Aries Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Aries woman is not happy with half-measures, she wants it all or nothing and is not afraid to step away from something that doesn’t please her.

woman with an Aries sign

The Aries woman is the playful child of the zodiac, full of fiery energy and with an enthusiasm that could rock the skies if fully unleashed.

She can be the most amazing lover out there if she would just tap in those feminine charms of hers, but most of the times, she’s unsure and uncertain of her own attractiveness.

Pros Cons
She is very straightforward.She will fall quickly in and out of love.
She will fight for her love.She is impatient and hurried.
She will not keep secrets nor hurt your feelings.She doesn’t have much self-control.

Therefore, she needs a man to validate her beliefs. Being so childish, her spontaneity and impulsive nature make her quite a difficult character to live within a long-standing relationship.

She wants a courageous man

The Aries woman is very determined and resolute, knowing exactly what she wants from life and how to get it. Hesitation is for the weak, and so is beating around the bush.

When she wants something, she’s going to demand it right away. Romantically, she proceeds in the same manner, confessing right away and asking the guy out, even though her feelings can get hurt from a refusal.

Even though she would want to be the one courted, she can do that herself pretty well with her honest and straightforward attitude. Certainly not a fussy or lazy woman, she would take the role of provider as long as her man appreciates and loves her unconditionally.

The Aries woman doesn’t expect her man to deceive and act in hurtful ways behind her back because she is just that pure and firm in her beliefs.

She thinks that just because she is honest and says everything upfront, that everyone would do the same. And when the unexpected happens, she’s destroyed by the realization that this isn’t entirely true.

However, if you’re the type of man who can take her straightforward and blunt attitude without being flattened to the ground, and even embrace it, then she’s going to rejoice like never before. She’s exciting and exceedingly fun to have around.

Pay attention to what the Aries woman is attracted to and what she likes in a man because these traits and desires are going to raise your chances greatly.

She likes her man to be courageous and firm in his decisions, to be confident and to keep her at a distance.

Actually, the more you try to reject her, the more she’s interested in the pursuit. For her, it’s all about the freedom to do as she wants, to achieve her desires and dreams without being hindered by someone.

So, besides being devoted and loyal to her, you should keep in mind to let her do her thing. The Aries woman is her own master, and that’s it.

What is most interesting and important about her is that she won’t be happy with half-measures. She wants only the best, not used or worn goods.

This is to say that she wants her man to hold only her in his eyes, no one else. No exes, no temporary interests, no adventures, only her for all eternity.

She’s not insecure about her own person, but it’s her egocentrism and self-centered attitude that verge toward Aries characteristic jealousy. She’s a creature of the extremes, and you will cherish this in her, especially when she proves her devotion no matter how long you two stay apart.

If you even dare to take her for granted instead of admiring and praising her as expected, she’s not going to react nicely. Instead, she will demand what’s rightfully hers, the love and affection that you should have provided.

She’s not the type who just gives and gives without expecting anything in return. This one-sided kindness is stupidity at its best, and she wants an equal relationship, one where both partners are in there for the future, each contributing equally.

In order to keep her interest on you, there’s nothing best than stimulating her sense of adventure and excitement.

Keep private affairs, private

The moment the Aries woman falls in love with someone, the whole world acts as tacit observers to the show that is about to unfold.

She’s going to put all her skills to the test, all her feminine charms on the battlefield to completely enchant and dominate her target.

She manages to expose her sexuality in ways that have the greatest effect, but without going too far into the indecency arena. She doesn’t wait for him to make the first move or to take the initiative. She can do that herself, but at some point in time, she should let her partner find his own path.

However, when her lover is too emotional for her, putting useless pressure and expectations on her shoulders, she will quickly retaliate by closing herself off.

Distance, a cold attitude, and an indifferent glare will do the rest. Even though she doesn’t refrain from hiding her sexuality and physical desires, she does prefer to keep her intimate affairs private.

This woman will not just wait for things to unfold slowly and patiently. No, she will want to put her own efforts and energy toward a certain result, to contribute and put her mark on the world.

In a relationship, the Aries woman is devoted, responsible and always enthused about growing the bond further.

Her passion and intensity can barely be matched by a weak-minded and sensitive man, so she wants a confident and steady-minded one to spar with her. Arguments, conflicts, there will be many such things, and all of them are exciting for her.

When she says she wants to do something, then you’d better prepare your bags because she’s definitely going to do it. And the reverse is also true. If you say something, she’s going to take it for granted that you meant it.

Don’t change your mind afterward or you’ll risk upsetting her. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should impose your thoughts and opinions on her. That’s another mistake that a lot of her exes did, right before she dumped them.

A life of excitement and adventure, this is what the Aries woman wants, and nothing less. If you so much as give the impression that you’re going to be a couch potato for the rest of your life, then she’s going to leave right away.

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