partner to simply not talk with the woman who dared to break up with him.

Those ladies who are sure they want to end things up with a man in Cancer should have a strategy when trying to do so or they may end up all alone.

They should be nice but avoid intimacy, or they could introduce him to a new person he may like a lot. Therefore, it would be a good idea to show him there are other opportunities and that he can run into another person’s arms at any time.

This a way to make him feel secure before the Hell will break loose. When telling him things are going to end, a lady needs to be calm and at the same time firm about what she wants to do because he knows people very well and can appeal to what they need the most or their insecurity.

This man will never let a relationship go that easily, so breaking up with him may be the most difficult thing a woman has ever done.

He can become really angry when not allowed to be alone from time to time, which can lead to moodiness and frustration from his part.

However, he can come back after this has happened once or twice, but if not allowed to spend some times alone too many times, he may just become very close and never want to come out of his shell.

When criticized about the deep emotions and sensitivity he so much possesses, he starts to hide away his true feelings and refuses to ever speak about what’s bothering him.

Furthermore, he wouldn’t stand for his secrets to be revealed to the world because there’s a lot of mystery surrounding him and he wouldn’t accept for the person who’s allowed into his heart to just make fun of what he’s keeping only for himself and his lover.

This man can’t stand harshness because he’s very soft on the inside, which means he can run very far away when seeing a woman is being insensitive.

One of the worst things his lady can do to him is to not get along well with his mother as he’s very attached to the woman who raised him and wouldn’t accept for any other one to bring her down.

The Cancer man’s major turn-off is a woman who doesn’t want a family. He wants a cozy home, a wife and children, so the woman who’s not at all interested in all these things will never benefit too much from his attention.

Another way to have a Cancer man wanting to break up with his girlfriend is for her to start telling him what to do. Just like the crab in the ocean, he tends to move sideways, so the lover who will tell him to move forward will surely make him feel very upset.

If the same woman will simply refuse to do what he wants, he’ll no longer feel comfortable asking her out or to join him in his adventures. However, she shouldn’t hurt his feeling by telling him he’s never doing anything interesting.

Furthermore, he would hate to be made fun of when being sensitive, so this can also be a good way to have him thinking of separation.

As soon as left by a girl, the Cancer man can get very busy and turn back to the hobbies or passions he used to have. He won’t post on social media everything he’s doing, but many will know he’s in fact hiking the mountains or enjoying a cruise for which he packed just before leaving.

Obviously, this will also be a way for him to avoid meeting with his friends and their lovers. It’s not like he won’t be able to have fun with his coupled buddies after a breakup, he just doesn’t want to be reminded that he ended up alone and that others seem to be in happy relationships when he isn’t.

How does a Cancer man handle a breakup?

As said before, breaking up with Cancers can be very difficult and not because they may refuse to agree with such a decision because they’re understanding and very caring, but because they’re unpredictable and moody.

This sign happens to be ruled by the Moon, which means men in Cancer are governed by the phases of this celestial body and can be very upset if dumped by their lover when the time is not right.

More than this, it’s almost impossible to ever blame them for something because they’re never saying what’s bothering them, so they may say everything was all the time perfect for them as far as the relationship in which they were involved was going.

However, it’s easy to notice something’s bothering them because they’re very silent and closed up when feeling down.

In fact, when acting like this, they’ve already managed to be annoyed to the extreme by their other half.

As soon as Cancer men no longer want to get out of their shell, everyone can be sure things have started to go downhill into their love life.

It can be difficult for any woman who happens to be their partner to accept that they’re strongly attached to their family and friends.

These men can’t understand the jealousy of their lover if they’ve offered consolation to one of their female friends, for an entire night.

As a matter of fact, they’re thinking this is something normal and not at all a reason for their other half to ever be upset about.

While sensitive and easy to hurt, the Cancer man can also be very cruel if crossed and especially with his exes. It’s very possible for him to completely forget about how sweet and caring he can be after a woman has decided to tell him he’s not going to be in her life anymore.

He can be very manipulative when trying to make a lady more loyal to him, not to mention how much he can avoid confrontation, just to not get blamed later on for having a quick-temper.

It’s normal for a woman to feel like she has lost a fun and stable lover after breaking up with him because he can make anyone feel secure and comfortable.

He has his classic ways of being romantic, not to mention how much he can make a lady feel like the most important person on Earth.

However, no one will ever miss his clingy ways and the way he refuses to talk when too defensive or protective of his own true feelings.

Cancer men are in fact very protective with themselves and the ones they love the most, which suggests that as soon as seeing someone is threatening their security, they will simply want to run away from that person, without even trying to look back.

Possessing a great intuition, it’s easy for them to guess what others are thinking and feeling, but they can sometimes understand everything the wrong way.

They seem to have the memory of an elephant, not to mention how famous they are for taking things too personally and for holding grudges even after the hurtful discussion has been completely forgotten by others.

The most difficult thing to understand when they’re the ones wanting a separation is why the relationships has ended the way it did.

Getting back together with Cancer men after a breakup is almost impossible, especially since they’re simply refusing to ever tell their lover what went wrong.

They’re famous for giving their lovers the silent treatment, not because they’re being difficult, more because they don’t have a logical explanation for their behavior.

Furthermore, these natives are known for relying too much on instincts and for not being able to express their feelings very clearly.

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